Luan Oliveira

Cruise control

One could foresee that the simple idea of "cruising" would be slightly different for Luan Oliveira than for us mere mortals, but goddamit! But, even more than his absolute control of his board, what really makes a difference is the speed that wraps it all together. Power, period.

Brotherhood Of The Feet

Marcel Veldman's Galerie feature was a hint on the fact that Kyron Davis, Maxime Geronzi, Wieger Van Wageningen, Luan Oliveira and Denny Pham did not go to Brazil just to juggle a football on the beach and, well, proof is in the digital pudding, here! Premiering on Live, at the same time as the real life premiere at the Nike SB London Am!

Marcel Veldman / Brotherhood Of The Feet / Galerie

While waiting for the Brotherhood Of The Feet video and a Wieger Van Wageningen interview on Sunday, we propose you a portfolio from the Fluff man himself.


Sure, the soundtrack belongs to the "difficult" category, but his technical mastership allows him to go beyond that on his home ground Brazilian and rough as hell spots, and will make you forget about this point… Plus his Mach Ten downhill lines are just incredible!

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