Sylvain Tognelli

Under the paving…

French artist Raphael Zarka and the Carhartt team explore together options and limitations (or not) space has to offer, through a series of his sculptures… A conversation where each feeds from one another, to go through the labyrinth of possibilities…


A great trio exploring the dusty streets of Nicaragua for colorful spots: here's the picth! All through the always experimental eye of Jacob Harris, for Grey… Add a surprising Mike Arnold, and Sylvain and Rémy in full ATV mode!

Sunday Night Special

Here is a perfect watch to end a week-end, and maybe put it back in perspective. Here is the Carhartt WIP team back in Mongolia, ten years later. Sure, the line-up has changed, but the country also, and and quite… Where skaters find out that this brave new world is designed for them. More or less.

Ah, Karolina!

Berliner or Varsovian, we might never know who was that Karolina… Unless you get a chance to ask the luck fews from that rip. Another visual collaboration between Alexis Jamet and Romain Batard.

Magenta / 242 / La Capsule Suisse / PREMIERE

A new Magenta capsule, with real bits of 242 in there, as a Live exclusive? Yep, but there is more to it, so click on Read More!

À Paris!

Some Berliners (including Malte Spitz) visit Paris and share some spots with the locals, for this De Paris production that announces more to come!

Charles' tip: Nick Jensen!

"This Nick is always busy, isn't he, at the moment, in between torturing vases and getting lines from South Bank to L.A…"


With Paul Shier and Nick Jensen at the forefront, and Jacob Harris holding the VX, one could only anticipate the very first video from Isle skateboards, and this trailer for Vase will put a smile on anyone only expecting the best from such a gang!

Sylvain du matin

Nothing like waking up to a healthy dose of Tognelli! Make it cut to a summery vibe and, regarding the actual temperatures out there right now, this is even better… Always diverse in his choice of spots, but also in the tricks he applies to them, Sylvain is getting us even more amped for the future Isle video!

Tognelli du matin…

Now, you guys are in for an amazing week when it comes to watching sick skateboarding online! Here is Sylvain and his Isle colleagues, as we loved them in Jacob Harris' video, in case you had missed on that masterpiece…

Gaut it

Gauthier Rouger, the hero… Tognelli, the ripper…


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