"A Decade Late / The Howard House video

When a skaters apartment earns a name of its own, it is when it officially reaches "skate house" status, which makes it a meeting point, a permanently squatted ground and a sort of lighthouse for visitors coming from far, far away… This is exactly what was the Howard House, when that millennium was young, in one of the most dreamed about destination back then: San Francisco. From actual tenants to long term "guests", many have spend, back then, at least one night or for weeks there, a stay that would turn into improbable sessions the next day mixing all types of skating and skaters… So, why this footage is only coming out now, you'd ask? This is a story that we will tell you in the next days with the help of the in-house photographer, Richard Hart. Meanwhile, here are ten minutes of good times in between roommates and complete, as well as full part from one of the classiest man to ever step on a board: Ocean Howell. That's right. A Plaitford Productions offering!

Dat mixtape ya need!

Boserio alert!

Always a good watch, that Nick, and as here, captured on film while traveling around California by train, one can only be glad to change its mind a bit in front of his screen!

Le Cons Project

Here is a little recap in moving images of the recent Parisian Cons Project that, despite harsh weather, was spent more in the damp cold streets rather than in the workshop! Now that's some motivation!

Northern Soul

The "SF Treat" edits are always tasteful and tasty, that you already know, and if this is one is announced as a special around the SF chapter of The Northern Co, you will know right away that you are in for a great watch, and will not be proved wrong… A great reminder that you should read an interview of the two founders of the American independent brand by the good people at Palomino!

Charles' tip: Bobby Dekeyzer!

"Didn't that Bobby just solidified a spot on Lives' favorites list with this!?" It's true that in between the unexpected tricks even on the most rinsed spots in Europe, or the oh so easy on the eyes tech ledge lines, he's only an Elliott Smith soundtrack away from… Oh, wait, he's got that too! On will also note a #dadcore potential that put him at the very edge of the NOW in skateboarding.

Going green, round two!

Here is the follow-up to Bobby Worrest's wanderings around Ireland, under the eyes of Brian Lotti… The spots are obviously rarely seen, and the locals are killing it!

Justin Henry "Six Days in New York"

We had already mentioned Justin Henry recently, and here is another proof of an undeniable talent on a board… Yep, six days, through two week-ends, while visiting one of the places in the world that offers the most distractions possible… Respect! Another Live exclusive, for today!

Pop Recycled / The Pop episode

After ours, then the Grey one, here comes the third remix of the Pop Clips from Pop Trading Company. This time, they did the job themselves! More never seen before clips and a sick editing of it all: what else you need!?

A Warm Berlin

As the German capitol is setting into winter, like the rest of Europe, this edit reminds us what the long hot days of summer there can feel like… The whole thing is spiced up by Bastien Duverdier's musical talents, but also his uncanny ability for the surprising trick, or even the impossible spot!

Swiss knife

This street only section from this summer's tour of Europe underlines the multi-function of the DVS team as a whole, to the point where one can wonder what kind of spot would leave them completely dry… Sure, on a wet mega-ramp, Daewon might have to tighten his trucks a little, but that would still count, right? Apart from that, let's note the improbable trick Luis Tolentino decided to get on that long, long ledge in Milano!

Charles' tip: Al Davis!

"Our hero at home!"