Louis Peruchaud

PLUS / Bordeaux / Premiere

The "PLUS" episodes tell the adventures of a little crew of friends, coming from the town of Nancy, and now known as "The Roomies" in the streets of Paris. Yes, they more or less live all together, to the point they even go on group holidays. A "PLUS" is an edit, filmed and cut by Victor Demonte, sharing those few days spent here or there, and the skating shared with the locals that hosted them.


Just for the "elbow check to nollie noseslide" –a rarely seen maneuver– this little edit would be worth three minutes of your time, but this also puts the shine on one of the best crew to watch explore the streets of Paris at the moment, always on the move… Rumor has it they even, more or less, all live together. Basically, those guys are living the dream!

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