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What to say about James Pitonyak? He's from New-Jersey, far from shabby at that skateboarding thing, but it really is his use of that rather quirky spot –made out of a non straight flat bar and brick banks– that make him stand up… A lot. You got to have the idea, then process to make it happen!

Crowd control

If Jason Carroll seems way more relaxed on big and rough spots, he is also capable to skate one of the busiest plaza in NYC during what seems like a sunny sunday… Jedi trick, right there!

Lyon, da Bist-Side!

10 minutes and 52 seconds of bonus from the Lyon Megamix crew! Mo'Mirtain, mo' flow!


Today, the Forrest Edwards part that has been the street talking for a while, went online…

Best & Worst: Palace in L.A.

It’s been a long time coming, since that Niggaz Wit Altitude trailer… Well, six months to be exact. Palace skateboards is not about stuffing you with a daily dose of what’s lying around, but more about showing you what you need to see.

Simple efficiency

We discussed Josh Pall a couple months ago, and this short clip is "just" a 2.0 version of the footage seen then, but this just shows how you do "simple" and get people excited about it. Josh barely flips his board around here, but it's all power as much as finesse. Well, we like!


Suciu is mo' better then you!

It is that kind of clip, that looks like a week-end of buddy cam hastily put together, that reveals the "real" level of a skater… Mark Suciu is the future.

Megamix, is now live!

The most LOL video out of France this year is now online! Get ready for your dose of Lucas Puig, Flo Mirtain, Joseph Biais, Oscar Candon, Hugo Maillard and many more!

10 years of Antiz!

Yep, ten years on the road, and on our streets!


If Parisii happened in North-West of U.K, it would look something like this…

Parisii XII

Second arrondissement to get explored Parisii style: the XIIth… And it is a busy one, trust us! Another Live exclusive production, featuring Mathias Labelle, Steve Mallet, Guillaume Caraccioli, Jon Monier, Kevin Rodrigues and more!

Back to the basics

Memory of the ritual NYC summer trip, this clip reassures on the fact that Kyle Leeper is still so debonair on his board, but most importantly proves that young Tony Kaar does have a little something that reminds us of the A Visual Sound era Matt Rodriguez: all terrain, tech when needed, and always surprising even if that means nosegrinding some bushes!


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