Tomohiro Ueno

Torio, Torio...

Well of course, if one of the best parts from the best 2018 independent skate video only so many people really saw (and it should go without saying at this point how we mean the full DVD the Japanese crew behind Toriotoko dropped that very year) is now directly streamable online, and uploaded straight by the author, then we can only back it.

If you're new here - Toriotoko is the efficient, nocturnal crew conducted by the fantastic Mitsuko Toshiba who's mostly renowned for working during the day, filming at night, and rarely sleeping; and so, every ingredient is there at hand for quite the spicy cosmic salsa, one just about to sting your flank with its VX, clearly improvised maneuver, prowess and spot match-ups, and one final cut of raw black and white dip.

Last but not least, they also actually know how to Internet and so, without excess but maybe when it comes to unlisting their older montages from their YouTube channel; uncertainty has been established a habit and so, might as well subscribe!

Jump in the water

When the members of Japanese crew Ugly Weapon (already introduced on LIVE here) start daydreaming about some vacation time on the sea shore, apparently, their natural reaction is to make another VX-1000 edit of urban skating, most often of the nocturnal kind, and the timeline of which has to be shared by Herbie Hancock and the Beach Boys without an ounce of discrimination. Oh, and by a plethora of locals with killer style, too - have a gander!

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