Joshua Bos

In a tight spot

You will obviously appreciate the abrasive side of his spots of choice, but one will note the strange tendency of Joshua Bos to make his board flip in the least practical possible spots!


Like a Bos!

Sure, bad pun… But, one would agree there is a certain authority in the skating of Joshua Bos!



Yep, they are announcing us a full-length, at Politic, and considering the quality of their riders, and of their video productions, we are just happy now… Hell, September is around the corner, isn't it? Yep, get used to it… With a Taylor Nawrocki on top of his game at the moment, a Caddo, a… Well, yeah, we told you it was good shit!

Charles: Crawlspace!

"With less familir faces, but rejoicing skateboarding, that's the least you can say!"


Watch out, ladies and gentlemen, this Canadian production is to not be missed! Seriously! Great skateboarding, filming that will get you damped and a soundtrack that looks a bit further: it's all here! So, just ENJOY!

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