Zachary Chamberlin


One would know since Color Fools, the themed parts are a nightmare to get done, and this roughly from the fifth filmed trick or so… The undeniable talents of Ben Gore were an obvious asset, but in all seriousness, the concept of only skating two wheeled vehicles, only as they were found in the streets, on top of it, might be the worst great idea of all times. But, he just powers through a full-part, even getting a couple Harleys in the mix, and this only minutes from where the Hells Angels were started. Respect. And another reason to cope Bright Moments!

Edit: the part was already out, but on a "less free" player, plus it is one of those that actually deserve repeat!

Marseille Zoo!

Straight Outta Mars! The previous Marseille Zoo episodes were pretty tight, and this one looks like it will be a step up! One of the most "underground" cities in France is rising up, and it is a nice sight!

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