Under pressure

Now, how many people can you think of, that would try to bring back the pressure flip to former glory, without getting ridiculed? That David Clark is just great!


In a world of fitted fuckbois, Sean Blueitt stands for the truth… One might be tempted to see glimpses of an 18 years old Sean Sheffey here, for hairy reasons, but that would insulting to a young man that only seems interested in ripping hard whatever comes at him…

New school

Since we were discussing Crockett, here is one of his buddies, with a style and an approach of the whole thing quite similar… This Alex Schmidt's part comes from the independent video A-Street.

Audio / Dani Lebron

An introduction to a whole musical genre, by an actual expert…

Gilbert Alert!

It is technically impossible to be in desperate need of Gilbert Crockett, considering his ability to produce quality footage (if you doubt that statement, just type his name in our research bar!), but this should get you as stokedas we are: a sort of raw best-of from Old Dominion, the homie video where he does play a big role, obviously, but where all his buddies are way more than just fillers. This is the skateboarding we like, with the vibe we dig!


Everybody knows already, even if it was only for his Parisii featurings, Rémy Taveira is the perfect modern young man, capable of, but also excited to skate everything, with class and a smile to top it off, which is always a plus… Therefore, yes, he is everybody's champion!

Morning Downhill

Up there, on top of the hill, it seems that Dave Abair is skating on his own, more or less followed by a filmer always on the edge of dying, and the final results always dives you a little adrenalin rush, even when sitting on your couch, that will kickstart your day! Thanks for that, Mister Abair! Apart from that, it seems that Seinfeld is becoming the Black Sabbath of the 2010's… Can't make a skateboard video without a bit in there

Charles' Tip: Wes Kremer

"This is how you get Skater Of The Year, right?" Well, that could do, yeah…

Le Bust

This must be the best skate related web series there is out there, right now, and it seems people haven't realized that, yet… Have a look for yourself, and you'll be able to tell everybody about it at the spot!

Raw Caleb!

Just a little reminder that Caleb Ocasio has got it… But, well, we've already told you, right?

Hecho en Mexico!

Just for Leo Romero's line at 2' 30", this would be worth clicking! Plus, the Mexico City spots always make you forget about the grey streets you call home…

heading to Boston!

Many spots that look uneasy, but still tickle your fancy, and a great cast to make them shine: all you want to to see!