Ocean Howell

Yeah, Ocean…

Now, off course, Ocean Howell would need a full history class just by himself, notably for being able of finesse, speed and technique during ancient times when everybody else was pretty much skating statically, but for now we will have to settle down for this lost part, ten years old, that was closing the Howard House Video we premiered here a couple weeks ago, thanks to Plaitford Productions… This way, you will be able to share it at will, and have ready to go whenever you will need a serious dose of class, before going skating yourself, maybe. Let's note once again that the very last trick would still stand in 2015 as a undeniable proof of serious board control!

"A Decade Late" / The Howard House video

When a skaters apartment earns a name of its own, it is when it officially reaches "skate house" status, which makes it a meeting point, a permanently squatted ground and a sort of lighthouse for visitors coming from far, far away… This is exactly what was the Howard House, when that millennium was young, in one of the most dreamed about destination back then: San Francisco. From actual tenants to long term "guests", many have spend, back then, at least one night or for weeks there, a stay that would turn into improbable sessions the next day mixing all types of skating and skaters… So, why this footage is only coming out now, you'd ask? This is a story that we will tell you in the next days with the help of the in-house photographer, Richard Hart. Meanwhile, here are ten minutes of good times in between roommates and complete, as well as full part from one of the classiest man to ever step on a board: Ocean Howell. That's right. A Plaitford Productions offering!

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