Nikhil Thayer

Hi8 TV (1997)

From the same James Hodgson that recently gave us footage of young Puleo or Wenning, amongst others, this edit goes even further in time, back to Hi-8 times… A look that will make the trendiest youngsters jealous with envy, and the old heads nostalgic! But, mainly, here is some explosive skating from Bobby Puleo, and also a sadly forgotten Andy Bautista… Good stuff!

Heaven on Earth

Where we find out that a dude can still skate like a beast, while killing the nickname game by going as "Catnip", as John Montessi can still be found going at it out there, when Jimmy Lannon recently one-upped a young Mike V, by doing more than just running though a graveyard… What a morning!

Another morning…

There are mornings where everything seems to align… Like when two complementary videos appear online, without any premeditation!

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