Wes Bell

Good Monday vibes?

Yes, let's start the week on a good note, thanks to Wes Bell, who you might remember from a Parisii episode…Nowadays, he is back home, that he calls San Francisco and seems to be enjoying himself there… Enough European spots here, though, to play a "name the city" game, also!

Speaking about Parisii, where that remix at!? Patience, patience…


Parisii XIX

Our Paris visit, orchestrated by Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon continues! The XIXth arrondissement on its own, both improbable cultural patchwork and an often heterogeneous mix of classic Paris landscape with already dated modern architecture, would already be the ideal playground, but this edit goes a bit further. This is the first collaboration of the project creators with Matias Elichabehere, a musician whose work you would already know from Minuit, Soleil Levant, or Lenz2… Matias even filmed quite a lot for this, on top of cutting a custom fit soundtrack, offering you a quite special Parisii episode. Enjoy with both eyes and ears!

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