Wade alert!

The always #veryrare Canadian and king of #smoothtech shows here in NYC, with quite the crew, also!

Bang, bang!

Now, take that! We all knew Walker Ryan was the talented kind, but his part in Sabotage 4 is the sweet mix of that can skateboarding exciting when done by someone else than yourself! Classic spots, even rinced ones, impossibly rugged ones, explosive technique and a capacity to produce lines that consists of more than two tricks in a raw, including one on flat… If you don't get the spark after watching this, you might consider taking a break!

Web traffic…

Damn, great news flash: Traffic announcing a new video, and knowing the brand has been adding great younglings recently to the still kicking elders, we can only wait anxiously!

Flaco loco!

We would have known for a bit, and his recent appearances in the GX1000 edits had only confirmed it, but Stevie Perez truly is in direct lineage from the Chocolate first generation, in his L.A. lost alleyways raw  street, and well applied tech…

Doggie stylie?

And, here's your dose of red bricks beautifully turned green by moss and time… Always a good start for your day, especially when it displays one Kyron Davis at home and at his best, like with that 2' 15" line, or that other one at 2' 38". Once again Grey proves its good taste, notably with what might be the best use of "spontaneous street singing" since the Virtual Reality credits.

Jersey alert!

New remix of footage from Pillo Wheels' Connexiones, and a rather healthy dose of all things that makes the Jersey heads great… And a very last trick by Luka Pinto that is all finesse!

168 H Berlin

Now, here's a perfect follow-up to our very two last posts, with this Berlin edit of the German Cons dudes that manages to mix a chunck of the TPDG dudes, with the totality of the Place magazine staff… Not bad, not bad! Plus top this all with a charging Sommerfeld!

Tjark alert!

This edit of the Adidas German team offers us –on top of catching up with some of the TPDG riders recently featured here– an occasion to witness the always enjoyable skill of Tjark Thielker to come up with The trick on spots that more than often don't seem to offer much!

Fresh air!

The city, the always buzzing streets, the endless energy of the great centrifuge… Sometimes, you do need to get out. This is exactly what the Cleptomanicx heads had in mind, before going to explore Lennie Burmeister's "countryside" away from their usual Hamburg. And they did find spots, they were rather good spots!


There had to be one good news this morning! This part was concluding Static 4 before announcing chapter 5, with a bang… As Quim Cardona is never the kind to pass unnoticed, and for the good reasons: infectious good mood, quasi-ninjaesque abilities, an eye for as spontaneous as creative lines, plus and mainly, mainly an incarnation of what one could call "East Coast Style", one that is actually just is. Quim be Quim.

Sour Promo 2016

Gustav. Erik. Simon. Now you know.

Heavy weight!

Eric Alvarez keeps on being some sort of antidote to the what one could call the "Cherry style" as in the hairless ephebe… And no-one will complain to him about it!


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