Hjalte alert!

The genius minds at Quartersnacks gets on the King of all Shoves for a remix of his last year footage, and we're not going to complain, as we keep announcing 2017 as the return of Street Tech TM.

Next stop…

Last summer, the Dutch heads of Skatestore took the road, well, a bunch of trains actually: a great classic of your Europe touring with the homies, and the result is fairly close to what your experience would be… This first episode is a nice surprise, full of good skating, good vibes, while staying away from the lifestyle clichés. A nice dose of past summers and the ones to come!

Clubbing TV

Your favorite Canadians on the dance floor are back, popping and locking that raw raw street stuff, in their 100% acrílico uniform. Good trending, but just good good stuff we tell ya!

For once not Charles' tip: Pat Gallaher!

Yes, he's back! This time clocking quite the NYC time, but still rocking that discreet charm that makes you think of a young math teacher just getting started, that would still allow himself to rip on a skateboard at the week-end… Another great part to his belt, from the recent Insano!

Interview / Guy Mariano

Even in an era many seem prone to associate with notoriously short attention spans, you'd still be hard pressed to run into a skateboarder unaware of Guy Mariano's legacy…

Off Broadway…

Adidas in NYC, you know if it going to be good, especially considering the caliber of the new ams joining in, but Rodrigo… Goddam', Rodrigo!!!

Tha God!

You really believe that you could get a "Tha God" nickname easily, during the most critical era of skateboarding? Well, nope… And the 42 years of age of mister Taylor do not seem to slow him down in his smoothness!


Let's go for a little transition hunting,today, for a change of pace! And a little fresh air, thanks to an original edit by Philip Evans, and an ode to "the line", the tranny skater Graal… And who's better to illustrate that quest, than the rather experienced John Magnusson?

Giddy #1 / PREMIERE

You may remember Romain Batard from the Frame by Frame full-length, or his multiple collaborations with LIVE, like his rather innovating Hors Champ, or his recent collaboration with Alexis Jamet… Well, he is back behind th


This is the best documentary ever done on skateboarding, or even better on the individuals that practice it… No product placement, no brand to push, just four stories, way closer to your than you might think. Finally viewable onine, and a MUST-WATCH! A great work by Flo Schneider

DIY DIG / Beaulieu

No need to think that long about it before stating –without fearing getting denied by anyone– that the DIY phenomenon might be the embodiment of skateboarding spirit (if there is one), in the sense that "making do with what you got" is the reality we all deal with, no matter where we happen to be on this planet. In order to get you exposed to it our very own way, we picked up two completely different projects in their history and form, to tell you about it, but also inspire. Thanks to the kind support of Vans, we managed to help each spot to grow a little, and the locals hands to get even dirtier… Not that they really need an extra push… This first episode is taking us to Beaulieu, a quiet corner of South of France, where an abandoned lot has been messed with since 1998, in good harmony with local authorities, and has had time to become a rallying point for all perfectly unperfected transitions lovers. Here is a new chapter of their adventure…

Bronze Age

A visit of Paris and Berlin by the Bronze crew, a new compilation of historical referencies for the nerds in us, and a perfect featuring –as always– from that Juan guy… Just about perfect.


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