"RESTLESS" is an independent video straight outta Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A. that caught our attention for the brilliance of its alliage of simplicity and efficiency. The at times experimental, always pristine production makes for a fifteen-minute watch that is sure to remind you of the essence of good local skateboarding, with its transparent 'tight crew' feel, crazy moves peppered here and there throughout, cascade of spots and classic soundtrack.

The skaters are Ryan O'Rourke, Josh Burns, Anthony Lopez and Levi Gleghorn, who doubles up as the author and recounts the process:

"The video was filmed primarily in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A. over the course of roughly two years.

We're a small crew - down to four at this point - that have been skating, filming, and the best of friends for nearly fourteen years now.

The title 'RESTLESS' represents the overwhelming feeling I often had throughout this period. This resulted in frequent day trips to nearby towns and surrounding states such as Kansas and Arkansas, with a couple of longer trips to Texas and Colorado.

While Oklahoma may not be the most ripe with spots, we're fortunate to be in close proximity to a good amount of outdoors destinations.

That feeling of restlessness also led to many non-skate nature-based trips, both individually and as a group.

This is our sixth video project we've put together, and most everyone has had last part prior to this with the exception of myself (if you watch the video, you will probably understand why [laughs]). Because I put a lot of work into this project and to mix up the formula, I gave myself last part. I already regret this decision but hope everyone enjoys the video regardless!

So in closing, keep skating, look for spots, travel as much as possible, and tell your friends you love them!" - Levi Gleghorn

MEMENTO / Spot 01 - Stade du Ray / GALERIE

Well today, the duo is back and here to stay with "MEMENTO", a new project again with a focus on location, just of the decaying type this time around. Indeed, for this reoccurring column of theirs from now on, Florent and Fred will be coloring not just spaces still in use via the addition of external components, but mostly very specific corners sharing the common denominator of being incongruous per se, be it due to their construction or their current, more or less obsolete or disused state, and without the need of any big tweak.

Far East Coast

Strush Wheels is a Japanese wheel company with a great video legacy ("COLLECTIVE IMPROVISATION" and "CITYSCAPE" have to belong inside your DVD player at some point), and its very specific art direction as this new edit "N.Y.C. 2019" can confirm again. Shinya Nohara aka. PORI and Shinsuke Haruta aka. HAL are the two main heads here, visiting New York City and catching up with Connor Kammerer; as a result, the world gets this two-minute gem reflecting some impactful, stylish and original skateboarding, comparably to the lens of an impeccable VX-1000 and supervising by Ryuchi Tanaka, that's only willing to shine for you.

Still hungry for more Strush Wheels? Please feel free to revisit "ON THE RUN"!

And last but not least - one can still sign the online petition to preserve the legendary Brooklyn Banks skate spot in N.Y.C., here.

Into The Sun

This Monday's delight is courtesy of no other than Josh Stewart, who should no longer need an introduction (and LIVE has arguably done its share to spread the knowledge, too!), but always seems to surprise and here, it's under the form of a new Hopps edit that he's doing it. In fact, Jahmal Williams's brand just welcomed some new ams and thus, quite logically, this new piece features such heads as Joseph Delgado or Elijah Cole coherently intertwined with footage of, say, Mark Del Negro, Dustin Eggeling, Steve Brandi and even Jahmal himself, still out there and going strong from the looks of it!

George Toland globetrotter

Too hyperactive for us to even get to keep track of his pace, George Toland, the London-based Sony VX-1000 piloting expert who's normally a regular on this website recently dropped not just one, but two remarkable montages of footage collected throughout the Americas - more specifically in Queretaro, Mexico (where he notably skated with Daniel Peña and Adán Belío, whose video "EL OMBLIGO DE LA LUNA" LIVE recently presented, for Milquinientosveintiuno) and in Heredia, Costa Rica (where he wasn't without catching up with Miguel Castro and Francisco Saco, both formerly met at the Croatian Vladimir Film Festival where they had showed their video: "CANASTA"). That's two times short of twenty minutes brimming with colorful spots and organic styles, masterfully captured by a Serious Adult increasingly prone to the itinerant lifestyle.

For more Costa Rica, we may send you back to the recent "GRINGO DIARIES" by Chris Komodromos and, for more Mexico, well, just stay tuned for the next few days...

All or nothing

"ALL OR NOTHING" is the name of Nîmes, France-based skateboarder Victor Naves' new "web part" (as the most artless kids insist on calling those things), and you might remember his name and proneness to impact from the Diligent Skateboards videos, another local brand gone as of last year. Victor is one of the hyperactive suburban breed - when it comes to collecting clips, quite obviously but also when it comes to media activism in general, on his very personal scale via his Instagram feed @skatedashit - one he utilizes as though to make up for the attention (or lack thereof) the regions the most isolated from the industrial hot spots are regularly missing throughout the country. The same kind of sheer work is what he also put in this new clip, filmed over five years spent between Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Paris, Barcelona and the Nîmes region - just to put it on the map - looking for a collection of all the classic terrain types, and showcasing his take on every one of them. For Victor, skateboarding really is all or nothing!

Valls around the world

Chris Thiessen, longtime indie skate filmmaker brought under the worldwide spotlight as a participant in the Threads Idea Vacuum artisanal think tank and then via his direction of some volumes of the TransWorld SKATEboarding full-length video legacy, LIVE hasn't been without presenting his works before and we even interviewed him regarding "RIDDLES IN MATHEMATICS", that one time. For a little bit now, he's been dropping fresh edits of raw footage on his YouTube channel and after, notably, Yaje Popson and Brad Cromer's respective turns, it is now time for a Frenchman to be treated with the same deal: Magenta Bordeaux rider Léo Valls, to be accurate, on the basis of clips collected between 2016 and 2019 in Atlanta, N.Y.C., Los Angeles, Long Beach, Miami, Bordeaux, Paris and Barcelona - with some guest data in the mix, contributed by Yoan Taillandier. Quite the frenetic dance around the world, as though in hopes to tame that crispy VX-1000, eventually!

Shinpei alert!

Usually, missing the beat of the release of a new Shinpei Ueno piece isn't a habit of LIVE's but here, that's pretty much what happened, just as much as this one did seem to hover below the radar of most Western publications in general (with the notable exception of Vague's, more power to them!), and as far as we're concerned it took a SLAP message boards O.G. to notify us of the existence of today's main course. It is all the more unforgivable that we almost skipped this video as it consists in no less than a two-minute "web part" (as the kids say) of crazy-looking spots and tricks, typically in Shinpei's unique style, coupled with a technical-looking editing in the typical Tightbooth tradition. If one gets carried away and start imagining (rightfully or not) that the footage might be some leftovers from the imminent "LENZ III", well, the year twenty twenty suddenly starts opening up in terms of bright perspectives!

Northern Jammin'

Just weeks after a remarkable first part in Ryan Flores' recent San Francisco video: "MERLOT"Jameel Douglas of Northern Co. can still move, and just as smoothly too as demonstrated via this dance step of an online publication of his part "HELEN", the aforementioned board brand's latest full-length offering, handicrafted by the great Zach Chamberlin and available here. Just on the basis of those two involved on either side of the VX-1000, one would be right to expect quality already, but that would still be underestimating the duo's tendency to shine over all possible expectations when it comes to the printing on tape, then pressing on DVD of skateboarding in the purest tradition of a rich Bay Area heritage. Decades just can't filter out the timeless!

Still yearning for more? Here's a reminder of Jam and colleagues' latest Parisian peregrinations, just in case!

"PANDORA'S BOX" / Eduardo Da Rocha / PREMIERE

Luka Pinto's name has been coming up on LIVE on the regular for years now; and to this day, the man persists on his own explosive path, currently rather focused on the documentation of local scenes via video, photo and zine production, most notably under the Crew Report alias. We've just recently showed you his own part in "PANDORA'S BOX", the latest full-length video he authored; today, we're introducing you to Eduardo Da Rocha's, young blood out of Jersey just like Luka and Glen Fox, whose powerful style is already being recognized by local wheel brand Pillo, skateshop Consume or the London-based The Hated Skateboards. One can tell the geographical heritage in the spots of course, but also in the body language, resulting in some sincere yet technical skateboarding applied to intriguing spots, for a creative approach - all killer no filler, really!

"Gringo Diaries" / PREMIERE / Chris Komodromos / INTERVIEW

« GRINGO DIARIES » recently hit our inbox, courtesy of its London, England-based author Chris Komodromos and consisting in an eighteen-minute patchwork of VX-1000 clips that were rather obviously collected in quite the atypical settings, from absurd metal skateparks in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle to crazy D.I.Y. spots built in some local's backyard, if not literally inside their house. Those « GRINGO DIARIES » were obviously brimming with tales of human interaction, so quite naturally their history raised many a question that Chris turned out to be enthusiastic about answering - the resulting complementary book is available below!


Jimmy Larkz of Trois CCD, we've introduced you to his works before here and there, both times exquisite stuff and to that rule, "2ND" isn't the exception yet as this new piece consists in no less than fifteen minutes of authentic (and quality) Parisian VX-1000, only waiting for your click to start cuddling your irises. Oh and where to start, regarding the roster involved...


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