Miguel Valle

Charles' tip: Joey Guevara!

"Such beauty, not much more to say…" Sure, all in this is just good, for the new Alien pro!

Suciu Alert!

They always deliver at Atlas skateshop!

Your Suciu dose

From complex lines at Love Park to tricks that don't even have a name yet on rails, Mark Suciu is at the top of his game, here, and before all reassures all that were starting to worry that he hadn't dropped a full part for more than three weeks… Jokes aside, you really should cope Sabotage 3.

The modern road

“Let’s take the team and hit the road…” Everybody does it, on a daily basis, almost. The results varying greatly, at least footage wise. Atlas is a skateshop from SF area with a team of heavy hitters –Mark Suciu leading the charge– but this montage raises the bar quite high, whether you’re into stunts or well-crafted lines… Only good stuff, here, really good stuff!

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