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En Nueva-York…

For a mighty long time, one rule would preside over European skateboarding stating that, no matter what, Spaniard were just better then you… Well, looks like the new Iberian generation has decided to get back to those basics, if you look at those Villains guys! Beware for powerful skating, mean flicks into anything, and lament the poor East Coast spots that tried to get in their way!


And here's a sharp booster shot on an undeniable fact, in those uncertain times: Sabotage 5 is dat tape ya need for many reasons, including an important one: it will remain the last in-depth documentation of the skateboarding practiced at LOVE Park in its last years until it final demise. And that counts for something, right?

Philly alert!

Where we find out some die-hards still skate LOVE park, or should we say its ruins… Oh, and that the city has way more to offer than its classic spot! But that we knew already, thanks to Chris Mulhern amongst others!

Postcard from Philadelphia

Here are some news from Philly, and according to the Sabotage heads, they are pretty good!

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