The Magic Number

Time to make some room on your shelves: De Paris Yearbook is back, still teamed up with its London sidekick, and now a Berlin based little brother! It will all be linked to a video project, and this should keep you excited about it all for a minute or two!

Kazuaki Yakushijin

Interesting, that Kazuaki! One will note he has a "tall guy" style, and even a "relaxed tall guy style"… Of course, riding for Strush, you know he is the "real streets" kind of street skater, and good at it, too. One could could wish for a little more, actually!

Hype away!

In order to keep you stoked till the online premiere, this episode is well charged in the skating you dig!

Long Legs Lay!

Now that's a good surprise! Etnies enrolls the Arizona citizen we all appreciate for his clean, always well popped, skating, on all sorts of grounds and urban furniture. Proof, here, with the first two tricks!


Terp alert!

A little window into the L.A. daily skateboarding experience of Terpening, through the eye of Benny Maglinao's phone. With Kevin's timeless style, off course…

Your daily kid!

Copenhagen has always proposed the collective us skaters technical yet consistent, and young Sebastian is in the direct line of the local tradition, with a good kick flip applied with versatility, and a honorable use of speed in general!


The younger amongst you might not be aware, yet, but, in skateboarding, in the end, the Brazilians win! Even if some Spanish citizens hold their own, just like Lebron, here… But, yep, there no denying that Brazil offers its best, here, with the help of the BLVD gringos, with the techest skating possible, but with the raw street vibe, those dudes being able to juggle their boards on the worst possible spots. Dig it now, as they are the future! You can find some extra good stuff, here.

Augustin's tip: Sondre Mortensen!

"Today's best freestyle!" The Mortensen bros are back, and just four days, put a smile on our face! #augustinislive

The Shanahan case…

Damn, is he on a tear! And about to carve his very own niche in the East Coast scene, even in those intense times… Plus, if he gets the stamp of approval from Jeff Pang , what could we had!?

JB Alert!

The Quartersnacks heads pay homage to the French king of style, with only recent footage, and boy the magic is still here! No throw away, and breath of fresh air…


Hype away!

Another proof that Jack Fradel is a bit more than "that dude that grinded that Cardiel rail", plus a family landscaping course, Busenitz style!


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