Bill Pierce / Coda / Premiere

You have already seen Bill Pierce on his board, here for sure , and there, without knowing much about him… Just like us! This is why we asked some insight to his his new boss at Coda skateboards, Pat Smith. Here is what he had to tell us about the guy: "Bill Pierce is from New Jersey. Dont let his shitty Brooklyn apartment or traveling ways fool you. And like most people from jersey, he is angry and bitter, probably stemming from the insecurity of not being from the big apple.
You see it everywhere, they move here and amend NYC to the end of all their companies names and logos. So with that being said, allow me to introduce to you: BillPierceNYC".
And, that beng said, Bill certainly has a knack for balancing on only two wheels, no matter how rough the terrain!

Charles' tip: La Capsule Magenta - UK

"Please remember they drive on the left lane over there!" Damn, Ben Gore just feels at home on any streets, doesn't he?


From the well popped no-comply to the flip out you actually want to see, Caleb McNeely got it all covered! And when he goes big, it is on less than perfect spots! From the "E.T." full length

Feel good movie

Two friends for twenty years sharing a session can't make for a bad sight! And, if we're talking BA and Elissa…


Two of our favorite Parisians, or more or less rare spots, including a bunch located in Madrid, a city with a special place in our heart: those Futur dudes have us all figured out! Take a seat, and enjoy lines you actually want to see by Juan and Santiago topped with the dose of style that makes a difference. This is the official Live Skateboard Media pick of the day, by unanimous decision!

Caddo alert!

"You smell that? Nothing else in the world smells like that… I love the smell of wall rides in the morning…"


Color Fools, full video!

You can now watch the full length in its entirety, and not part by part, and this does not give you the itch to search for spots under the sun, for the length of the summer, we just don't get it!


At Butter Goods, they got good taste, and it translates in the choice of their representatives on wheels: just on point! Gore is perfect with his lines on the sides of the hills where you can feel the smallest mistake would hurt, Santosuosso always deliver and about every trick stomped by Alex Campbell seems to cry out loud: "Respect my authoritah!" Damn, this is a very generous week, so far, when it comes to street skating you actually want to watch!

Rare as fuck!

Ready to queue up to watch the new Huf x Bronze co-production? Get in line now, cause it's the stuff you want, now!

All Engines

You will recognize some names or styles from the infamous Pop Clips, but add Jeremy van der Eijk and Billy Hoogendijk and you will get a nice snapshot of the streets of Amsterdam and what happens there, far from all the silly preconceptions we might have. To put it bluntly, this is a good serving of punch, and the perfect counterpoint to your morning Lannon dose!

Lannon alert!

Children, crocodiles, nobody is safe once Jimmy Lannon hits the streets, the best thing about it being that he doesn't limit the use of his natural pop to jump over everything, but always look for the line putting his gift for levitation to the best possible use, even on unforgiving terrain. Let's all join hands to thanks the Shaqueefa boys for reminding us all this!

Le Jeune Genevois / Premiere

As its title hints,  "Le Jeune Genevois" focuses on the youth of today, from that end of the world. But let us reassure you, the old guard is still there to keep them in check, thanks to such as Yves Marchon! Plus, the video marks the return of Luc Boimond, and at Live, we are very close to starting his fan club! Be also ready for the proof that yound Jordan Queijo has many unbelievable tricks at the tip of his feet… Yep, the 242 gang has done it again, and are offering you this as an online exclusive on Live Skateboard Media, for today!


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