Léo Loden

Marseille, le zoo!

Wait, those Marseille kids are popping, these days! Could they be border-line hyper-active? Well, maybe not… But they sure now how to make it look good and fun, right!?

Karma 2

Ah, Marseille… Multicultural city if there was ever one, and home base of a skate scene that is actually a puzzle of totally different ones, meaning there is always something about to give! For the foreigners, 21 skatehop is now gone, but for a while was the social center for all the kids that hang out in those streets, and this video is the definite proof; spots you've never seen before, buddies skating them all with their own style, and a mood that will make you crave to be part of the session… This should get you amped for the whole summer, seriously!

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