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Bordeaux Exposure 2 / PREMIERE

We introduced you to Julien Januszkiewicz in 2013, for the release of his full-length, Bordeaux Exposure, a tour around Bordeaux the city that was his home then. Since, Julien has not slowed down one bit, in between a new life in Switzerland, a full-time "real" job, family lie and many trips. One thing that hasn't changed: his love for Bordeaux. No surprise, Julien is back with Bordeaux Exposure II, but from San Francisco to Geneva, Montpellier to Lyon, he mixes scenes while keeping his guiding line, inspired by the 90's videos he grew up on. Brace yourselves for street exploration through lines and crew sessions, with Bordeaux Exposure II, as a LIVE exclusive for three days. Thank you for the New Year's gift, Julien!

Bordeaux Exposure 2

You most likely remember  Bordeaux Exposure, that came out as a LIVE exclusive in 2013? Well, Julien Januszkiewicz is announcing the follow-up for this inter! With this time parts from San Francisco, Montpellier, Geneva and further! Stay tuned for that one!


Julien Mérour chooses the difficult path of getting noticed on the spots of Barcelona, and manages to get away with it, with many tricks that we really didn't see coming!

Charles' tip: Julien Merour

"Really good! Plus seeing something surprising at Macba doesn't happen every other week!"

Point of View

Hey, let's look for a bit of fresh air, by visiting some of the most documented spots in the history of skateboarding, in the most visited city in Europe! How? With just a little point of view change, and a really good idea from Daniel Flusser, the filmmaker…

Bordeaux Exposure

Premiering yesterday exclusively on Live Skateboard Media, the latest production from Julien Januszkiewicz is a nice visit through Bordeaux!

Bordeaux Exposure (and Julien Januszkiewicz) 5 W’s!

Live Skateboard Media is proposing you another exclusive, with the online launch — tomorrow, Tuesday — of a video centered around Bordeaux, and a great portion of its locals. Until then, here are a few questions with its creator, explaining the project.

Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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