O sole mio!

Taylor Nawrocki might be aiming from the Cincinnati scene, he seems to have develop a fondness for Italy, to the point of filming two parts over there in one year! We won’t complain as he comes back with rarely seen spots, or an interesting take on the rinsed ones.
Plus a guy that can make skating in a circle exciting should be on your radar…

Daewon, c'est plus fort que toi!

Mais c'est surtout le gars qui s'amuse le plus!

Mixing it up!

Julio Sola has been documenting French skateboarding for a little while now, first from his native Perpignan (on which he realized a Scene feature for us), and from Paris and beyond nowadays.
Here is a little mixtape of sort he just put online, where he accommodates to a Sea Punk salsa a selection of the coolest tricks and lines he has captured recently. Great skating, great casting, and just for Oscar Candon’s line, this should get your Walkman all wound up!

Long legs

Worship Friendship, the indy project from Arizona or around there, keeps on sharing great parts on the net, but this one adds up many levels of awesome… That young man Preston Harper is on Send Help, Todd Bratrud’s company, which already counts for something, but he also got the knack to surprise the watcher!

Back to the roots

Not sure too many of us are that up to date on what is happening in Boston? We can quickly say that Jahmal Williams is the local hero that now resides in NYC, that the city gave us silent assassins like Joey Pepper or PJ Ladd, and that Kevin Coakley is the most recent “up-and-comer” to rise from there…
The Grayscale video seems to be here to help our ignorance, and if this first part to go online represents the whole vibe of it, it seems that a certain “Late 90’s style” is still alive and kicking in Massachusetts. Which is not necessarily a bad thing!

A day in Toulouse

Support Your Local from Etnies is back, with an exclusive video from a weekend in Toulouse!

Focus / Olivier "Tavu" Ente

Our third Focus is finally out, and you were right to be patient: it’s a good one!

Off Road

Let’s go for a bit of fresh air, today, thanks to the always-delivering Vic’s Market bunch, the only crew that can deliver amazing clips about literally anything…
Proof here, with a minute thirty of happiness, thanks to a Dirt Board, the best worst idea of the late 80’s. Are they actually even legal?
They could care less, and put it to the best use!

Paris x 1000 !

Today is a great day, as Vincent Touzery is giving a part, to celebrate his arrival in Nozbone skateshop’s team! The young man has been the word on the town for a couple years, now, and his coming up with his Bloby’s crew of Parisian sons… You might also have spotted him in a couple Slap approved clips from his recent visit to San Francisco, but this is a first time he gives us a full demonstration of his talents, and we can only approve!

Audio / Brian Lotti

A music selection just for Live and your ears, and a soundtrack to all your creative activities!

Grey can be good!

As the whole world is getting high off Pretty Sweet fumes for the next days, this could be a going down watch, afterward, to get back to reality…


To respond to a predictable backlash to this post, coming from the “skateboarding should ONLY be done like this!” crowd, let’s quickly list why we like Willow!


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