Roots radical

Theories gives us, here, food for thought, by releasing this Dustin Eggelin part from the cult Static IV, as his easy on the eyes bouncy style seems like a rather logical follow-up to back when Jake Rupp was more or less inventing Hippie Tech™ in the first chapter of the Static saga. But we'll leave the comparisons at that, as Mister Eggeling also develop his very own take on it, whether we speak lines or spots approach…


Or when, at a mere 18 years old, young Shintaro Hongo manages to mix of the best influences coming from both worlds, I.E. a Japanese side of skateboarding that is original without ever turning into a circus act, and "American stunts" (for lack of a better term) that go way beyond frontside flips over stairs. Oh, and he also got a mean body varial that never looks ridiculous. A promising youngling, we tell ya!

"Compulsio" / premiere

VX-1000 and film fiends beware - Esteve Femenias' new production "Compulsio" is now dropping on LIVE Skateboard Media, packed with vitamin D and coming with an interview of the filmmaker himself as conducted by one of his best friends. Some warmth in the dead middle of a cold winter is bound to Feel good!

Meeting… Richard Hart!

Richard Hart - the elusive. OG contributing photographer to the likes of Slap Magazine of SuGaR, now the mastermind behind Push Periodical (onto its ninth issue as of recently) and relocated in Europe, Rich always cultivated a taste for manners, as well as a sharp eye. LIVE Skateboard Media caught up with him for some skate- and life-related banter.

Meeting… Leo Valls!

Were Leo Valls' skateboarding to ever retain only one remarkable quality, that would surely has to be its faculty to glide the man along the tracks of one long and fancy journey... As to look back on and ponder this unusual pace of living, we managed to catch up with Leo in his hometown of Bordeaux, a life recently encapsulated by Blake Myers under the form of a sixteen-millimiter "Good Weekend".

Val Bauer "En Transit"

From his recent integration to Paccbet, a board brand located quite East of his native city of Lille, to a quasi super-activity of his Öctagon buddies and a solid take on street skating while never shying away from a little quirky take on it, we always have Val in our sights but for the good reasons. All his recent activity gives us the occasion of helping you find out a little more about this fine young man, via a new LIVE production, signed by Blake Myers, with a custom soundtrack done by Thom Pringle. The video drops with an "En Transit" zine that will be available in a selection of French skateshops. A project supported by Vans.


Remember how we have been telling you about some hyper-activity happening recently in Marseille? Well, this edit just confirms it, via the BMG crew, including Victor Campillo whose name you keep seeing here… But the homies are shredding too, fear not!

Dom' alert!

The NB Numeric Italian squad recently went skating (really well) with their Brit counterparts on their own turf, but what we will keep out of all of it, is another demonstration of the homie Dom Henry's skills on uneven terrains!

Dennis, the menace?

Ahh, Dennis Laass… Too tall, too many nose manuals, and too many wallies! Summed up like that, it should not work, right? But, it does! Dennis does well and smoothly, even in the most depressing looking industrial suburbs of Germany, and you will want some more!

Pop trap!

Could trap be those modern days pop music!? For better, and most often than not, worst? Sure… But, not this time, as this compilation of Jan Maarten Sneep footie is more than déjà vu with déjà heard on top, and gives us many unseen clips of Noah BuninkAlex Raeymaekers and the rest of the boys. And, at the end, Willem van Dijk stays chief.

Thank you based god!

And the greatest news of today would be that that Hiroki Murakoa part fromTraffic's Look Left is now free (at last) from the Thrasher player! And therefore enjoyable, in complete comfort! So, here you go, click for now, until we tell you real soon more about some of his colleagues!

Marseille, le zoo!

Wait, those Marseille kids are popping, these days! Could they be border-line hyper-active? Well, maybe not… But they sure now how to make it look good and fun, right!?


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