Gypsylife / soundtrack / premiere

Definitely a premiere for us, as this time, it's about music, to celebrate Record Store Day with Busy P and Cliché!

Follow the leader!

We were discussing it with him recently, and Maxime has put on a fight for that part, and you can tell! A modern take on street skating that is about to turn into a classic: there, we said it. Also the occasion to recall the genius of Eric B & Rakim!

Meeting… Maxime Geronzi!

As everybody is still in shock from his Excuse My French part, Gypsylife is about to put him back under the spotlight!

Monsieur pop…

Rumors were abounding, opinions were legions, and confronted on internet, but this time, it's official: by including the "ollie over a large size car" in a downhill line, it is Brandon Westgate that tackles the title… And seize the opportunity to switch sponsors, in the meantime!

Spring cleaning

Romain Batard empties his hard drive, and gives us a few magic moments by our champion: Hugo Maillard… Merci, Romain!

The Business District / Premiere

Coming from Milan, this project is another one of a kind, courtesy of Gianluca Miotto and Chef Family… A new area of the city, and a few stipulations: get ready for a good time!


Raw Hockey!

The surprise attack seemingly being the preferred technique at the FA Sk8 Fucks camp, this promo for their sister brand, Hockey, drops with no fanfare, and uses the same aesthetic in its form: no music, no animation, just powerful skateboarding, certainly shining even more that way. Why stage it when actions speak that loud? One would think of Piscopo lines, here…

Color Fools / Yellow Fool / Stéphane Zanette

Color Fools keeps on unfolding, with a second part that could seem tricky, at first: yellow! That would be unless the Yellow Fool is Stéphane Zanette, as he's the kind of guy with always a new spot up his sleeve! Julien Paccard, the film maker had this to say about his Fool: "Stéphane is 40, lives in Barcelona where he is teaching math, and skates more than anyone I know. We met about seven years ago, in Annecy, where I was doing University. We skated a lot together, with a similar look at it. Now, he is a good friend whom I travel with on the regular, and with equal contentment each time. He is behind the SkhateYou site, which will tell you a lot about the guy…"

Color Fools, 5 W's!

While waiting for the premiere tomorrow in Annecy, and for the first part to drop online on Monday, Julien Paccard tells us more about his quite unique project…

Parisii XVIII

Second to most populated arrondissement of the city, the XVIIIth is a fascinating cocktail, in between highly touristic spots and a social and cultural diversity that surely ranked it quite high amongst the infamous "no go zones" of Fox News… All this actually makes for one of the most representative areas of Paris, for all its contradictions and its richness. Plus, this arrondissement is built on hills, which can only add to it all!
When it comes to Parisii, the XVIIIth is also a mix of sorts, as Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon have decided to invite the new generation along, including its filmers. Expect to see new faces, on spots rarely seen, but all still cooked à la Parisii!
You can follow all Parisii, since the beginning, here.

Bang, bang!

Just to watch Sammy Bacca on that "flip out shit" mode!


The interesting thing about Matt Berger is that even when gets mad tech, one can still feel the same authority he has on his biggest tricks…


Wait to pass announcement...