The most interesting part with Geronzi is how he transcends all genres, by combining perfectly pure technique to the rawest and most spontaneous take of the streets, therefore being able to convince about everybody, even people that will never land an inward heel in their life! A bit, like… A bit like that Lucas guy, maybe?


The guy you want to have with you, whenever, wherever!

Street Joslin

Where Chris Joslin demonstrates that he is capable of doing more than jumping down mountains of stairs, enen recreating a bit  of that "Powell Magic" in that kinda endless line…

A De Keyzer kind of month!

So, four weeks… That's the time it took Bobby to film this, and announce he rides for Cons the right way! Including quite some time in Barcelona, the mostest rinsed city there is. Still, there is nothing to frown on, here! Proof in the pudding with Greg Cuadrado's face after that double road gap line…

Twin Power Turbo

The return! The Taoussi brothers are still Lost Boys, and nothing should ever be different!


They always do things right, at The 4, notably when it comes to the actual skateboarding. Evidently, their new edit is the vein we know, following a simple guiding line, while still marking each of the three featured style. Clean, tech where needed and quick to knit a line that consists of way more than two basic tricks in a row –Let's remind here the rule stating that you should link up at least three tricks to achieve "line" status. Let's also note some glorious maneuver, like Mike Martin's double grind thingy. A thing of beauty!


Now this is quite a nice surprise! Here are the memories from the road traveled and the trips taken by Davis Torgerson, hence a Who's Who of sorts of American skateboarding, captured and presented in a more relaxed manner, and therefore quite enjoyable! Hell, there is a flip in flip out free Chris Cole in there!

Vincent Boyom / Bordeaux Exposure Remix / PREMIERE

If you don't know about "Bambz" as they call him, this means you never travel around France… This young man is always where it's happening, smiling. Motivated, he is, but by pure passion, to the point of seemingly being in different places at the same time, from his native Montpellier to Bordeaux or Paris. An energy infectious enough to get Julien Januszkiewicz to remix his footie –from his recent Bordeaux Exposure II–scattered around different city parts into one solo offering. Which we have as a LIVE exclusive today… Bambz, ladies and gentlemen!

Milano Centrale / PREMIERE

"Milano Centrale", now that name sounds familiar: yes, we are talking about the Italian city main train station, and mostly, mostly its marble ledges, and it rather smooth grounds… A now rare survivor of the 90's and 00's, made famous by various hammers sprinkled through the most celebrated videos of the past two decades. Nowadays a bit neglected in favor of Chinese marble, the plaza is still alive, via its locals, off course, the infamous Chef Family. And Léo Valls, coming back from a recent Magenta visit to the Italian cousins, would be in the known. Enough to plan getting back there with Australian homie, Josh Roberts, to film an edit glorifying the best idea skateboarding has to plant into your brain: get out there to see if there are new friends to make and old ones to visit! A new LIVE production, supported by Adidas Skateboarding.

Science Fiction

Science skateboards has been a little on the discreet side so far, but their first full-length could be changing that, from the super versatile team to a skating deeply rooted in local history. Yes,The Important Nothing announced here, could be a great addition to a long and rich history, the one of UK skateboarding.

Oldies but goldies

A great look-back, with footage from the years 00's in San Francisco, and not just any, with a great triumvirate of those times, IE young Kenny Reed and Cairo Foster about to get their name out, and a Satva Leung already established as the tech and stylish Toy Machine am. So, yep, lines that would still be relevant on the local hills, and a Hubba Hide-Out sesh that should put a few things in perspective.


If skateboarding had to be measured, it could only be by the level of happiness reached by and exuding from the person doing it… Everything else being bullshit! In that case, Aymeric Nocus would place quite high in those final rankings, because very few are having as much of a blast as him, whether he is on his board, at home far from city centers, traveling around the world, in the middle of writing the longest text ever published on Instagram, or behind his lens. Yep, if someone ever deserve to have his name on a skateboard, it's him. Well done, Magenta!


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