Bigger Spin / EP 002 - Rémy Taveira

Today's guest on the Bigger Spin is no other than Clichy-Sous-Bois youth extraordinaire, Rémy Taveira, whose strong thirst of discovery has brought him on a long, adventurous ride throughout most continents over the past decade, quite the distance away from the notorious Teenage Tour making for its starting point! The well-traveled twenty-five-years-old ripper just exposed his story on the Big Spin Podcast and now, here's the text complement complete with stories, digressions, digitalized photographs and sketchy YouTube embeds...

Saint Denis

We announced the project of a documenary by Phil Evans on Irish young man Denis Lynn, recently and it finally is available online! Meet a young man that seems able to get away with about anything…


Ahh, Bastiaan van Zadelhoff… He ticks all the right boxes! At least for us. Good nimble style, check, great lines, check, and ones made of unexpected tricks, check. Yup, that Pop Short should put a smile on our collective faces, despite being entirely filmed on the Dutch-est possible terrains you could encounter!

Ach, Stuttgart!

Join us for a little cruise around the German city, with the skateshop team that seems to always keep it classy: Arrow & Beast


We were pointing out the recent Threads compilation in a very raw mode, but this remix of a young Chris Athans footage works better than well! Oh, to sing along the right tune…

Durao, goddamn!

Sure, the other guys are bending streets rules by inventing some sort of urban motocross / skating breed, but, that one line, though…

Dom alert!

Dom Henry, ladies and gentemen! That tech ya' need…


Raw Cali!

Those Threads guys know about that abraive and punchy street skating thing, and this compilation only confirms that fact, while also adding fire to the strange rumor stating that there is more to California than handrails in schoolyards!

Big Spin / Rémy Taveira

The second episode of Big Spin, the Frenchest sk8 podcast like ever, is dedicated to a fine young man named, Rémy Taveira, the all-around man of the moment. Good stories and one quiet storm kind of a personality, about to win or lose it all in Las Vegas! Hmm, might be time for you to invest in French lessons?


Where Blake Myers rethreads his recent Léo Valls centric project, to make it an ode to Paris cruising, all on 16mm, and all downhill, off course.


Meanwhile, in Marseille…

… Spring is here, and those lazy ass skateboarders at Unemployed have all the time in the world to make the best out of it! Leading by example!?

Need for speed?

What do you mean you don't watch this everyday before going for a (faster than usual) push around with your friends!? One of the great surprises of Static V


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