Nate Lacoste

Lacoste alert!

We are always eager for more Nate, here, at Live, and here comes a part out of nowhere, including everything we like about his skating: the great lines, the always surprising pop, and the tricks flipped to perfection… Great stuff, here, really great stuff!


Calvin Millar is back, with a rather original format, allowing him to mix lifestyles shots and skating in a subtle, yet effective way… Then, the "on a trip" group energy is depicted in a great way.

Five star DIY

In the things you can call dreamy, this abandoned hotel somewhere on some deserted Canadian shore ranks quite high… Sure, it has been slightly (well, a lot) refurbished for skating purposes, but this makes it even more a mythical place, we believe, the kind kids dream of while going to bed at night. A true fairytale, we tell you!

Texas represent!

Let's ease the come down the best way possible by visiting Guru Khalsa and friends on spots we don't know at all, which is always a plus…

Nate 2.0

Where Nate Lacoste goes Sea Punk but not really, while keeping both his looks and tricks clean and sharp!

Hot, le Lacoste!

For sure, an easy one, but so true! Real good, he is, for sure, but nicely packaged by his buddy Peter Sidlauskas, the genius behind the Bronze empire, it could only get better! Thanks Roger skateboards for this excellent idea!

Charles' tip: C.U.R.B.

My buddy Charles likes skaters with finesse and technical abilities, without having strict rules about what is "good" or "bad" in skateboarding… Basically, he always has a good advice! “After Dennis showed us you can ooze style while skating curbs, here is Roger’s version, to give you good kick, and a big smile. Even the video description is great: Roger skateboards at its best… (Nate Broussard glimpse included)”

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