So, a young man known as Tommy May just dropped one of the most interesting part of this new year, and it seems that most of you are not aware of it… It's not like Tommy isn't coming out of nowhere either. Could it be the two songs in a row that play against him? At a time where 15 seconds is the new ideal format, seven minutes of creative, powerful, technical and fun skateboarding might just be too much for our saturated brains to process… Will Tommy fall victim to the Fazilov syndrome, where too much great skating weirdly ends up being too much? Time will tell, and until then, we do get a chance to joke about how Tommy May understands "the vibe about skating rocks"!

Montreal massive!

Andrew McGraw does seem on the exuberant side, but it would be a shame to miss out on his smooth skating, even on spots that are way harder than the way he rides them would make you think. Let's add also the occasion to check out a bunch of spots you would have never seen, put to a great use…

#International Harry Lintell Day

Now, that Lintell fellow seems to be on a rampage, doesn't he!? And he proves here to be immune to the cold and humidity of Great Britain's seaside in the heart of the winter… His traveling buddies are not too bad either at fighting both dismantled pavement and freezing winds!

Turbo Charged

You know the Harry Lintell case, and his aggressive versatility, but you most will be discovering a Manny Lopez that isn't too far from that, also, in his approach of multiple very Londonian (in their absence of marble grounds) terrains, but with a little something else that is his own. Yep, those two are about to start your week on the right foot! Add also a reminder that Just Ice rocked


Or how the "feel good movie" of this Sunday has been filmed in one day, using one obsolete camera… As for the return of the Staple, we will let the shoe fetishists give their opinion!

One Star World Tour

About six months on the roads, and a team stacked with styles and approaches completely different: that is one recipe that can't fail! The Converse One Star World Tour edit will not let you down, from pure street to visits to all kinds of parks, around the corner from you or on the other side of the planet! That will put you in the perfect mood for the week-end, whatever spots you had in mind for it!

Cromer Alert!

No, it's not the first one, and it sure won't be the last, as the man doesn't seem keen to slow down! Always punchy and high altitude flip ticks… We're all about it!


It is now official, Ishod never stops skating… And does not know how to cruise!


Bon anniversaire, Lucas!

Let's use the occasion to look back at one of the very first LIVE productions, a remix of his TWS part, chopped and screed hard by his buddy Hugo Campan… Wonder if that held well the passing of time?

Brack Pree / PREMIERE

Quite recently, two brands aiming from Asia, the Hong-Kong based Victoria, and the homie Lui Araki's project L.I.F.E., teamed up to go see for themselves what was really going on in Macau, a city with a spicy reputation for centuries now… Let us reassure you, the guys seem to have focused on skateboarding the place, and it looks like they even sweated their ass off! Here is, as LIVE exclusive, their memories from what looks like an exotic trip, even for them! Including Lui Araki's point of view, here…

Pop Live in Berlin

As explained yesterday, the idea of a collabo –as they call it– with the Pop Trading Company heads has been in the air for a while. You could even trace it all the way back to the very first Pop Clips… The first real life meeting happening in Berlin, when the moment to make it happen came, the German city was an evidence. Only this time, it would be timed with a heat wave of sort, and include almost the totality of the POP crew. A few hours under a scorching sun, and a couple Berlin style nights, and the idea to explore every single neighborhood of the city? Mission almost accomplished (it is a vast place!) and we have here an edit celebrating that street skating thing in all its diversity, that is the common trait between POP and LIVE.

And stay tuned for the POP LIVE mini collection!

Parisii / XVI

We only needed the XVIth arrondissement to complete the grand tour of Paris launched by Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon, three years ago… Well, here it is! And it is a great episode, notably for its special guest, the most German Parisian or the most Parisian German you can find: Michael Mackrodt! And what a better mascot for Parisii, as he is the man with the most spots in mind for all of Paris, its suburbs and even a bit further than that… As for the XVIth, it is manly known for its Dôme, its steps, its ledges and marble flat now skated to pieces, and apart from that not that well explored, really. Therefore, this stood as the perfect finale for a project dedicated to stay away from Paris beaten paths. Finale? Maybe not… We will tell you more in 2016, and until now, please enjoy our gift to you, Parisii XVI, and you can now go through every single arrondissement in Paris, here!


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