Robbie Russo

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Off course, when Antihero does the "surprise the new pro" thing, they do it their way…


Robbie Russo? Or how to completely destroy a rather tough looking coping, while keeping an impeccable street cred'!

Gangster situations

You don't see much of him, but every time it is a pleasure to wonder what it feels like to be so at ease on such harsh terrain! Oh, and if this really is his dad, if we were his sponsors, we would make sure he is treated really well…

locals only!

We don’t have the scoop on if it is the new blood of Anti-Hero’s dad that broke out the ol’ camera to film this (considering the shaky feeling of the overall thing), but we can sure tell you this montage nails two points.
A) Robbie Russo is not a prodigy child anymore.

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