Ray Barbee

Ruben Spelta / 5 W's!

Ah, the Ruben case… The elusive one, unless maybe we’re talking around the corner of this or that random street in Milan, whose silhouette is very particularly distinguishable on skateboard and yet had never really been granted the opportunity to express himself in words in skate media up until now. Well today, here he is making both forms meet, in 5 W's form complete with skate rat wisdom and also with a brand new part, which we hope you’ll find some of your own inspiration in!

Electric Ray!

Depending on your age, you might not be aware that for many years, Ray was without a doubt the classiest man in the world, and some could –truthfully so– argue that he still is! A crown he had first won from un undeniable yet totally cool class on board, then little by little showed us more facets of his creative side, notably via his music, primarily with a funky-er than you guitar style. But, watch him here concentrate on a new toy! You are in for a trip, a mind expending one!

Tiara for Computer is now available!

Evan, Evan, Evan…

What are you supposed to say… Apart that, he certainly is on the tip of perfection! To the point that you can pretty much fast forward the rest…

50 years of Vans, according to Jason Dill!

A conversation about a certain anniversary with a Parisian visitor in the known…

Meeting… Pedro Winter!

Ed Banger Records boss explains how to realize your adolescent dream, by linking music and skateboarding. Sounds like a good program!

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