Skylar Kehr

Mexican Medium

Medium Skate Mag - remember - we already introduced its two co-founders Will Jivcoff and Joel Watamaniuk to you a while back, around the time of their enterprise's earliest steps. Well close to two years later already, and despite Love Skateboards unfortunately being out of the equation by now, Medium looks like it's still going strong, still deeply rooted in Toronto but also now demonstrating the energy to export itself on the occasional skate vacation, which is just what they did here for "Jungle" - a new clip by Joel (still very much the VX-1000 fan) filmed in Mexico City, featuring skateboarding by Daniel Ravenal, Diego Brown, Felipe BartolomeJohnny PurcellScott BalkwillSkylar Kehr and Ty Beall. Everybody hucked their carcasses down some quite a few unfamiliar spots that look just as rugged as exotic. Check out the Medium website for more info!

Unknown Haven

The road trip documentary can be a risqué subject, but we all know Briggs Oglof talent, and his subject, or destination here, Israel, allows him to put it to the test… No misplaced sentimentalism here, but real emotions shared, and some raw skating to top it off… Yes, you should make a bit of time, and enjoy this watch, it's worth it!

Fools Paradise

The return of Briggs Ogloff, the Canadian filmmaker that you would certainly remember for Brothers. Here he is just as skilled in galvanizing the action, all through an impeccable soundtrack… Good stuff!

Guillaume Perimony's tip: Brothers

"You got to check out BROTHERS from Briggs Ogglof. It's an indy video from Vancouver, I believe, that got a bit unnoticed. Skating is solid, on spots never seen before for 95% of them, and with complete unknown. But, mainly, the filming/editing/soundtrack are borderline genius…"

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