As we just launched Parisii, this City Of Rats part –its London counterpart in some ways– produced by historical skateshop, Slam City Skates, seems like a great watch for the evening!

Parisii, it's on!

Our second Off Size project is finally taking off! Its two directors give us on the lowdown on the whole concept… And take us aroud the XVIIth district for a first montage!

There’s no secret

A Who’s Who of who’s unknown in NYC?Let’s be frank, we have little information to push about this indy production…
Apart from the fact that if you haven’t skated all last summer in NYC, there is little chance you ever heard of anyone featured. Whish won’t stop this from being on heavy rotation this week-end (and maybe longer!), thanks to a smooth blend of really good skating, rusted spot and a certain “street cred”, as they say…
Other major fact: this video contains a frontside slappy nosegrind of great execution, which is the ultimate trick, if you ask us…


London x Palace x Umbro x Very Rare !

Meeting… Oscar Candon!

A Live exclusive, just for you: Oscar Candon’s part has been awaited for a while now!


A certain part of our community is still mourning the death of Love Park, which supposedly killed skateboarding in Philly… Bullshit.
If street skating might have gone through a down time then, and that’s to be discussed –the mere existence of Jimmy McDonald’s career proves the opposite–, skateboarding has off course lived in Philadelphia since the end of the 90’s, under many forms, even under the harsh transition loving one, via a mere local institution: FDR.

Bang bang

Bake and Destroy might not be officially out with the newest issue of Thrasher, but you have all seen it, and watched so many time the pixels are hurting. At least, for parts of it.
And at Quartersnacks, they have been doing the same, only they got that thing where they HAVE to add their grain of salt… They can’t help it! Therefore, here is the remix of all things Boss in the video, with a couple clips from the homies, sewn together with ignorant rap.

locals only!

We don’t have the scoop on if it is the new blood of Anti-Hero’s dad that broke out the ol’ camera to film this (considering the shaky feeling of the overall thing), but we can sure tell you this montage nails two points.
A) Robbie Russo is not a prodigy child anymore.

Surprise turn of event!

Since Jake Phelps looks like he has made up his mind about never giving him the Skater Of The Year title (for not being nice enough to him?), Dennis Busenitz recently focused all this energy toward a new goal: politic! Street politic, more likely, as this part dropping on Election Day seems to be the best street marketing campaign a candidate could ever dream of…
So, as the citizens of the U.S.A. are lining up to give their vote, we are guessing the two other camps must feel a bit worried about this clip.

Best & Worst: Michael Mackrodt

Beware, everybody’s favorite German skater is on his way back!

A taste of the 90’s

Josh Kalis has pontificated over this many times: Spain is one of the very few places in the world where skaters still have plazas that, accidentally, happen to be great spots, where you can spend all day skating, drinking beers, smoking joints and skating some more… For better, and sometimes worse, this type of skating used to be the norm, dictated by San Francisco’s EMB. It was the 90’s… Or it is now, but all over Spain.

No limit?



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