Speed blur

The mini doc done by John Holland for the Berrics had introduced us to this brand new model of ATV vehicle, and here he confirms with a part combining Ignorant Rap and Sea Pop (there is no more "Punk" here, right?) that might confuse the most manly amongst tranny lovers, but definitely not gets in the way of his talent!



For those who haven't figured yet why Gino has joined Fucking Awesome… 101 reasons, buddy.


This must be the strongest points of Anthony Lopez –apart from a real talent to manipulate his board with dexterity, off course– : his total absence of wanderings to follow dress or trick code phases, to stay true to himself since day one. And strictly following the precepts of the School of Kalis must have been quite lonely during the heights of the Piss Drunks era… But Anthony never lost his track, and this perseverance in a tech but powerful skating as well as in the sweatpants game just allowed him to turn pro for one of the most respectable brands out there, for the exact same reasons… Let's just celebrate this!

Meeting… Olivier "Boucle" Durou!

Let's get back on “Boucle” case, so you get a bit more than a sick part from him this week…

Olivier "Boucle" Durou / Premiere

Olivier Durou, is more widely known in France as "Boucle" for hair related reasons, and most likely associated to Toulouse, and therefore to a type of tech skating popular in the "Ville Rose". Nonetheless, Olivier stands out with his own approach to spots, with notably a great use of his natural pop. This part, filmed and edited by Julio Sola, illustrates perfectly that point! Enjoy it as Live exclusive, and expect an interview to learn more about "Boucle" and his whereabouts… Stay tuned!

Roger that!

Well, we almost completely missed that one out, didn't we!? That would have been a shame, as Roger Krebs is the perfect example of what we like to see: powerful, yet skilled skating through spots that seems super hard at first sight!

Way North

Graham Tait, from Scottish magazine North, sent us this postcard while apologizing for "average skating with terrible editing", but if Keith Allan skating is good enough to get a group of young lads to start twerking, well, it is good enough for us! Plus, the beautiful framing on many of the shots (one can sense the photographer's eye there!) is definitely a plus!


Just for the bunny hop up the stairs, this would be worth your time, but Cody Rosenthal knows how to spice it up, and attacks all sorts of sites, even the least appealing ones…

Philly's Side

In the "my skateshop owner fucking kills it!" family, mister Santosuosso is one of the few! Complete respect for the motivation, but also for the straight ripping this guy nails after closing time…


Logical and anticipated follow-up to his Made part, one could only guess young Jeremy would put a hurtin' with this one, and you sure won't be left down… But, to top it out, you are being granted a mini Toy Machine video, and that's always something one can only rejoice about that!

Stand tall, ya'all!

Dennis Laass isn't the kind to ask for attention, so you might know him mostly for his expertise work at Live's Minister of Trousers, but he mainly is a ripping skater, with a great eye and a perfect control of his nose, which is something we regard highly. Proof here with this part for Cleptomanicx. And let's add that if a guy that finds the only line nobody had ever thought of at Paral-lel doesn't get you stoked, well, we don't know what makes you happy!


Phil Zwiijsen has never been known for killing it softly, and this part for the venerable Belgium skateshop Lockwood, might even reach another notch up when it comes to speed, despite the harshest spots… If someone is bored and willing to count all the bricks or cobblestones rolled over in this edit, we are definitely interested to know!