Steve Forstner

Shopping in Berlin

It is quite hard to leave Berlin, isn't it!? Search and Destroy has been the city staple/skateshop for a while, must have the very best name possible, and also invite local legend Sami Harithi in their edit, which is quite the list for a place selling rolling planks, don't you think?

Rip it

It is now official, Ashes, Steve Forstner griptape is ON! And they all definitely grip it to rip it, all of them, but could it be that Muki Rustig stole the show in one trick? Or even stranger, is Live a secret Rustig fan society of sorts?

Meeting… Hugo Liard!

He still needed a pontoon to accost… Never an easy task when you’re cruising a galleon in 2013! An interview about the first 10 years of Antiz!

10 years of Antiz!

Yep, ten years on the road, and on our streets!

Jo Peters 5 W’s

Jo Peters speaks, and that’s rare enough, but he also got a gift for you: a few lines to celebrate his new independent project. A Live exclusive!

Live Skateboard MediaLive Skateboard Media

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