Like a Bos!

Sure, bad pun… But, one would agree there is a certain authority in the skating of Joshua Bos!


The state of things

From an impeccable Jon Nguyen to the full of pop Maalouf, even on precarious spots, at State Footwear, they have hand-picked more or less the perfect selection of what is interesting in the American streets nowadays… Notably with that Spivey guy! Add some Colin Read magic, and you got the perfect blend…

Spirit animals

A remix of the best footie the Magenta riders had in Spirit Quest? That's right, it here for you! And if you do not own the full-length in your collection, you are missing out!

Waiting For The World

History being an eternal cycle, the good people of Slam City Skates put the spotlight on one of the video production celebrating one of the golden age of British Skateboarding, the best possible way, the best possible way, by giving you a Who's Who of 2000 in the best possible quality. Make yourself a good cup of tea, and (re-)discover Dan Magee's masterpiece.

Evan Smith alert!

The lil' dose of all you want to see… That should make your whole week-end!


Girl power?

As Lizzie Armanto just turned pro in one of the coolest possible ways (not everybody gets tricked by Jeff Grosso!), this edit, not only makes us find out a Samaria Brevard reeking of style, also ask a serious question: will pushing through petals be the female equivalent  of running through a graveyard? Seriously…

Tuff enuff!

Apart from what looks like a total absence of any sense of claustrophobia, no matter how tight the non-spot might be, what really characterize Ty Beal's skating is the overall manlyness… No, he does not skate like a boy, oh no… And it's a beautiful thing to watch. And if you want more, head over there!


Faust in Valencia / PREMIERE

Well, our Helvetian brothers have been quite busy, lately, haven't they? And the Faust skate co are not the kind to lag behind. They opted for the "let's escape to Spain" plan, with Valencia as their destination… A decision fully fitting their SwissTech™, especially when it comes to that now famous antic looking ledge galore place. Good times for them, and a damn good watch for us, as a LIVE exclusive for the day!

No Filter

Switzerland is in the house, thanks to the OG2000 heads! And they don't falsely claim the "Fine Équipe" moniker either… They skate hard, but you can also feel the fun and laughs that lead there, with the whole crew in tow! Take a seat, you are in for heavy meal!

And if you would want to know more about the whole gang, just ask Luc Boimond!

Parisii / le remix / Steve Malet

So, we keep claiming "not the same", but like everybody else, we got caught in chasing scoops and the latest Insta compilation, loosing track of our very own productions! Let's try to restore order, here, by –finally– putting online the Parisii remix! After its screening at MIMPI in Rio de Janeiro, it is now time to share this labor of love by Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon, in collaboration with fellow skater Vincent Perrin for the soundtrack, starting with one of the most motivated skaters for the whole length of the project: monsieur Stephen Malet! Never shy of hammers, Steve is also the kind to adapt to any nook or cranny to pop on a deserted sidewalk. Which made him the ideal candidate to point a camera at, during the three years of incessant scavenging of Parisian streets. Enjoy!

"Doppelganger" / PREMIERE

We all have our preconceptions, more or less ill advised, on about every other subject… Let's mention Brazilian skateboarding, and you most likely will have more than one. This new production by the one and only "Cotinz" should shake about every single one of them, thanks to a total immersion into the local underground, doubled with a certain lack of respect for what "the rules" about skate video making are supposed to be… Take a seat, this is a diamond even if in the rough that we have as a LIVE exclusive for you, here!

Interview / Alexandre "Cotinz" Neaime

Tomorrow, we will premiere a Brazilian video nugget, Doppelganger, a labor of love from the one and only "Cotinz"… Who? What?


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