Le Gino, le remix!

They sureley were not the first to come up with the idea, at Brick Harbor, but at least they had access to the best image quality possible … Here, one minute and a half of Gino, and hours of dicussions possible on your favourite forum!

Lawis power

Skateboarding in Paris is way richer than just Parisii, and Hadrien Buhanic keeps on holding it down for the Bloby's Nation… Good stuff.

Charles' tip: David Langston

My buddy Charles likes skaters with finesse and technical abilities, without having strict rules about what is "good" or "bad" in skateboarding… Basically, he always has a good advice!

“This David Langston Texas citizen is unheard of, isn’t he? This should change quickly, with those switch late shove-it and his fs 360’s (are those going to be new cool 360 to do this year?). The fs flip at 3’06 is quite amazing, also.”

The Philly Way

What to say, what to say? Mark Suciu puts out another part –this time for Adidas– once again amazing by its level… And as pretty much each time, with a theme. Here, it is Philadelphia and Love Park that almost steal the show. Well, not really, as each and every one spot, famous or not, get tamed, at minimum. A beautiful ode to a city with a rich skateboard history, by Mark Suciu. What else would you need today?


West Coast, baby!

DGK keeps on sharing its "throw-away", and the term is not fitting at all, if you ponder the general level of it all! Real street skating, and when Josh Kalis skates San Francisco, life seems just right, doesn't it?

Woot, woot!!!

Charles had warned you about a month ago, but this is some serious wake up call / slap in the face! This guy skates it all, and doesn’t believe in half-assing, or so it seems… He’s good and angry! This Cosmic Vomit 2 video seems like a necessary investment to us…


Anton Myhrvold is on the non off-putting side of tech skating: sliding far ad fast before and after flipping his board! That’s always nice, and under the Tenerife sun, it even gives us hope that spring might actually happen one day. Thanks to Small Wheels just for that!

Opal Coast

Ahh, Dunkrik, its smooth sand beaches, its marble spots, its… Wait, no, the place is definitely not a famed skate destination in France. Which hasn’t stopped Jeremy Garcia and his buddies to have a good time there, or so it looks! Plus, anything that keeps him away from being mean in his webzine is a good thing. Just kidding, check out PN Zine!


You should have seen that nice edit staring the always smart Kyle Leeper, but might have missed out on the “Powell Magic” comment that some old skater might have made, while watching the video with you… It’s a noble thing to do, spending time with your elders!

Tunnel Vision

Many good things, here, as expected, since San Jose keeps offering the world amazing skateboarders year after year (all quite different, noticeably!), and yes, Suciu steals the show once again with a few tricks defying logic (how many hours of footage has he put out since January?), but let’s note the young Bandon Nguyen –in one SF line and one spot attacked the other way around– change the “stuntman” general perception that has been attached to him…

Heading North!

Actually, let's keep it cold and moisty, by heading to London to check out on the Palace heads and all the usual suspects!

Heading South!

Ahhh, let's get out of this winter, and head over to Italy! Monday night is italian hip-hop night, thanks to Luca Doneddu!


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