The wax ya need!

We got a slogan for them: "If it's good enough for Love Park, it's good enough for my town Post Office back parking lot!"

The trip

For all human beings born on the "West side" of the world, India still is the trip you should be taking at some point, for various sociological and cultural reasons… The Mosaic skateshop dudes have done it!

Miller Life

Sure, having pop "helps", but then it's all about what you do with it that counts… On a few spots that are not made of Chinese marble, Matt Miller demonstrates his adaptability (like one the front shove 50!), but the Dôme switch heel demonstrates that he can actually invent a line at a legendary spot!


Promising preview of the new John Wilson production. That Cyrus Bennett kickflip!!!!

Texas represent!

Let's ease the come down the best way possible by visiting Guru Khalsa and friends on spots we don't know at all, which is always a plus…

A different world

It is evident that Auby Taylor lives in a world quite different from ours, and you should definitely pay a visit! One thing, though, one can hope the soundtrack of his life is not one of an adolescent car ride in mom's car borrowed for a minute, as the first part of this could imply… Jokes aside, the blindside flip at Clipper and the lines at Jkwon are just amazing.

Speed blur

The mini doc done by John Holland for the Berrics had introduced us to this brand new model of ATV vehicle, and here he confirms with a part combining Ignorant Rap and Sea Pop (there is no more "Punk" here, right?) that might confuse the most manly amongst tranny lovers, but definitely not gets in the way of his talent!



For those who haven't figured yet why Gino has joined Fucking Awesome… 101 reasons, buddy.


This must be the strongest points of Anthony Lopez –apart from a real talent to manipulate his board with dexterity, off course– : his total absence of wanderings to follow dress or trick code phases, to stay true to himself since day one. And strictly following the precepts of the School of Kalis must have been quite lonely during the heights of the Piss Drunks era… But Anthony never lost his track, and this perseverance in a tech but powerful skating as well as in the sweatpants game just allowed him to turn pro for one of the most respectable brands out there, for the exact same reasons… Let's just celebrate this!

Meeting… Olivier "Boucle" Durou!

Let's get back on “Boucle” case, so you get a bit more than a sick part from him this week…

Olivier "Boucle" Durou / Premiere

Olivier Durou, is more widely known in France as "Boucle" for hair related reasons, and most likely associated to Toulouse, and therefore to a type of tech skating popular in the "Ville Rose". Nonetheless, Olivier stands out with his own approach to spots, with notably a great use of his natural pop. This part, filmed and edited by Julio Sola, illustrates perfectly that point! Enjoy it as Live exclusive, and expect an interview to learn more about "Boucle" and his whereabouts… Stay tuned!

Roger that!

Well, we almost completely missed that one out, didn't we!? That would have been a shame, as Roger Krebs is the perfect example of what we like to see: powerful, yet skilled skating through spots that seems super hard at first sight!