Karim Bakhtaoui has been bringing back an often neglected art in the board manipulation: the poppin' and shovin' at high altitudes! And well done, those don't even need an addition of a flip to reach Gangster Status.

Tyler Warren

We had shown you the full length of Civic Affair, and here is the final part, just to remind you about the Tyler case… To be used without limitations, for motivational purposes!

Charles's tip: Miles Grube

"If you can roll, it's a spot!" It is true that young Miles is not messing around when it comes to look for places to put his wheels on: trucks, roofs, rejects from modern civilization, he'll put his mark on anything!

Soup time!

We had relayed the Boston skateshop, Orchad, video, and now that the parts are coming out one by one, it would be a shame to miss on three minutes of Kevin Coakley, especially when everything is good like that!

Home Sweet Home

Let's just say it: traveling through the hemispheres for the craziest trick does not necessarily make for something interesting… Flo Mirtain is here at his best. ”What else?", as they say in the non-sustainable coffee business…

Metal zen

Watch, they have just found out about the "Ôm" at Antiz!

Health hazard

We already knew Jon Rowe liked living, or at least skating, dangerously, but he seems to have develop a quite unsafe habit of landing tricks in dark and damp back alleys… Great, great stuff, according to us, and an ode to Hanzy Driscoll for the wall ride nose manual… At least, one can hope!



We've been following and mentioning Julian Klein since his Parisii featuring, as he is the productive kind, but here he tops himself with a long part that is so varied that it should make you re-watch more than a couple times some well thought/well executed tricks!

The wax ya need!

We got a slogan for them: "If it's good enough for Love Park, it's good enough for my town Post Office back parking lot!"

The trip

For all human beings born on the "West side" of the world, India still is the trip you should be taking at some point, for various sociological and cultural reasons… The Mosaic skateshop dudes have done it!

Miller Life

Sure, having pop "helps", but then it's all about what you do with it that counts… On a few spots that are not made of Chinese marble, Matt Miller demonstrates his adaptability (like one the front shove 50!), but the Dôme switch heel demonstrates that he can actually invent a line at a legendary spot!