The ever explosive Cyrus, Roman in full finesse, a Max Palmer at his best, pretty much every New-Yorker you dig and a Touzery for the grand finale… Wait, you haven't cicked, yet!?

Maillard alert!

Just for that very first line… Everything here is good, as always with him, but that first line, Goddamn!!!

Sage alert!

A perfect reminder that this Sage Elsesser kid is one of the most powerful street skater there is nowadays… And Sean is no joke, either!

Hugo Corbin "Cheers Paris" / PREMIERE

Seventeen years young Hugo is your typical Parisian skater: a suburb kid that you end spotting all over the capitol spots, year round! This is nothing new, the city has always fed of its surrounding, and it is even more true when it comes to skateboarding! Hugo Corbin: Parisian of the future, and already there, if you think about it. Proof here in footage gathered along 2016, with his buddy Émile Moutaud. Yep, the kids are all right and more, and this is why we want to introduce to them, today as a LIVE exclusive, for the day!

Parisii / le remix / Santiago Sasson

While waiting for a final premiere showing in its entirety soon at MIMPI in Rio de Janeiro, let's use the excuse of a special day to drop the first excerpt from the remix of all Parisii episodes… Their exploration of the French capitol being over, Greg Dezcot and Olivier Fanchon wanted to give credit and emphasize all efforts (and good laughs) shared over three years by axing edits around the most involved individuals and crews. Who better to start it all than Santiago to give you a feel of the whole thing, since he even played drums and more with his buddy François Perrin to produce the custom soundtrack for it all. Here you get a young, and sometimes even younger, man with various length of facial hair, with an always exploding way with Parisian streets… Let's all get together now, to whish him and happy birthday!

Léo's tip: Demain skateco!

If there is something like experts on Marseille skateboarding, M'sieur Loden is amongst them, and if he tells you some of the new kids deserve some shine, what do you say?

A Bristol postcard

"British skating" as we dig it, was never (and thankfully so) limited to one spot in London, and the Southern town of Perfidious Albion has represented a well nice and well executed street skating. Here, a new generation is on the rise, just as everywhere else in the world, and from classic spots to new ones, it's a good watch!

Holidays log…

Ahh, summer, vacations, Italy… The Parisians escape the city in crew, and enjoy it to the max. We do too, indirectly!

Brady alert!

A handful of clips from Danny, the kind we dig: ever so stylish with a background (and grounds) made of bricks and other not so well adjusted slabs of concrete! True definition of that British class we collectively love…

Nordic Tech©

"Born twenty years too late!": this is how filmer Fred Bengtsson describe the crew, commenting on their passion for 90's hip-hop and tech skating… One could add that this new Danish generation is following the previous ones in their love for complicated tricks done at a good speed. Good stuff!


They have it in their blood, at Butter Goods, no doubt! Every single one of their edits is on point, just as the team… This one is in the same vein, with a Ben Gore killing it softly as usual, and a  Philly Santosuosso capable of transforming Barcelona in just a couple occurrences of his always on point pop!

Missing In Action?

Is Chet lost? Maybe… Unless he actually found himself, on the roads, on the trails… The ones leading to the next transition to trowel, the next coping to make scream. And, if he's enjoying it, we get to love too!


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