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Keeping it east!

Well, so we live in a time where DC shoes is completely in tune with the now! And proves it with a full East Coast edit, including a Kalis on top of his game and a large serving of all the up-end-comers, among which John Gardner that proves himself completely unpredictable. And, at the complete opposite of the spectrum, they also have that  Shanahan dude that drops here a full part that should make you a fan, if it's not already the case! Yep, those DC dudes are on point, you should give the a follow… : )

First day of summer in Philly…

The Sabotage heads have taken the small groups guerilla route instead of the "giant mob mode" for Go Skateboarding Day, and that gives us one hell of a guided visit of their multi-faceted city!

Shanahan alert!

And, yes, the, Marithé François Girbaud pants are here too!

Street smoke

The classic formula for the Lurk NYC: new faces mixed with more exposed locals all ripping, in those streets that keep on morphing and giving… And the occasion to wonder: has the cigarette industry bought the entirety of the Big Apple skateboard scene, in order to revive sales amongst 16 years old of the world?

Boston postcard

The LURK NYC crew goes for a change of air by visiting on the East Coast cities with the richest skate history, and send some news, of notably a Shanahan still hell bent on single handedly bringing back the plastic parachute pants, while still managing to be one of the most interesting skaters to watch these days.

Mean meat

The LURK are here, with a Max Garson featuring, and a Shanahan that is single handedly bringing back the early 2000 / fat shoes look back…

Retro future!

Young Shanahan pushes the vintage trend to the max, by putting on over 15 years old plastic clogs from his actual sponsor… This is where you realize the return to tech cupsole might not be for anytime soon. At least with not as much "technology" as in those ones. Off course, John deals with it more than well, which will come as a surprise to no one here!

The Shanahan case…

Damn, is he on a tear! And about to carve his very own niche in the East Coast scene, even in those intense times… Plus, if he gets the stamp of approval from Jeff Pang , what could we had!?

Nobody's Alley

The Lurk NYC, heads, we follow them like all of you, for their little edits full of that NYC streets flavor, but here, they step it up! The skating is top notch, on a large palette of super urban spots, John Shanahan confirms his recent exploits, and this could be a lost B-side of a certain Mixtape that came out in 1998.

Cee - lo

Prepare to get robbed! Mainly by that John Shanahan dude… You've been warned.

Charles' tip: John Shanahan

"This is a nod to Penny, in the beginning, isn't it? I can't remember… Not too shabby, that guy, once you've turned off the sound, at least for me…" Yes, Charles, those are Tom's steps, in San Diego, right?

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