Focus / Olivier "Tavu" Ente

Our third Focus is finally out, and you were right to be patient: it’s a good one!

Off Road

Let’s go for a bit of fresh air, today, thanks to the always-delivering Vic’s Market bunch, the only crew that can deliver amazing clips about literally anything…
Proof here, with a minute thirty of happiness, thanks to a Dirt Board, the best worst idea of the late 80’s. Are they actually even legal?
They could care less, and put it to the best use!

Paris x 1000 !

Today is a great day, as Vincent Touzery is giving a part, to celebrate his arrival in Nozbone skateshop’s team! The young man has been the word on the town for a couple years, now, and his coming up with his Bloby’s crew of Parisian sons… You might also have spotted him in a couple Slap approved clips from his recent visit to San Francisco, but this is a first time he gives us a full demonstration of his talents, and we can only approve!

Audio / Brian Lotti

A music selection just for Live and your ears, and a soundtrack to all your creative activities!

Grey can be good!

As the whole world is getting high off Pretty Sweet fumes for the next days, this could be a going down watch, afterward, to get back to reality…


To respond to a predictable backlash to this post, coming from the “skateboarding should ONLY be done like this!” crowd, let’s quickly list why we like Willow!

Top Dog!

You might not be a German skateboarding specialist, and we are not either, but Danny “Top Dog” Sommerfeld is amongst those names that always come back, and rightfully so. Powerful, yet smooth, he can "jump", that’s for sure, and with the best of them, as the final fakie flip demonstrates. But this is not where he gets most points, at least from us…

Jo Peters 5 W’s

Jo Peters speaks, and that’s rare enough, but he also got a gift for you: a few lines to celebrate his new independent project. A Live exclusive!

Best & Worst: Kenny Anderson

Sitting down with Chocolate’s gentleman to discuss Pretty Sweet and more.


As we just launched Parisii, this City Of Rats part –its London counterpart in some ways– produced by historical skateshop, Slam City Skates, seems like a great watch for the evening!

Parisii, it's on!

Our second Off Size project is finally taking off! Its two directors give us on the lowdown on the whole concept… And take us aroud the XVIIth district for a first montage!

There’s no secret

A Who’s Who of who’s unknown in NYC?Let’s be frank, we have little information to push about this indy production…
Apart from the fact that if you haven’t skated all last summer in NYC, there is little chance you ever heard of anyone featured. Whish won’t stop this from being on heavy rotation this week-end (and maybe longer!), thanks to a smooth blend of really good skating, rusted spot and a certain “street cred”, as they say…
Other major fact: this video contains a frontside slappy nosegrind of great execution, which is the ultimate trick, if you ask us…


Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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