Magenta "Balade" / Meeting... Vivien Feil!

Finally on your screens, for you to watch no sooner than right now, right here: the new Magenta full-length, "Balade", prominently filmed in the United States of America but not exclusively. The resulting mix is a twenty-minute long upbeat edit - perfect to watch before skating - that was put together pretty spontaneously, actually. You know how LIVE works by now: the opportunity was too great not to try and ask the busy Vivien Feil (one of the founding fathers of the brand, besides offspring duties of a more organic type) what's up and surprise, he did manage to find the time to come through with answers aplenty for you to absorb alongside the video, making for a solid package we are stoked to present you today!

Inside O.U.T.

Arthur Chiron - you might remember his name as the performer of many a demonstration of urban prowess, notably frozen in time in « Frame By Frame », the French classic independent full-length video by Romain Batard, Olivier Fanchon, Greg Dezecot and Aymeric Bertrand from a decade ago - already… Well, Arthur made some wise use of said time span, focusing on his studies as a plastic artist whose interest revolves around one’s personal exploration and interpretation of the physical space, as influenced by Raphaël Zarka, who supports him. Anyway, the latest expression of such reflections just manifested itself, under the name Inside Out: an exhibition of uncommon structures all extracted from one same core then peppered throughout the main hall of Théâtre Le Quai in Angers, France, since last Saturday and up till June; a time period during which space will keep getting explored, as the structures will regularly be flipped over and moved around… Now, let’s salute this remarkable demonstration of cultural avant-gardism from the organizers and sponsors, and celebrate Arthur’s works the way he would really like everyone to: by jamming wallies everywhere at this skatepark that really isn’t one!

Inside O.U.T. will be skatable till June, look it up here, if you want to visit!

More, here:

Ruff Ryder

Definitely fearless, that Jacopo guy… Or at the least, very not afraid to lose a few layers of skin on the worse surfaces Italian alleyways have to offer… Cobblestone taming might be his real passion.

Blondey alert!

Model, creative, virtual celebrity, one could easily forget the cold facts: Mister McCoy is a bit more than that, and mainly one smooth skater of the streets, even on the roughest NYC grounds, and this new Bronze edit thankfully reminds it to us.

Minimum effort, maximum rendering

Simple and efficient, relaxed to the maximum Ludo Gordon gives us a little technical lesson on some beautiful English spots. Each trick is achieved with maximum precision, for (it looks like) a ridiculous effort. Filmed and edited by Mark Hawkshaw-Burn, we can pretty much feel the influence of Nick Jensen on the young man's skate described in his interview for Grey.

"Entre Deux" / premiere

Two friends, one longing for fresh air, fresh pavement… Leave their hometown of Lyon, but to head where? Over the Alps, at least, to visit their colleague "Pepe"! Turino is not that far, but as exotic as any any other city that is not listed of the obvious skate meccas. And a city, with the right guide, will deliver.

You got the premises, now dive into this Ludovic Azémar short, teased yesterday by Louis Perruchaud's photo gallery, and get inspired to look for that fresh air you crave too.


Hotel Blue, Ya Know? If you love New York's tall buildings in the background, flip tricks over fire hydrants, or lines ending between cars on a busy road with the city traffic, you must surely know!

"Entre Deux" / Louis Perruchaud / Galerie

Tomorrow, we will release "Entre Deux", a short by Ludovic Azémar about the quite dynamic duo that are Quentin Boillon and Mickael Germond. Between their hometown of Lyon and a visit to their friend "Pepe" in Turino… In order to not fall into the video only movement, another buddy, Louis Perruchaud joined in on the fun little adventure…

Campillo alert!

Must be two years now that we have been keeping a steady eye on young South of France loc, Victor Campillo. Tech without falling into the juggling side of it, powerful in full finesse, he is the real deal! And he fully demonstrates it, here, with this part for Quota… Turn your very own eyes to him, and tell us what you think!

Worldwide Ride!

This Sunday post consists in a full-length video by the eponymous Julian Sonntag (get it?): "Worldwide Ride" presents itself as an "international video entirely filmed on an iPhone 5", by the means of Death Lens equipment. The joke is actually on us as the illusion is quite convincing, plus the man did carry it over the span of several continents as the video features "emerging talents from Europe, China and South America".

Grey Matter

LIVE has been cooking up something special for you coming next week and as an appetizer, this part of Tomek Ziolkowski in Kuba Kaczmarczyk's Polish independent video "Neverwhere" will serve just right. Kuba is the man already behind "Grey Area", the 2013 underground hit the shockwaves of which had a lot to do with a certain Michal Juras' fault. Stay tuned for more impact from the East - but not just the East - on your screens, real soon!

Blind faith

You have to see it to believe it - no pun of terrible taste intended as Dan Mancina is a skateboarder plagued with a degenerative disease that ate up his vision over the years, now leaving him blind, as he was recounting in this Jenkem interview a while back. Well this drastic change of lifestyle didn't keep him from keeping doing what he liked and instead of shutting himself down, he continued skateboarding to the point where today, he's even putting out a full web part, all filmed despite his current condition and if there were any ability to be knocked out of our own physical envelopes as a result of watching Dan's incredible prowess, it would be the one to voice anything as we're just left speechless.


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