Jimmy Larkz of Trois CCD, we've introduced you to his works before here and there, both times exquisite stuff and to that rule, "2ND" isn't the exception yet as this new piece consists in no less than fifteen minutes of authentic (and quality) Parisian VX-1000, only waiting for your click to start cuddling your irises. Oh and where to start, regarding the roster involved...

"18$ 3 TIGERS" A Derby SG promo / PREMIERE / Thomas Courteille / INTERVIEW

Thomas CourteilleLIVE hasn't been without showcasing his works before, most notably for Balargue skateshop; today, it is from Singapore that he's reaching us, in the midst of the lockdown but still strong of the capacity to introduce us to Derby, a new France-based bearing company and also to the accompanying promo video: "18$ 3 TIGERS", summing up one story amongst many that the man himself was enthusiastic to share, as well as more anecdotes and perspectives, as you can now read just below!

New Clear Vision

The greatest news of today have to be this fresh upload of Vivien FeilSoy Panday and Léo Valls' shared segment from the Magenta Skateboards 2013 full-length video: "SOLEIL LEVANT", a direct tribute to the Japanese skate scene and its specific approach to the activity, and an interpretation of space and the universe altogether that contrasts so much with our western fashions.

About just that, Monsieur Vivien even went in depth with a legit article, here - also an opportunity to reminisce about the origins of the brand's connections with the Far East, run into new video links and read anecdotes.

On a different note, but one just as insular and Magentesque, Glen Fox (and Ryan Cunningham)'s Jersey part filmed by Luka Pinto for his "PANDORA'S BOX" (which we've brought up before, and will again soon), with an interview of the filmmaker to boot, via TransWorld, is up, here!


What LIVE is celebrating with you today is no less than the official upload (courtesy of DLXSF) of "AMIGOS", the Forties Clothing video originally released in 1995.

Forties was Tommy Guerrero's garment company - under Deluxe - nurtured by the talents and legacies of many a San Francisco skate legends at their peak; in particular, the ones who tended to be more into speed, feels and amplitude, still paving the way for the original Stereo's trademark image, as opposed to the technical juggling and copious ledge innovations then still reigning supreme over the bricks of the classic Justin Herman Plaza, also known as the Embarco...

Here, the residential areas - and their hills - are the focus, only for the entire City to turn into a playground dominated with style (that era of Ethan Fowler was quite something else...), all paired up with experimentation on the visual side but also as far as the soundtrack goes, marking Tommy Guerrero's earliest (recorded) adventures into jazz - a whole new direction when compared to his former punk sessions as the bass player in Free Beer - contemporarily to other iconic bands such as Los OlvidadosMcRad or Drunk Injuns, just to name a few. Those very new trackable beginnings would then turn out to be what motivated Thomas Campbell to have Tommy record his first album on Galaxia Records : "LOOSE GROOVES & BASTARD BLUES"...

So the question remains: relaunch, no relaunch? Tough to say as of now, given the impact of the current context on the economy worldwide. But either way, as of now, we do get to watch those fifteen minutes on loop and in pristine quality - a pre-solo sesh win-win!

Iron, lion, Nyon

What better way to make your Sunday than by running into a solid skate montage straight out of a striving, yet widely unrecognized scene - just one instance out of a good billion of them out there, really - despite the locals' best efforts on the field? Well at least, that's what we're more than happy to share with you today, under the form of this top notch edit made in Nyon, Switzerland - a small city strong of its seclusion from skate pop culture, its twenty thousand inhabitants and Arthur Du Sordet's talent when it comes to documentation duties, and the man didn't shy away from telling us a bit more:

"Just to contextualize, "Cranscityclub" or "333" is a skate collective type of thing that we run to try and push skating in our small town of Nyon, Switzerland. 

We organize skate lessons for the youth, contests, music gigs and we're basically the link between skateboarders and the local authorities - they entrust us with skatepark projects and whatnot.
Although we don't have 'flashy' skaters, the scene here is pretty huge; however, being a small town, we tend to feel kind of disconnected from the rest of the Swiss skate microcosm.
But that's only more fuel for my motivation when it comes to filming and dropping edits, as though to 'put Nyon on the map'!" - Arthur Du Sordet
And this particular edit, "333 x LEBLYZAR" is the opportunity for Ebly Kaeslin's rather unique style to shine - the man clearly doesn't care for the hottest trends in trick selection or, at least, knows how to retain only the best elements from them, it seems. The contrasted black and a white works well here, and the final result isn't without being reminiscent of "The Strongest of the Strange" by Pontus Alv, or some of the early Heroin videos, even - just to mention another trait that most people shouldn't complain about, really!

On The Broad

Fat Bros Skateshop in Nakano, Tokyo is a true institution, going strong since 1994 and one that doesn't stop at supplying skateboarders with gear (meticulously curated by the honorable Hagi-san): since its opening, it's been directly intertwined with the activity of the local scene as a whole via the organization of all kinds of events, skate lessons for the youth right next to the nearby, improbable Sunplaza, by doubling up as headquarters of choice for many a foreigner struggling to catch up with jet lag or portable Wi-Fi and, like we're demonstrating today, by producing videos such as the mythical "ON THE BROAD" (2007), authored by the just-as-mythical Takahiro Morita of Far East Skate Network - a personality LIVE should no longer have to introduce to you as we already did so many, many times and he never needed our humble help to establish himself as the ambassador of Japanese skateboarding throughout the decades anyway, most especially with his master opus: "OVERGROUND BROADCASTING" (2008), quite the Encyclopedia Universalis of the worldwide scene at the time.

Well, if some segments of the aforementioned "ON THE BROAD" had found their way online over the years, somewhere on the quite loaded Far East Skate Network official YouTube channel, so far it hadn't been the case of Kenji Nakahira's, also the opener of the full film because, well, it's that representative - and inherently great. The sharpest minds might remember Kenji Nakahira's name from Yoan Taillandier's "MINUIT", out of many other productions. Today, thanks to Léo Valls and Max Guyot (himself behind the recent Nancy and Paris full-length video: "BROTHERHOOD"), the shot is fired at last and the whole world gets to contemplate Kenji's incredible approach to skateboarding: some unbelievable pop on huge, wild, stylish ollies, silk-smooth body language and - to even better complete the picture - a certain eye for some of the most unreachable spots Tokyo has to offer.

This part is just art, and the custom soundtrack by Taichi Masuyama - consisting in a vibrant mix of jazz, hip-hop beats and various sophisticated sonic experimentations as though to not just match great skate footage but also represent a general mindset only makes for the cherry atop of one delicious cake, really. Kenji's song is even entitled "WINE (RED)" - a true writing on the wall regarding the Bordeaux connection!

Quality in the broad sense of the term - that's a guarantee!

And as for whatever's next, Léo intends to keep uploading more rare gems and other shamefully forgotten classics on his new YouTube channel, here.

Rave Skateboards x Nike SB "H.A.C.K" / ARTICLE

Since the beginning of the lockdown in France, the local geniuses behind Rave Skateboards have teamed up with the big shoe sizes over at Nike SB in order to come up with one special sort of "H.A.C.K.": the "HOMIES ALONE CONFINEMENT CONTEST", consisting in a succession of weekly Instagram-based contests but, also and most importantly, a constructive initiative for the scene nation-wide - as one intended to shed some popular light onto the finest, widely unrecognized local creatives' talents and their respective regions, including the skateshops that inhabit them, by being open to all entries regardless of geography, pre-established notoriety in the field and consideration for potential industry ties.
Such a modern, progressive social and cultural initiative definitely warranted some attention from LIVE and today, we are providing you with a full report of the second round of that game which, at this stage, had to do with the spontaneous creation of amateur board graphics for every participant's local skateshop. A great way to content everyone involved, really, all the while injecting new blood, visions and aesthetics into the body of French skateboarding (an ambitious enterprise still currently ongoing with a third round revolving around constructions of the most original and unique skateboard possible, entries being open till Friday night - please feel free to click here for more info!).

Around the corner of said third round, LIVE went to interview a selection of five participants in the last one - all now strong of the experience of creating deck graphics for their local skateshops, on the same level of merit as the other seven hundred and sixty people who also submitted designs for a good seventy stores throughout the country (!), but whose works caught the organizers' attention well enough to officially earn them the win in round two, eventually materializing as freebies aplenty for all parties involved but most importantly in the actual, limited-edition production of the submitted decks for everyone to enjoy. Quite logically, LIVE just had to catch up with those five chosen ones and now, we're also inviting you to meet them and their respective universes, below!


Family Album

And here's for the sweetest French treat of the day, under the form of the new Album Skate Co. video via Arno Wagner, pieced together by Thomas Guérin whose works LIVE hasn't been without showcasing before, notably for the Vans Thursday Sessions from multiple millenia ago and other various favors and tasks performed for ABS Grenoble - the skateshop ran by the legendary Fred Demard (ex-Soma Skate Mag). Both aforementioned entities supported the makings of this new release, too, and more power to them for that move as the resulting output is no less than an eight-minute stream of brillant vibes, original tricks, gnarly slams and sensual spots, in between smiles when not just full-on laughter. A perfect reflection of the new generation in the midst of a very authentic-looking scene, with some mandatory Barcelona footage thrown in the mix but first and foremost, a waterfall of bright colors that's only asking to pet your retinas and twitch both your leg and zygomatic muscles if you'll let it. Nice one, Album!

As a complementary bonus, may we redirect you back to our latest interview with Thomas, regarding his work on "COLORWAY", the recent Film Trucks promo - a brand we'll be delivering more news on the subject of, soon, too. It just so appears that for the most motivated out there, planet Earth can only keep spinning the right way!

Le Pop sportif

You probably remember Bastiaan van Zadelhoff's latest lo-fi-inclined montage from just a few days back? Well, on more Amsterdam-related news, here he is again as a guest in Sami El Hassani's newest video production for the Netherlands-based garment company Pop Trading Company, per usual. But this time, the two main heads are fellow LIVE regulars Noah Bunink and Logan da Silva Ortiz, whose cobblestone-mounted stunts just won't stop scrolling past Sami's lens, attached to a camera set to 4:3 format settings, to then be given the black and white treatment for a general impression that's always reminiscing of the original VHS tapes of "EASTERN EXPOSURE" (Dan Wolfe's revolutionary video, from which a lot of footage was later compiled in "CLOSURE"). Of course, here, the style calendar is on the year twenty twenty page, implying many inventive tricks on awkward spots - all of which we'll now leave up to you to appreciate!

Giddy 11

Romain Batard, the French skate filmmaker LIVE really shouldn't have to introduce to you by now just on the basis of his longevity in the field, is back today with the eleventh chapter in his series-turned-saga "GIDDY" - and pretty clearly the most ambitious one that is, also including contributions from some equally prestigious video fiends, for a timeline just short of twenty minutes in total - but rest assured you won't catch a break!

On the menu: stunts from the usual suspects - Edouard DepazValentin BauerJoseph BiaisLilian FevMarc-A BarbierRemy Taveira - but also many others (including Max Palmer, Sylvain Tognelli, Mika Germond, Dustin Dollin... Quite the universal roster!), immortalized on Parisian spots aplenty - some classic ones and some more rare nugs, all approached with a sweet creative twist. Out of many examples, one of Soy's many fountains gets reinvented (and that's despite the mysterious disappearance of the corresponding Instagram account), but really it's the whole landscape of the French capital that gets dripped into new colors here, from the most famous plazas to the most unknown street corners possible (e.g.. le Dôme's three-flat-three, or the benches at République)... All in great fun as well, just bathing in the rhythm of the daily sessions.

Chic, chic, chic!

And as a complementary bonus, we are happy to share with y'all this photo gallery, by Max Verret!


Real recognize real and, therefore, clearly remember the previous installment in the adventures of Montpellier, France-based Disquette Club collective and crew, for "DEUX FOIS CENT", definitely left a mark of its own kind on whoever somehow ran into it - online, or at the local bus stop... Well, get ready for more today as "TRUNKIL" does ease the vibe, but the youngsters still went out on some trips, and ate the consequential amount of slams just like they landed their share of tricks - and most importantly, all of that, always in the midst of some shared energy radiating from the homies; so, feel free to tune in onto their frequency in case you need a reminder, which is always welcome in these weird times!

"El Ombligo De La Luna" / PREMIERE / Daniel Peña / INTERVIEW

Daniel Peña is a longtime skater and activist from Mexico City, strong of peregrinations in zine and garment production and, since 2017, the mastermind behind Milquinientosveintiuno - or "1521" - his current point of focus, having put together a team of homies with a common interest for urban skate aesthetics and general creative processes. "EL OMBLIGO DE LA LUNA" is the brand's newest (and first official) audiovisual offering, originally introduced to LIVE by mutual connection Jesse Narvaez and now available for y'all to watch, and stare at now ever-so-foreign skies but also study the variety in architecture, approaches and styles Mexico can put on display. And of course, we also caught up with Daniel himself in order to learn more, resulting in this interview, below!


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