When it comes down to raw skating, Soulland knows what's up! So, typhoon or not, you know those Japanese streets are not safe in any way, and especially not from the raw tech those guys are capable of… Pools, ledges, crappy wooden ramps, it's all good!

Leo in L.A.

Just a few days after the online release of his third edit for Free Travel, VX-1000 die-hard - who no longer needs an introduction as we've already featured him this many times - Chris Thiessen is announcing a new series of web clips of his, produced by TransWorld and dubbed "Left Tapes". The concept is the documentation of street skating around L.A., and this first episode brings in a sound and fury of quite the smooth type, actually, with a timeline shared between a cruising-as-usual Leo Valls, a powerful-as-usual Alex Schmidt and music that actually, well, works.

Young Tech

Hélas keeps on releasing parts form the many talents featured in Fellas, and this time, you are in for a ledge course "en Español" with a young man already in power even when spinning around, with a quick featuring from two of the pioneers of that whole style, Lil' Jesus and Javier Da God. This is coming from the disc two of "Fellas", now available in DVD form for free with any order from their website, here.

Nightmare Rowe

LIVE has been sharing the doings of a very prolific Bust Crew in terms of video production in fine taste, and quite notably of Jon Rowe, whose video parts keep dropping throughout the years and dotting our news feed in the process, for years now. Well at the dusk of two thousand nineteen, things look like they aren't stopping anytime soon as the newest fruit of their efforts just dropped: "NIGHTMAREVAN" is one more addition to their catalog of crispy VX-1000 pieces. The sections can be streamed on YouTube, the DVD can be found here and this article only attests that yes, Jon Rowe is still Jon Rowe, the same who supposedly turned down a pro model on Politic just to keep doing his thing real - maybe an especially commandable approach, these days.

VX is so Nice

Rémi Luciani really won't catch a breath as, in the continuity of his former productions and, in this case, especially of "NTSC", he's just now dropping the second episode in the aforementioned series of his, consisting in the documentation of the skate scenes in South-East France. Well, according to his report, the aesthetics of which almost resemble a Listen video (the real will know), it's pure sunshine every day over there, and spots galore: just the right recipe to breed talented locals, caught on video by a filmer too focused to film front anywhere else but the front, ever get mediocre colors, or share his precious export settings.

Lucas alert!

Any new footage from Toulouse, France-homegrown Lucas Puig usually needs no extra commentary; the tradition again applies with this new video part of his, although we will dare mention that it's excerpted from disc two of the new Hélas full-length video "Fellas", available in DVD form for free with any order from their website, here. The whole first disc can already be streamed here, whilst the rest of the contents on the second one is bound to forever remain mysterious... Or is it?

Honest bouffe

Passionate filmer still infatuated with the VX-1000 from the suburbs of London James "D.J." Davidson (already the author of "Shmara" and "Lost") is back with one more hard-hitting edit - filmed over the span of a five-day trip to Paris - and, per usual, many a story to tell. This time, his problem on the trip had less to do with the absence of fresh socks than with the one of functional camera viewfinders; meaning that, deprived of any visual control over the settings and footage whilst filming, D.J. had to document everything blind, in addition to learning to function in a world temporarily devoid of visible menus. That technical hiccup in mind, the quality and colors he eventually managed to come up with are especially incredible, as all D.J. had to trust the whole time was his own practical knowledge of the camera; eventually dropping "Boof", an edit with, ironically, not one rough bit in sight.

His homie Dino Torres was aboard the party boat too, and also documented the trip in a completely different style, all in H.D. and in the vein of the style William Strobeck has been popularizing over the past few years with the Supreme videos. His edit of the same week, entitled "Honest Work", can be peeped here; the opportunity to compare both approaches is rarely that accessible!


LIVE has brought them up on quite a few occasions beforeDeep Dish is the Chicago-based collective with a knack for independent production, be it in paper or video form. Today, they are back (although they really never left) with "Seven" - not the remake of the David Fincher movie one would understandably expect, but the seventh installment in their video series, which makes at least just as much sense. Given that Mark Dunning, guilty of the video editing tasks as usual, recently had to relocate to the East Coast due to work, the local Jon Schmoldt is the one who came through with stacking most of the Loop tapes - and that was all in between knee injuries. Eventually, the process took a whole pair of years, the final product came out just in time for the seventh anniversary of the first Deep Dish video and zine, Brett Weinstein, CJ Kelly and the always surprising, never-not-playful Steffen Watts earned themselves full sections, Sean Cullen got his revenge and the most gourmet gourmandizers of you might even catch a taste of Hopps in the recipe, as it turns out Jahmal Williams and Dustin Eggeling both did just that - hopped... - on the party.

One man's trash...

... is another man's treasure, or empty canvas, or whatever it is a certain saying implies. Anyway, here, the context is Philadelphia via the appropriately-named local company: Municipal, which just so happens to involve quite the handful of interesting skate profiles in its productions; here, we're talking - amongst others - Matt Militano, Dylan Pearce, Sean Spellissy and Ricky Geiger, all seemingly on recycling duty seeing as literal trash is most everything everybody skates in this new three-minute clip, highlighting the omnipresent problem Philadelphia has with littering. It tends to make one ponder the potential difficulty of being both a skateboarder and a germaphobe, and is a montage by Carson Reuther.

Unknown Artist - Track 04

The fourth installment in "Untitled", Chris Mulhern's series of web clips for Alien Workshop, just came out via TransWorld and consists in ten minutes of skateboarding in and around Philadelphia with notably a full part for Yaje Popson, creatives lines by Mark Del Negro, swift ledge moves from Kevin Liedtke, and more stylish eccentricities authored by Kris Brown and Joey O'Brien. Optimal spot utilization, original maneuvers galore and the type of style that can't be sold!

All expenses paid

Although information is simultaneously overwhelmingly plentiful and lost in a scroll nowadays, for your own good, try and remember: Chris Thiessen is one of the heads behind the Threads Idea Vacuum think tank, and also responsible for the last TransWorld Sony VX-1000 full-lengths ("Riddles In Mathematics" being the curtains of what has been a saga; at the time, LIVE actually interviewed Chris about the making of such a production, here!).

Throughout the past few months, we've been introducing you to his new adventure: Free Travel, a clothing brand strong of colorful designs and not just one, but two video offerings already. Needless to specify, despite such business, Chris hasn't been leaving his trustworthy VX behind - at all - and is now adding a third installment to that series, after a few months of always better fine-tuning his fisheye dexterity around the company of the appropriately-named Matt Town and Mike Bloodsworth, this time - but also of Matt Field, who is seemingly set on never slowing down and earns himself a guest clip, because he can.

But the skateboarder Chris really wanted to highlight here is a new recruit: Josh Wilhite from Memphis who, according to him, turned out to be a delight to document as he's interested in spots of all types and forms, ensuring a fresh take on the streets of L.A. and its surroundings. We'll leave that up to your appreciation, now!

The chosen one alert!

As though to better make autumn rhyme with Jake Johnson, Converse is just dropping this new montage comprising clips aplenty of the man LIVE has chosen to refer to as "the chosen one" since the Big Bang, at the very least. We would like to invite the skeptical to revisit J.J.'s section in the Alien Workshop video "Mindfield" and the converted, his legendary part in the Chapman video "Short Ends". That one re-edit of his GX 1000 footage is worth its weight in gold as well and although, recently, his presence had been a bit more scarce (although always remarkable), the wind seems to be changing directions. Just over the past few days, it's been made obvious again Jake is out skating with his friends every day, and the footage naturally ends up in edits such as this one, or college frat videos; and that's when he isn't busy missing his train stop, only to end up filming a full part with the local kids for their video... A true legend, we been sayin'!


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