Ghostface (Sueded!)

So, today, May the 16th of 2013, Robert Puleo gives us an unexpected part, one he seems to have put online himself, nontetheless! We don't have no scoop on this, but maybe we should start looking into it, what do you say?

(Edit: here is the better quality version, put online by Joe Bressler, who edited it)


For those that might have not seen the full video yet, it is Matt Daniel that opens it, in the same vein and vibe the whole thing goes for: a form of street skating that can not get old, as it is timless in its whole approach. So, we've said it before and we'll say it again: get the goddamn DVD!

Dr Street

Let's say that with that kind of casting, you cannot really go wrong, but let's note the slow metamorphosis of Mike Anderson into Jason Jessee, and mainly the return to fine form of Doctor Z, or Mister Bassett, who seems to go through a second youth since his switch to Expedition One and Converse! That kickflip, now, come on! Dare we say it has something "Cardielesque"!?


We introduced you to the Toronto based Street Feet crew, and their themed productions, via Equinox. This was their latest idea: visit their city, in constant remodeling, to make the best out of it.

Enrique, still here!

Enique Lorenzo, we might forget sometimes, is one of the finest specimen of that Spanish generation, tech but dealing with all terrain, that gave so much to the world of skateboarding, from the Fernandez brothers to Dany Lebron. And he, like the others, doesn't seem to slow down, either. Proof that finesse might age better than stunting, well, in most cases.

Coping life

Vincent Coupeau had done a photo galerie of it exclusively for Live, and here is the video recap of it by Boris Proust! The bowl is only supposed to last the time of This Is (not) Music, so go test it out soon

A slight delay…

Wait, did we manage to miss out on this Sammy Montano guy? If you did also, enjoy: you know they got good taste at SML Wheels!

Meeting… Danijel Stankovic!

Live Skateboard Media premiered his Grey Area part… Enjoy what he had to say about it.

Slow burning!

Let's say it: Cosmit Vomit 2 keeps on killing it, part after part, and who's going to complain about it? Blake Carpenter is not only "ripping", but also does so with class, and a switch game that could make many green with envy!


When the Antizians get out the house, you know shredding is on, weither it'll be at the end of street, or on the other side of the world. So, follow them to Morocco, and be sure they deliver!

On that 90's tip!

To announce his arrival at the WeSC camp, Jordan Trahan opts for the 90's revival, but pushes it a bit further than most these days, with the soundtrack for this excellent part full of great things skateboarding wise, for which he avoids the "hip-hop from when it used to be good" route to embrace a more refined "FTC golden era" and a 70's selection… Great stuff, we tell you!

Sacred grounds

As the fate of Southbank –the London heart located spot that even the older amongst us have always seen skated– is still uncertain, the locals have been rallying to explain the decision takers what this type of place can represent to the people skating it, and also to all the others.


Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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