La Pause Café

A perfect mood for an October Sunday, but mainly some smooth tech galore in Paris, in between tourists with good taste, the always on point Karl Salah as the local, and a great surpise with Stephen Khou! Yep, this one is "100" as they say in the streets…

Bordeaux Exposure 2

You most likely remember  Bordeaux Exposure, that came out as a LIVE exclusive in 2013? Well, Julien Januszkiewicz is announcing the follow-up for this inter! With this time parts from San Francisco, Montpellier, Geneva and further! Stay tuned for that one!

Sal's back!

Kids, beware! You might not get it all, but this is the reason you should be seeing "used to" skaters asking for the éS shoes rack at your shop real soon! Sal Barbier was a street skating innovator, well beyond the tricks… Do your homeworks! Oh, that Kelly Hart trick, though…


The Deep Dish guys, we have taken upon following them for a bit, but this time, they lead us back to Europe, with adventures on this side of the Ocean that reminded us that Stalin Square still stands strong in Prague or that Flex O'Connor still rips! And then it's back to their East Coast, and the rough spots they love, which neither them nor us would complain about! Another great production, and a dope follow-up to Deep Dish 2!


Five minutes of the dude that will stay the one to switch flip the Dôme 3 flat 4 in a couple tries, with Cairo Foster behind the video camera, and with only his own calves to get the speed…

Luka's tip: Ryan Cunningham

When a Luka Pinto tells you to watch some contest footage, well, we click on it… Then again, the Bristol 3 Blocks hold so much history that you can only appreciate this comp that has a back in the day anarcho-laid back feel to it! And yep, Ryan Cunningham ticks…

Everybody's tip: "Daydream"

Charles: "Touzery for president!" With Roman as a prime minister? This new SOURCE episode will have something for everybody and is another great work from Ben Chadourne! A nice display of what is happening in (mostly) Parisian streets nowadays…


This Cody Rosenthal part is from a recent independent project by young Tim O'Rourke, under the name of S.O.S. a DVD as much as a zine, dedicated to what people refer as "Upstate", that region located mainly North of NYC, that is represented at the U.N. by Fred Gall. And Cody, as wall as the rest of the S.O.S. casting does apply the Freddy Law, which states that "Everywhere thou shall go, a spot thou shall find", to a T! This should force us to tell you a bit more about S.OS. real soon!

Thank you, Based AVE!

A FA / Hockey road trip, and edit finally free from the Thrasher player? Get ready for your adrenalin shot and that one trick by Anthony that is not to be fucked with…

RIOS alert!

The RIOS are back, with a new edit recently screened at the Vladimir Film Festival, and if you like their raw street attitude, you're going to get a good serving of it! They are even able to fall victim to the post-Palacian house revival without slight looking trendy… And, above all, they manage to skate what looks an endless supply of new spots in Budapest… It's all about the heart you put into it!

Stomping Grounds / Premiere

Summer time: always a good time to go back home to family, old friends or both at the same time… And we all know what happens: skating the old spots where you learned about everything, and then exploring the ones that have appeared since you left! This is exactly what those two Norway locals, Henrik Lund and Eirik Svensen, did, inviting each other to visit their mutual stomping grounds… The result, this Kristoffer Kumar video is now premiering in an Oslo bar, but since you could not make it there, we give to you, as a LIVE exclusive! Skål!

The King of what?

We were recently discussing Luy-Pa Sin's contribution to the invention of "the flick", nowadays an established worldwide standard to a quality kickflip, and this sponsor-me filmed by Fred Mortagne around the 2K time period, will only confirm that. A master class in natural style! Plus that Créteil Red Bricks session will affirm another important point: "Luy-Pa is for the children!"



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