Mason Barnard

"No Respect"

Once again, the Deep Dish hit hard, real hard, even… With that raw, raw street we know them for, adding a couple new faces, like that Justin Henry we always tell you about, an improbable Steffen Watts from start to the end of his part, all culminating with Brett Weinstein fusing all Chicago influences to make it into his own twopointzero version… That full-length is what you would need to kick start the week, but it could help you go through the winter, too! And the footage of the gang switching from multiple layers of winter puff to sweaty shorts will also remind you of what matter to them, just as much as it does to you: the crew! Thank you, Deep Dish for the wake-up slap…


Welcome to Chicago, a city that seems to be raising a good crop of dudes, not too worried by harsh spots, and that still get to enjoy their marble at night… Each with their own take on it. Well, looks a bit like the rest of the skate world, doesn't it?

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