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Now that should allow for a great Sunday start: two ways to look at one project: the exploration by Mauro Caruso of a quasi ghost town of Sicily, that seems more of a strange artistico-architectural project than a place to live, after an earthquake in 1968. Some (warm) fresh air through the lens of Ludo Azemar first, then as compiled by Mauro himself. A Mauro that keeps it tech and flawless on the worst surfaces possible, helped by a Felipe Bartolomé that seem to surprise us every time, whatever the spot might be!

Bleu citron

The good people of A Brief Glance were recently showing around the Cons heads, confirming the many talents of young Felipe Bartolome. Oh, and don't be fooled by the early credits, you would be missing on some great Taveira action!

Gaut it

Gauthier Rouger, the hero… Tognelli, the ripper…

Meeting… Mauro Caruso!

About growing up in Sicily, skating medieval towns and tracking down composers on FB…

Mauro Caruso / MUòRICA

Traveling the world to find something to skate far, far away from home is almost inherent to the act of skateboarding… Now, jumping through time is a bit rarer. Somehow, this is what Mauro Caruso did, when he decided to explore one of the oldest towns in his native Sicily –kept so "intact" that it often doubles as many a movie set– for this photo and video project of the Italian magazine, a brief glance. We were very proud to be associated to the online premiere of MUòRICA last week, and it is now officially online… Share it!


Mauro Caruso has got us used to a perfect blend of speed and technique, always in lines that don't necessarily require perfect spots… Well, he isn't disappointing, here!

Charles' tip: Mauro Caruso

"Too short, but this does the work! His backside 180 should be studied by all…"

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