Parisii XII, part 2!

The XIIth had been the second arrondissement to get explored Parisii style… But looks like the neighborhood is laced with spots, as –surprise!– a second part just dropped! Looks like Paris is shaking these days. Another Live exclusive production, featuring Mathias Labelle, Steve Mallet, Rémy Taveira, Martin Keller, Kevin Rodrigues and many more!

Meeting… Hugo Liard!

He still needed a pontoon to accost… Never an easy task when you’re cruising a galleon in 2013! An interview about the first 10 years of Antiz!

Converse in Paris

Paris, we all know it sucks for skating… Oh, wait! Proof of the contrary with this sick edit of the French Converse team, done to compliment a special issue of À Propos magazine ! Good stuff!

That's it!

If you've never felt at home on large concrete transitions, this Tom Remillard montage might be the best flight simulator you'll find on the market these days!

Friends always!

This is an ad, but an ad by good people doing even greater things, so here it is… And that spot is just incredible! Learn more about Savate Skate Socks here!


It is official; Toulouse is the capitol of French skateboarding… With a local son of the caliber of Lucas Puig, they had some good base, but let’s list all the other pluses of the local scene:

Moon light

And the night has come on San Francisco… While the sun has stopped setting on Paris.

The modern road

“Let’s take the team and hit the road…” Everybody does it, on a daily basis, almost. The results varying greatly, at least footage wise. Atlas is a skateshop from SF area with a team of heavy hitters –Mark Suciu leading the charge– but this montage raises the bar quite high, whether you’re into stunts or well-crafted lines… Only good stuff, here, really good stuff!


This Mike Long guy might be a total unknown to us, but he's got a great style, and uses a simpler approach with power and a good eye for lines! Nice pick, OJ Wheels!


Smooth operator…

Mister Victor Garibay attacks spots, literally… Brixton mfg could only recognize his dedication!

My skateshop rules!

Shop videos are always a good thing, as they get the scene together, and motivate all toward a common goal. And when the skateshop is one of the caliber of Pitcrew, the Washington DC one, it can only be great!

Morning glory

This trailer for "Rock'n'Roll", an indy video aiming soon from San Francisco, could easily the best thing to happen to you on a sunday morning… The soundtrack might have a lot to do with this fact.



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