Ron Deily

Guilty pleasure…

One time ordeal, or could the New-Yorkers have decided to reclaim their monument?

Eastern Conference

Ron Deily, though!

High def'!

This clip despite being filmed on an advanced technology mobile telephone does not suffer from the "let's get this one real quick" syndrome, as the skating is quite up there, while RB Umali, thanks to his OG New York filmer status, can assemble some often too rare old timers, like Akira, and the youth of the moment, like a Yaje in fine form, and one guy named Jarrod Brandeth that –despite being Canadian– is more than at ease in those NYC streets. Let's also note an always versatile Ron Deily!

On the Deily…

A surprise part from Ron Deily, skater that one consider too rare, considering his versatility on all sorts of real street spots… A good surprise for a Monday!


The man in red

So, yeah, Brandon is about to have gone up every handrail of the world, is popping his flip tricks higher than anyone and can film a sick four minutes part without traveling all around the world, staying home sticking to an area officially "not good to skate…", but in the end, the what counts and separates him from the rest of us humans is that he can fly 180s over dudes chilling in Santa Claus track suits, and that is not given to everyone!

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