Kevin Taylor

Scum of the hills

The guys from Scumco and Sons came out of the East Coast to enjoy a trip to San Francisco. They take the opportunity to remind us that there are many ways to skate SF beyond what we usually see. From butchering huge sets of stairs, or engaged wallrides, to tech grinds and manuals in addition to the famous hill bombs, everything goes!

Tha God!

You really believe that you could get a "Tha God" nickname easily, during the most critical era of skateboarding? Well, nope… And the 42 years of age of mister Taylor do not seem to slow him down in his smoothness!

Park life

"Streetparks" edits are not really our cup of tea, but Jahmal Smith might be the only dude capable of making that activity exciting enough to get recognized by Palace, a crew usually more prone to street flings… Plus, considering the guests, everybody is on the same wave length!

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