Kevin Tierney

Bronze Age

A visit of Paris and Berlin by the Bronze crew, a new compilation of historical referencies for the nerds in us, and a perfect featuring –as always– from that Juan guy… Just about perfect.

Wade alert!

The always #veryrare Canadian and king of #smoothtech shows here in NYC, with quite the crew, also!

Rare as fuck!

Ready to queue up to watch the new Huf x Bronze co-production? Get in line now, cause it's the stuff you want, now!


Dat collab' ya need!


"Mandatory post!" as stated Charles…

The man in red

So, yeah, Brandon is about to have gone up every handrail of the world, is popping his flip tricks higher than anyone and can film a sick four minutes part without traveling all around the world, staying home sticking to an area officially "not good to skate…", but in the end, the what counts and separates him from the rest of us humans is that he can fly 180s over dudes chilling in Santa Claus track suits, and that is not given to everyone!


Another take of his Static V part, this remix is a bit more than a change of tune, with new angles, new landings and even new tricks! The honorable descendent of the 90's NYC everybody claims these days, Kevin Tierney can even surf street couches, which is something!


Now, hold on to your eardrums! Here's a tip: before clicking, crank that volume up, and be ready for a life changing experience, or at least an altering of your perception of the universe!


This one did hurt, uh?

Stylish, or not?

We had let that slip, but it would be a shame to miss on this remix of the recent footage of Kevin Tierney, as it will most likely relaunch an absurd debate of his "deserving" status, when the real interest of Kevin' skating is before all that it is a personal practice. Yes, Tierney skates like Tierney, and at a time where many try to relive the 90's (for the better and, mostly, the worst!) he proposes a modern version of those times, without looking like it's forced, or even premeditated. Therefore, stylish? Yes.

Solo Jazz

It's all there: the usual heads at the top of their game, the virtually unknown coming in hard, the more or less subliminal nods to the like of Mike Carroll, Jason Dill, Lennie Kirk and many more (find them, if you can!), and then, and before all, all types of shredding, always in its most pleasing form. As Charles stated this morning, this new Bronze prod' is "inescapable"!

Dece Vid

New York as a background, and a casting mixing such names as Lucien Clarke, Shawn Powers, Alex Olson, Austyn Gillette, Dan Plunkett, Danny Brady, Brian Delatorre, Nick Boserio, and the long awaited Yaje Popson part? Get the kettle on!

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