Slapped and screwed

We were waiting for this remix, and quite aware that it should be sick, but let’s say that Ishod Wair just cemented his status of modern times street skater, able of about everything, whatever the rolling surface might be… Add a knack for unexpected lines at Love Park, and what you say? We say, we want it! Keep in mind Mark Suciu has a part in Sabotage 3


China nights

So, if your company offers you a position in China, consider it soundly: this could be your expat life over there! Spots, spots, spots, and buddies to skate them with… Not bad, not bad at all!

Best & Worst: Scott Bourne

He is finally publishing his first novel these days, and here is his very first interview on the subject…

Grey days…

Just for the perfectly applied to its environment swith no-comply line, we would back Dom Henry, but he's got way more to offer! This welcome part to The Harmony shows once again what kind of talents the U.K scene keeps breeding. And we'll also tip our hat to the switch lipslide on that bricks banked ledge thing!


Sunny road

One could argue that this isn't much more than a look-book in motion, but in two frontside flips, David Clark and Jake Donnelly will have you stoked. Plus seeing skateboarding showcased in a different format than "part full of tricks" is always nice. Also, all of us stuck in winter can only daydream at future roadtrips while looking at this…

a public service announcement

Some of you might have missed those 45 secondes, by lack of interest for tech skating or pure lazyness, and that would be shame: simply ask yourself which skater could skate the diversity of spots shown here and do it with such control? Your list should be rather short. Really short…

Richard Gilligan, 5 W's!

Keeping things DIY with talented Irish photographer Richard Gilligan's book on the subject!

Charles' tip: Paul Regan

My buddy Charles likes skaters with finesse and technical abilities, without having strict rules about what is "good" or "bad" in skateboarding… Basically, he always has a good advice!

Meeting… Romain Covolan!

Somewhere deep in Paris suburbs lies a concrete garden representing "Oregon spirit", somehow, and Romain is its ambassador!

15 years on the road…

We told you about the Chet Childress exhibitions, this past November, celebrating Cliché's 15th birthday… Here is the video from the road trip that ensued, from Lyon to Barcelona, with a good chunk of the team, and many friends tagging along for the sesh. In one word, Cliché at its best: in the van, on the road.

Audio / Andrew Pommier

A music selection from one of our favorite illustrators, just for Live and your ears, all thought out for snowed out times!

Le Jake!

Going home for the holidays is the same thing for Jake Donnelly as it is for you: visiting the family, and skating a couple old spots with the childhood buddies… Well, almost the same thing!


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