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The younger amongst you might not be aware, yet, but, in skateboarding, in the end, the Brazilians win! Even if some Spanish citizens hold their own, just like Lebron, here… But, yep, there no denying that Brazil offers its best, here, with the help of the BLVD gringos, with the techest skating possible, but with the raw street vibe, those dudes being able to juggle their boards on the worst possible spots. Dig it now, as they are the future! You can find some extra good stuff, here.

It's still summer! (HD)

Since we were discussing the first years of Girl, here is a bunch that did study it and ran with the blueprint: BLVD skateboards once again proves it with an edit that will get you stoked, even if you're not a fan of technical skating! The secret might be in the Brazilian soundtrack, but not only…

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