Simon Isaksson

The solution

We know it, Sour is here to work on solving all major world troubles, and their second full-length proves it without a doubt… You know them all, and nobody is here to disappoint, but end of the day, history books will remember the first ever street loop! Hats off, Mister Isaksson…

Oh, yep, we love you, Oscar!

Sour Mafia

Since those two crews mamange to always up the ante while seemingly having way more fun than anyone else, Spain then Bordeaux with this squad, obviously take a turn for another look… And that's refreshing!

Sour Promo 2016

Gustav. Erik. Simon. Now you know.

The New Testament

If we were to make you find out about the first Sour full-length, that would you started skating about two days ago (and in that case, "welcome"!), but since some parts seem to be missing online (most likely for music rights troubles), we thought it was important to remind you that you can, and should, and will be watching The Sour Solution here and there, and tomorrow, and for a long time coming…

Charles' tip: Simon Isaksson

"Beware, this one is love at first sight! Sweet skateboards do have a knack for picking up their riders! This one skates everything –literally every thing in his path– with class, and both the quick flip on the bump to bar, and the backside (yep, backside!) body varial over the bin prove his board control…"

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