Sami Harithi

Zehn Jahren!

Ten years already! Ten years of the Benchmark, the comp created by Nozbone, the undeniable Parisian skateshop for a while, now… In order to celebrate, they are associating with their Berlin colleagues of Civilist, and are even heading there this week-end, while the Paris date is set on the 24th of September. All announced by a dope little edit of both teams meeting up in the streets!

Street Blues

If you are screening life through social media, you must see the Where We Come From project pop up more than often… This future full length has the great interest in the variety of its casting and guests, as illustrated, here…

Shopping in Berlin

It is quite hard to leave Berlin, isn't it!? Search and Destroy has been the city staple/skateshop for a while, must have the very best name possible, and also invite local legend Sami Harithi in their edit, which is quite the list for a place selling rolling planks, don't you think?

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