All Four One!

What did you expect, when two of the most "street" Australian brands (The 4 and Uno) get together? Well, some street styling at its best! And Harry Clark, in one line, reminds us why each time he pops up on our glowing screens it matters!

Eastern Conference

Ron Deily, though!

Living for the WKND…

So, yeah, you have seen it already –and more than twice we hope– but the new WKND opus is now free from the Thrasher player, and that's always good to know… And, yep, the Los Angeles we love is here in all its beauty of sun drenched back alleys and non-spots that dreams are made of… Plus, Austyn Gillette being back in full form is one hell of a good reason to celebrate, right!?


The Pop Trading Company homies are giving us a slice of winter mood, here, and also present us a new recruit, that despite a rather young age, already shows great taste!

Raw Jake!

Nine minutes of The Chosen One!? What a day, what a day…

Blobys re-up!

The Insta remix was a decoy! This is the new Blobys edit, with its new heads –like young Auguste– and sometimes even spots far away from République! Good stuff, good stuff!

Le Kyron!

This one almost slipped throuh the cracks, and it would have been a real shame, considering what Kyron Davis is giving us here: that great mix of that Brit tech on unsafe spots that we know him for, but stepped up a notch, here! Real good stuff from him, but also his mates…

Brazilian Week: "Ao Quadrado"

All right, let us introduce you to the crew that might be the future, but already looks a lot like the present to us: the Look Dat Shit heads, aiming straight outta Salvador da Bahia… Quite unique in their general attitude, they manage to mix influences from all corners of the world with a secret ingredient that is completely their own, turning it all into their very own Brazilian flavor, despite being universal!

Tonic livin'!

In the underwear department, let us present you the collab' that you REALLY need: Lousy Livin' X Tonic skateboards… Yep, it is a thing!

Brazilian Week: Cotinz!

Let's follow the "influential on many levels" lead with a one of a kind character that has had an impact on the local scene via his own video productions, like the Beats full-length, but also with his very own take on the skateboard riding thing. To the point where he claims only focusing on skating these days, and leaving the camera behind… Watching the results, no one is going to object it! Let's note the ollie out to frontal wallride thingy, amongst much much more…

Blobys alert!

You were daydreaming about it, well, here it is! A remix of the most famous Instagram accounts in the world, those belonging to the Blobys… The finest at his best, one could say, all rehashed by Hadrien Buhanic. And from the technique of Karl Salah to the impossibilities mastered by Kevin Rodrigues, you're in for a good show!

'Til infinity?

OK, kids, if you want to see an adult cry on the spot, today, just play them that video… Because all his youth lies there! But, yours also, at the end of it, and mainly our common roots. And this is where the Girl/Choco camp has always been best: respecting the roots of skateboarding, while pushing its ideas a little further… And, right, there, this edit is almost scary in a way! What you think?


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