David Couliau is never afraid to experiment with a camera, and he puts the bar quite high with this panoramic edit for Metropolitan skateboards… Featuring JJ Rousseau, nonetheless!

Dirty hands

You might build bowls with pool coping all around the world, that will never replicate this kind of experience, don't you think?

Thank you Based God

Grant Taylor… What else!?

Niaks Tour / Premiere

Let's stay in Warriorland territories, with this roadtrip the "Niaks" heads (Vincent Coupeau, Guillaume Caraccioli, Carl Sansac and Dimitri Kostoff) took from their Paris suburbs all the way to Italy via Switzerland, and Igor Fardin floor… This should get you very excited about finding a summer destination that will give you that many opportunities to meet such diverse people and spots on the way… A Guillaume Périmony production, exclusively on Live!


Now, hold on to your eardrums! Here's a tip: before clicking, crank that volume up, and be ready for a life changing experience, or at least an altering of your perception of the universe!

Get the fuck out…

Now this is one of the main occupations of skateboard brands when winter comes… And then, Greece is a highly coveted destination, for obvious reasons. The great thing with Antiz is that they won't come back with the usual spots and tricks from there. And that changes everything!

Niaks Tour / Galerie

Somewhere around Paris suburbs, you can find a place quite similar in many ways to the Land of the Warriors, only hundred of miles away from it… This had to be the place where a mission would aim from to go explore those far territories, in between Helvetia and Italy… Vincent Coupeau, Guillaume Caraccioli, Carl Sansac and Dimitri Kostoff, along with Guillaume Périmony, went and met up with Igor Fardin, bathing in both sun and water along the way. Thibault Lenours was also part of the trip, and while waiting for the video –exclusively on Live tonight– here are his visual memories from the trip…

The silent assassin

We had introduced you to Koichiro, at the very beginning of Live, just because he he is amongst those finally rare cases of skaters actually developing their own approach… His, of course, finds a home under the "Quick Feet" roof, but also dabs heavily into the "Impossible Carve" , thanks to super loose trucks but also to a unbelievable board control. Folklore has it that the S shaped double ledge took him a few nights, to achieve the perfect turn… This is from Lenz 2, a video you should really own!

Get in the van!

From Frank Gerwer to Dan Drehobl, Mike Anderson seems to know about having a great entourage, but that never stops him from getting in the spotlight… Hell, this gets you antsy to get on the road with friends, doesn't it?

Raw Cruysberghs

Funny how Axel's skating takes on another dimension, once it's not shot down by a dull soundtrack… This guy rips, no doubt.

Meeting… Martino Cattaneo!

The main idea was to get to know better Martino, after premiering his impressive part in Alice in Warriorland… It kind of worked!

Strobeck and his "cherry"

This THE video of the NOW, but it will also go down in skate history, trust us… William tells us a bit more, and throws in a little bonus on top!