Omar Salazar


This should get you hyped for the Chronicles Volume 3 premiere, and stands as a friendly reminder to the fact that everything can be a spot… Then again, when you are Cory Kennedy, it might come easier!

What up blood

The rumor had been growing that Ty Evans was working on some new project, since he had joined Brain Farm, well, this is now official, and We Are Blood might end up making Pretty Sweet look like a Swedish art film from the 1950's… The casting is just incredible in its diversity, and that's a great thing!

Back to the roots

As many interrogation points surround the Workshop these days, what a better idea tan get back to the basics, and Ohio, the native grounds of the brand? This could go horribly wrong, but the whole cinematography of it reaches classic Workshop imagery, from civilians cell phone footage to a couple Super 8 images that should stay burned in your mind. Successful mission, therefore! Oh, and Jake Johnson skates in a parallel universe unknown to the rest of us…

Kings of that road

King Of The Road is always a heavy dose of good times and intense shredding, and this seen through the Alien Workshop filter can only be even better!

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