Jardin d'Hiver

As just as much worth of memories of a pre-apocalyptic world, Auguste Fenez's latest offering is a three-minute audiovisual postcard from Paris, honoring the tradition of the genre with an original touch via the style of filmmaking.

Word on the streets of the French capital is, he spent some time last year riding just them alongside fellow talented and motivated skater Elson Patrick (notably a Wasted representative), in order to collect this footage, then assembled by a real production team.

Another interesting glimpse of Paris and a bit more of its scene - without directly exposing yourself to the urban germs. You might end up finding yourself missing that asphalt, though...


When Dan Wolfe himself uploads "CLOSURE", the legendary full-length video recap of his filmmaking career - between 1993 and 2003, precisely - with the best clips he ever filmed for classic releases such as "EASTERN EXPOSURE" and "REAL TO REEL" paired up with a lot of never-before-seen footage, with a healthy dose of S.F. in the mix as well, in the original quality and even clickable chapters, every man's quarantine is bound to suddenly get a lot smoother!

We'll also take the opportunity to link to the man's interview by Eric Swisher of Chrome Ball Incident, from the yesteryear. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and doses of culture can only be beneficial to one's immune system!


Or where Hadrien Buhanic manages to capture the complete absence of stress involved in Ruben Spelta's skating, wether it is on his home turf of Milano Centrale or on Parisian spots that that are just perfect for his natural talent for nonchlance… We dare you to not giggle at his tailslide flip out!

Panic In Butapest

Butapest's [sic] RIOS crew has been the most reliable of go-to's when it comes to punchy skate video output for a while now, accessorily writing their own chapter of the book of European skateboarding via relentless YouTube uploads of just as brutal montages over the years, successfully putting Eastern Europe on the map of a global scene that's otherwise popular for its tunnel vision, in the process.

Activists and active for eons in a local, seemingly just as indomitable society that still holds out against the cultural invader skateboarding is perceived as, you better believe those guys' teeth are sharpened by now; although, if Bence Bálint (interviewed solstices ago on the Magenta website here) hasn't had to prove that he's one of the most crucial (and gifted) skate filmmakers of his generation for a while now, it's still always surprising how the entire crew somehow manages to surpass the quality of their past video productions with every new offering, all the while adding more to the structure of a common style - under their own form as an authentic crew.

LIVE already shared Victor Turcsik's part from their latest release: "TOLÓ 2" just a few days back, after it was broadcasted by Quartersnacks; today, it is the whole piece that we're featuring, straight from the RIOS themselves.

Twenty minutes of raw, ferocious and inventive street skateboarding essentially equates to a full-length video nowadays, and that's exactly what's in the cards here, with love from the finest street ambassadors of a Hungary they help modernize further than it looks ready to, judging from all the pedestrian reactions punctuating the edit with just as many displays of raised guard. Bence documents his local skateboarding as part of a bigger, traditional ensemble that the RIOS love to vandalize with progress, whether the local public likes it or not.

Meanwhile, they also keep weaving the most positive of networks and recently, France's national pride Mickaël Germond as well as Samu Karvonen also chose to jump into the picture - that was before the quarantine, will only fuel your desire for it to end and whatever the case might be, LIVE will extensively cover how that visit came about - real soon, and most likely before you can even recover from the impact of "TOLÓ 2"!

Pandora's Blocks

Some years after an incredible section in "ELEVENTH HOUR" by Jacob Harris ("ATLANTIC DRIFT", "VASE"...) and then some more spent on the other side of the viewfinder due to some knee troubles (which in turn eventually resulted in VX-1000 full-length opus "CONEXIONES" gracing the world, released independently with lad support from the Jersey scene: Consume StorePillo Wheel Gang and Subterranean Skateboards), today, Luka Pinto is back with a new audiovisual proposal: "PANDORA'S BOX", under the now-officialized moniker: Crew Report.

Waiting for the object in DVD form as well as the accompanying, complementary zines to drop - let alone more videos - and in order to bring some Vladimir Film Festival 2019 vibes back, Free Skate Mag just uploaded Luka's part, as though to highlight how the man himself knows no blocks when it comes to productivity, both on and off the board - all in absolute spite of an occasionally temperamental body - but the ones he literally devours, as exemplified by that last line!


LIVE's Barcelona - Sants plaza, to be dead accurate - connection Marcos Lozano Cantillo is hitting the Internet just as hard as his homies have D.I.Y.'d the heck out of the aforementioned skate spot last summer, today, with "STILL KICKIN'", a new, punch VX-1000 edit from the SNT Crew that testifies to how directly and strongly the scene has adapted to an era where the famous tables are now relegated onto the list of endangered species.

Comprising footage of Tony López, D.I.Y. savant already strong of the Bobilly project and Marcos Gómez, of Feel Skateboarding.

"DILL" / Jonathan Rentschler / INTERVIEW

Jonathan Rentschler is another name that should ring familiar to most LIVE regulars as we've shared about his photography works and even interviewed him before - around the time of the release of his "LOVE" photo book on the last days of LOVE Park in Philly. Well, today, he's up to presenting a new zine: "DILL", focused on Jason Dill as its subject but not just any Dill, or the most publicized Dill for that matter: casual Dill, with an emphasis on documenting spontaneous moments in the man's natural environments.
The opportunity was to great to miss for Benjamin, who caught up with Jon in order to learn more, and spread the word!

Trapped In The Crowd

Danish streets' twin brothers and ledge specialists Andreas and Simon Pedersen (whose former productions have also been featured on LIVE before) are back with "THREE IN THE CROWD", a new montage, very much in the style we've come to know and appreciate from the guys: calculated lines, tech effort and VX-1000 with the homies, but not at the price of subsequent sophisticated editing and overall clean looks - all for Trap Skateboards' sake, too. And to add one further dimension to the picture, the brotherhood invited fellow bench mathematician Dennis Rasmussen, whose style happens to have the perfect colors to blend in in quite the seamless manner!

Poskrobko, Pt. 2

Perfectly complementing our recent interview with Krzysztof Poskrobko - Poland-based longtime skater and cultural activist who notably dropped multiple impeccable Filharmonia VX-1000 offerings along his trail - the man's part from the latest Grey Area video: "NEVERWHERE" by Kuba Kaczmarczyk (himself interviewed here) just hit the Internets, as though your quaratined retinas could use extra stimuli already. A solid video section, a DVD still available (from Palomino, for instance) - classic street skating in its purest form!

"COUCH-VID 19" / Couch Raiders / PREMIERE

LIVE already introduced you to the Couch Raiders just the other day (via their full-length video: "CONNECTIONS") - so you might remember this crew from Poland, orchestrated by Polish filmer Booshek of Half A Brain, aka. Michał Buśko who's been living in Manchester for some years now. Despite such a move, the universal aspect of skateboarding still prevails over the arbitrary order of geography and, this time, it is in Barcelona that everyone caught up with everybody.

The resulting piece, brewed by Michał before the Big Lockdown: "COUCH-VID 19" is infectious with gritty VX-2100 vibes, and varied styles aplenty as many generations punctuate the timeline, comprising skaters from fifteen to forty-five years young.

The soundtrack is homemade, too, by Szwed Sed, big time hip-hop and rap producer in Poland and also a former skateboarder (if there's such a thing), who knows how to modulate the pace of his beats to the flow of the skater his creation is then tailor-fit for.

"It was a few months ago - before the virus - when my friends and I went on another trip to Barcelona; it's a tradition of ours to go there every year, to skate and forget about all the bad aspects of England and Poland, such as the bad weather.

Nearly everyone knows Barcelona is one of the best cities in Europe for skateboarding but, this time, we tried to explore the city in a different way than we normally do. We focused on skate spots that aren't near the city centre - we'd travel by train.

We were there for eight days and that's obviously not much time to stack a lot of clips.

We were very lucky to have our friends on board with us: Stu and Tommy, as our guides. They had been living in Barcelona for some time before the virus, so they knew more about the skate spots and places around than we did - this was a bonus for us. Stu still lives there to this day, and he's one of our connections from Manchester. We hope you're good, G!

Anyway, it was very interesting to see how many diverse age groups could participate on this trip - there were at least four generations of skateboarders present." - Michał Buśko

Stay Static

Today, it's Josh Stewart and his fellow Theories of Atlantis Illuminati's turn to help fix the world's craving for street action via the high-quality (on all terms) upload of the New Jersey section from the indie cult classic "STATIC III", featuring two legends as the state's ambassadors: Mark Wetzel (also interviewed on LIVE a few eons back regarding his segment in the Traffic video "LOOK LEFT", here) and Steve Durante.

On a side note, now's probably the best time to (re-)discover "LOOK LEFT" in full (the recommended portion for your health), here!


Pierre Bonnafé is a youngster from Montpellier, France where he most notably represents Five-O Skateshop, a longtime local institution duly refering to its activity as "independent skateboarding militancy since 1997". The last two of those pre-quarantine years, Pierre spent most week-ends of them earning a bunch of clips here and there around Montpellier, Lyon et Nice "in between classes [laughs]", and it's only once locked down that he could finally focus on cooking all said ingredients together into once recipe. Some handrail and ledge prowess in there, as well as some LIVE regulars in the list of contributing filmers, including Odran Fernandez and Bastien Regeste.


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