Good Monday vibes?

Yes, let's start the week on a good note, thanks to Wes Bell, who you might remember from a Parisii episode…Nowadays, he is back home, that he calls San Francisco and seems to be enjoying himself there… Enough European spots here, though, to play a "name the city" game, also!

Speaking about Parisii, where that remix at!? Patience, patience…


DIY DIG / La Cave

If you pronounce the always dreaded DIY acronym in France (it is virtually unpronounceable to most native tonguers), the name of Jo Dezecot will quickly become part of the conversation… Notably for the ten years his Cléré-les-Pins spot lasted! Last year, he decided to take it easy and retreat to the countryside where he could locate his whole family under a safe and quiet roof. Until he realized the house did come with a cave! Guess what happened!? Yep… Here is the second episode of our #vansdiydig series, and what should be a kick in the nuts for all of us, in order to get us started on doing something. What have you planned for the week-end, again?

Thanks again to Vans for their kind support on this project. And if you want to give a hand, you can, here!


Let's put you in the mood for the second episode of our DIY DIG series, starring the soon to be famous Jo Dezecot's cave, by presenting you a GALERIE of photos both documenting (in black and white) the building by Nicolas Boutin, and the very first group session (in color) by Vincent Coupeau. Because, when it comes to doing it yourself, it is as much about the skating than it is about the common effort that takes you there…

Thanks again to Vans for their kind support, on this project.

Luc Boimond "No Filter" / PREMIERE

As promised yesterday, in the interview introducing you to that phenomenon, here is the latest part from Luc, young Geneva local of the productive kind, despite some recent knee troubles! Extract from the recent David Goldsworthy production, No Filter, and in line with the spirit of Swiss Tech™ a tradition he has been holding the torch of, while adding his modern touch with his ability to tackle rough spots. Add a solid dose of pop, and you got yourself a fine young man, today a LIVE exclusive!

a Bordeaux stop

The Place homies get a special visit of Bordeaux street by native, Édouard Depaz, and friends… Perfect week-end!

15 years…

From the effortless talent of the late Lewis Marnell to tech smoothitude of Richard Mulder, one can only try to ponder THE backside 360 ollie that did shift the general direction of street skating, back when… Seriously.

Charles' tip: "Mortensen & Mortensen"

"Never the last ones to remind us that even that weird thing at the gas station, well, you still got to skate it!"

Touz' power!

Our very own Vincent's part in 2016 masterpiece, Spirit Quest, is now online! Complete with that hypnotic track and the Touzery touch of class that we all love…

Cotinz' tip: "Nada"!

Well, you can just throw your skatepark edits in the gutter, now… Akira Shiroma is at home in this bowl thingy, one can tell and one can just feel it, thanks to the way this session is captured, but ultimately shared with us, in a rather incredible way… A visual masterpiece by Alexandre Veloso (under the STORYTELLER moniker), from the command on the VX handle to the editing to poetry. Yep, a full on oddity, but in the best possible way.

Pop, pop, pop!

Well, he sure got it, that Sage kid, no doubt! A nice edit, all shot on Super 8 by Ben Chadourne…

G-JAP Unit!

Well, the week could not start better… If this Tightbooth edit does not make you want to cross the ocean in order to be able to stand aside them arguing with cops from over there while being clad in baggy camo, you are not really alive anymore…

Jesus is for the children!

There is only one Jesus, let's just say it! Prophet of the almighty Spanish Tech™ in ancient times, but still a strong representative of tech fluidity, here and now. The best part of this compilation is that it proves he suffers no muscular rigidity. Could he have discovered the Fountain of Youth? Would he soon enough be walking on water? Until then, let's also enjoy this other gem, too


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