The Red Devil.

"a video by William Strobeck for Supreme. STARRING Aidan Mackey, Sean Pablo, Anthony Van Engelen, Alex Olson, Sage Elsesser, Jason Dill, Tyshawn Jones, Kevin Bradley, Na-kel Smith" Need we say more!?

Sour C.R.E.A.M.

So the whole Sweet team has just defected, and it wasn't slow down on their shredding program… They even took the opportunity to recruit a couple buddies!

Charles' tip: Bryce Mandel!

"This is so good, I'll even spare him jokes on his hair decisions!" Waylon is for sure more stable on his board than when shopping for hair dye! Then again…

Cookie alert!

Chris Colbourn has been making waves for a little while, now, with a super versatile take on skateboarding, capable of getting about everybody stoked, and this remix by Village Psychic proves it once again, while celebrating his introduction to Element! And if you still needed a stamp of approval, a chest bump from Nakel should do, right!?

The Great Escape

So, usually, we are not too concerned with "demos with t-shirts giveaway" footie but, since Live Skateboard Media is mentioned here by the delirious crowd in Florida –well, by one kid lost on Google©– we kind of have to share the adventures of the Theories crew, from a back to the roots from such as Ben Gore and Josh Stewart and finding out about the difficulty of hyping up a crowd of youths at a park, by Piro Sierra. But, don't worry, they were also allowed to hang in the streets, also!

Yellow winter

So, it seems the RIOS heads have survived yet another winter in Budapest… And even managed to skate quite a bit, despite the adverse weather! On top of the greatly captured crew life feeling and all the unknown to us spots, we can also salute a reality rarely documented in this day and age: conical wheels, yellowed from being putting to good use for a long time!



For this Converse edit, Kevin Rodrigues will not have gone in circles around the world, but only in his neighborhood, sometimes getting on the old bicycle for the further distances. Despite that, you can not deny that many were waiting to see what he would come up with in the end! Kev' is among those rare skaters that have a little extra something, while not necessarily aware of it. And that is the beautiful thing… We will note that he is now the owner of the coolest line ever done at the very end of Live office(s) street, but what we should celebrate is his complete self-confidence, far from the beaten paths and preconceived ideas. Don't change a thing, Kevin!

Trap Boro

Ian Preut had already teased us in a prior new-york based edit, but this is some serious confirmation right here!


Charles' tip: Sebo Walker

"he's got that "smooth tech", whatever the terrain is!" that's right, even in stunt mode, he's just so casual…

Pop Clip #10

Here's the monthly postcard from the homies at Pop Trading Company, with a healthy dose of bricks in that one!

Relic Reel / Premiere

As announced this week-end, we are now offering you –as a 24 hours exclusive only– Relic Reel, a production coming from the Bay Area, mixing both styles and generations, in what is about the perfect length to get you in the mood! You have most likely heard some of those names here before, and for the rest, you can trust a long-time acquaintance, Evan Collisson –co-director with Jarod Taber– in his description of it all: "Shot on Super 8 film and VX1000 to a soundtrack as potpourri as it’s skaters, The Relic Reel rolls in the spirit of brotherly love, capturing a mosaic of casual sessions with new friends." Enjoy what's coming, and share it with all your brothers and sisters!

Yeah, Ocean…

Now, off course, Ocean Howell would need a full history class just by himself, notably for being able of finesse, speed and technique during ancient times when everybody else was pretty much skating statically, but for now we will have to settle down for this lost part, ten years old, that was closing the Howard House Video we premiered here a couple weeks ago, thanks to Plaitford Productions… This way, you will be able to share it at will, and have ready to go whenever you will need a serious dose of class, before going skating yourself, maybe. Let's note once again that the very last trick would still stand in 2015 as a undeniable proof of serious board control!


Wait to pass announcement...