Sean Sheffey

The vibe about skating rocks

Let's recognize here, once again, the rare talent of Zach Lyons to turn any vaguely angular thingy into a spot, and often more than that… To the point where he could probably transform a pebble and two twigs into a line that would actually look original and natural. And that is a talent in itself: being classy without ever falling into the circus act, where most would never find an interesting thing to do. Oh, and if you are young enough that the title reference is lost on you, well, you definitively want to head this way

'Til infinity?

OK, kids, if you want to see an adult cry on the spot, today, just play them that video… Because all his youth lies there! But, yours also, at the end of it, and mainly our common roots. And this is where the Girl/Choco camp has always been best: respecting the roots of skateboarding, while pushing its ideas a little further… And, right, there, this edit is almost scary in a way! What you think?

Memory Lane

A little look back at a time where things might not have been more simple, but they sure looked like it… And, yes, Chocolate is about to turn 20! And no, Paulo Diaz hasn't changed one bit since, since… Forever? You can not buy style: you got it or you don't.

Meeting… Jason Dill!

He doesn't do anything like others, and he was not going to change that for us…

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