Textbook Kalis

Where Josh states once again the fundamentals when it comes to constructions lines…

Heat wave…

Lucas Puig had invited his colleagues to chill by the pool, while waiting to be able to skate again, but they just couldn't restrain themselves from sweating it out in the Toulouse streets… Who could blame them?

Dutch power!

If Sebastiaan Vijverberg closes The Bombaklats, a rather heavy on serious rippers full-length, it is for a very, very good reason: he brings to the table tons of unpredictable tricks or lines, with an interesting mix of street tech and complete disregard for the most brutal paving blocks there can be found North of Europe. You're going to love it!


One would know since Color Fools, the themed parts are a nightmare to get done, and this roughly from the fifth filmed trick or so… The undeniable talents of Ben Gore were an obvious asset, but in all seriousness, the concept of only skating two wheeled vehicles, only as they were found in the streets, on top of it, might be the worst great idea of all times. But, he just powers through a full-part, even getting a couple Harleys in the mix, and this only minutes from where the Hells Angels were started. Respect. And another reason to cope Bright Moments!


Since a little knowledge of your own history has never hurt, why not go back to not known (enough) part, like the Static I Jake Rupp's part? It's all here: power, originality all laced in a beyond relaxed style… Yes, all you love these days, but laid down perfectly, back in 1999. And it has not aged a bit!


OZ Smooth…

You know Dean Palmer, he isn't too shabby at smoothing his way through tech maneuvers… And here, he manages to bring back the shove-it (no pop) as single trick hammer! Not bad, not bad…

Boston postcard

The LURK NYC crew goes for a change of air by visiting on the East Coast cities with the richest skate history, and send some news, of notably a Shanahan still hell bent on single handedly bringing back the plastic parachute pants, while still managing to be one of the most interesting skaters to watch these days.

Nap mint nap vol.3

If the Budapest RIOS still needed an introduction, and a catch-phrase, they could use that one: "We just skate, our shoes try to keep up!"

Hockey II

6' 35, or where we find out that Ben Kadow can reach quasi Gonz-esque moments, just like that, at full speed at the bottom of a SF hill… On top of multiple proofs of a tremendous determination, even on the most dangerous ideas, even on the kind of switch that could only get you hurt. Oh, and that Andrew Allen kid is quite good, too…


You know the Street Feet folks, and their Canadian homies at Love, they are the kind to explore. Mainly their surroundings, but whenever they can, as far away as possible… Well, this time, they aimed for the other side of the planet, and not necessarily the most skate friendly. Because if Asia is quite a beloved destination for globe-trotting skaters, it only is for a few marble wonders that were not on the menu, this time. They took on visiting the local scene of countries like India, Manyar or Cambodia, nonetheless. Brace yourself, this is not a tour they are showing us here, it's a trip!

Field trip!

If you remember his interview in issue 1 of Push Periodical, you know he came back from far away, and for the best, as seen here…



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