You might not be familiar yet with the Swiss brand FAUST, so let us tell you that these Lausanne heads got together under that moniker in 2013 (as a reference to Goethe's play), and have been working on a full-length in collaboration with Redline Films for a year… Their main problem: Simon Perrottet and his ability to produce a lot of footage! To the point of being able to put out a part before the actual video comes out, while not falling in the "throw-away" category… Therefore, Prologue is more of a quite spicy appetizer to enjoy today as a LIVE exclusive!


This should get you hyped for the Chronicles Volume 3 premiere, and stands as a friendly reminder to the fact that everything can be a spot… Then again, when you are Cory Kennedy, it might come easier!

Garage times!

Sondre Mortensen reminds us here the stone cold truth for many a skater poorly located when it comes to the Equator line: we are entering the rightfully so dreaded time known as Winter, with its session to any cost, in between rain, snow, cold and more rain… Unless, unless you have the proud local of a covered parking garage. You will freeze your ass there as soon as you will stop skating, but this should still provide you with amazingly smooth flat ground, and many, many layers of paint to scratch. And, if you don't have that, well, there is still the boot camp option…

Milano Rages

The new super production from the Milanese Chef Family is the kind of action packed movie, with an overflowing casting. We will let you discover the plot of this film noir, but let's note –so you don't miss it– the exceptional performances of Lui Araki and Leo Valls. Then again, not a surprise at all, coming from those two…

Reavember / PREMIERE

Locals Tristan Helias and Antoine Plainfossé recently united their forces to realize this love letter to Paris, around themes dear to their heart, from that month of November that announces winter, the Rive Sud of the city, while playing with the theme of duality, inspired by their Berlin friends of Ambivalent. Reavember, result of their teaming-up, is here for you, now, as a LIVE exclusive for today!

Postcard from Minnesota!

Of course, the chances of you being tired of seeing the spots are quite thin, but before all, Dalton Jones and Nathan Cameron put them to great use! An extract from local project thnku

Thaynan Costa

He already turned heads in Enjoi's Oververt with his different approach, and he confirms here with a DC part you should not miss. Some ideas are as unexpected as dangerous, and some spots taken upside-down!

Carroll alert!

Wait, so all there is to do is ship Mike to Germany so he gets the spark again!? Let's note a particularly on point Tyler Bledsoe, and as for Lucas and Ishod, well, what to say, what to say!?


Your (little) Thursday morning struggle… How to approach this extract from We Are Blood, in only a few lines? The sound track angle? Theotis Beasley astonishing abilities to push the limits of "matching"? The subtle placement of the product Dubai? The implications of said state international "soft power" politic on the mainstream perception of messing around with your friends on skateboards? The beauty of the infinite money concept allowing a city to dream itself as a Disneyland for adults?

Pop streets!

Aren't they good at that street skateboarding thing, the Pop Trading Company homies!? This time, it is Alex Raeymaekers that steals the show with a killer line mixing two kickflips in a row and a wallie that really is just asking for trouble!


An original idea of young Tim O'Rourke, S.O.S. is a video centered around the area known as "Upstate New-York", its rugged spots and the local inhabitants that logically are the all-terrain kind… Japhey Dow could be the perfect example of that, from the spots he chooses to skate to the way he does it. And if you are inclined to collect out of the ordinary projects, S.O.S. is also a booklet documenting it all, about to be sold out!


Charles' tip: Squad Massage!

"Kid's rap + old cameras = greatness!" You would have seen most of the parts separately on LIVE already, and for a reason, but let's use the release of the project in full to note an interesting historical point: in 2015, one of the coolest things happening now would have shaken the average (and slightly short sighted) skater from the time that one vintage camera came out. Yes, we are talking about Canadians skating to house music. Times, they are a-changin', Charles!


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