Bordeaux Exposure

Premiering yesterday exclusively on Live Skateboard Media, the latest production from Julien Januszkiewicz is a nice visit through Bordeaux!

Bordeaux Exposure (and Julien Januszkiewicz) 5 W’s!

Live Skateboard Media is proposing you another exclusive, with the online launch — tomorrow, Tuesday — of a video centered around Bordeaux, and a great portion of its locals. Until then, here are a few questions with its creator, explaining the project.

Marc Suciu is raw!

Hahahahaha… Ha… Good god!



Thanks to the Sabotage crew, we learned today that:
-a) On the spot, who has the largest body, priority will have.
-b) When a private corporation will anti-skate your spot, an online petition you will organize in order to lobby the local council… Oh, wait, nope. They don’t do it like that.

Galerie: Kanga Liu

An exclusive slide show, in the heart of Panic In Gotham, the latest Magenta production. Photographs by Kanga Liu, captioned by Léo Valls.

I've got the power!

Let’s be frank, there isn’t much going on online today, so if you are really striving for some motivation boost, why not enjoy those “Throwaway” from Michael Mackrodt, from this video, now cut as a single part? That should do! It’s all there: speed, versatility, total absence of non-motivation and amplitude whenever necessary, IE all that made Michi into everybody’s favorite skateboarder!

Aptly named

Jahir Carbaho, or “Oscar”, could be another young ripper, capable of tackling about every urban landscape, but a little something makes a difference, in his case, at least for us: he does use his trucks for they were originally designed for –turning– and isn’t afraid to swerve a little in the middle of a line. In times where “perfection” often rhymes with straight lines, we dig’!


Made in the garage

As many are discussing the Jenkem article about independent brands and their importance, this Scumco & Sons production drops at a perfect time! This company based in Pennsylvania is an excellent example of creativity and “made home”, far from Chinese factories, and their team is a direct extension of that school of thinking.

The Barefoot Contessa

Let’s salute every single trick displayed here, for what it is worth, including the now famous backside noseblunt, but the real “hammer” here is discussing aboriginal culture while wearing a hat celebrating… Eazy E! Kieran Reily demonstrate here that, from on side of this planet to the other, we are jut ONE.

Charles' tip: Will Baigent

My buddy Charles likes skaters with finesse and technical abilities, without having strict rules about what is "good" or "bad" in skateboarding… Basically, he always has a good advice!

"Another "street independantist" part! It's in the streets, and they are busy with pedestrians and cars and I dig the fs smith bs 180 out in the middle of the ledge!" A Street Feet production, a Toronto collective, if you want to know…

the daily unknown

What to tell you about George Simmonds? We don’t know him. So, yes, he has a good style, and good ideas on his board… That’s already quite something. Oh, yeah, he comes from Tasmania, that island that tries to escape the Australian continent. So, he literally is from the other side of the world. Now that’s something to ponder!

Meeting… Vivien Feil!

To celebrate the Panic In Gotham video, a little discussion about skating after Hurricane Sandy, parenting responsibilities, the interest of meeting foreign skateboarders and the future of Magenta skateboards.


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