Lacoste alert!

We are always eager for more Nate, here, at Live, and here comes a part out of nowhere, including everything we like about his skating: the great lines, the always surprising pop, and the tricks flipped to perfection… Great stuff, here, really great stuff!

Charles' tip: once again Al Davis!

"You either got it, or you don't…" True Charles! And once again, Al demonstrates a complete "spotlessness"…


Color Fools / coming soon!

A year and a half to search for spots, and try to skate them… That could be your classic formula to "do a video". Apart from one little detail: that color thing!

Postcard from Edmonton

According to internet, Edmonton is the capitol of Alberta, which seems to be a Canadian province of sorts… And, according to this edit, this place is quite happening, despite being located far, far away from our world! But, seriously, don't skip this, we will have warned you!

Le Vicious Circle

Proof that HD doesn't need Californian blue skies… You knew his "lo def" work through Parisii, but demonstrates here that what matters, first, is what you show, and not the camera you use!

Meeting… Maxime Geronzi!

As everybody is still in shock from his Excuse My French part, Gypsylife is about to put him back under the spotlight!

Parisii XVIII

Second to most populated arrondissement of the city, the XVIIIth is a fascinating cocktail, in between highly touristic spots and a social and cultural diversity that surely ranked it quite high amongst the infamous "no go zones" of Fox News… All this actually makes for one of the most representative areas of Paris, for all its contradictions and its richness. Plus, this arrondissement is built on hills, which can only add to it all!
When it comes to Parisii, the XVIIIth is also a mix of sorts, as Greg Dezecot and Olivier Fanchon have decided to invite the new generation along, including its filmers. Expect to see new faces, on spots rarely seen, but all still cooked à la Parisii!
You can follow all Parisii, since the beginning, here.

The Red Devil.

New edit, and the player works, now! "a video by William Strobeck for Supreme. STARRING Aidan Mackey, Sean Pablo, Anthony Van Engelen, Alex Olson, Sage Elsesser, Jason Dill, Tyshawn Jones, Kevin Bradley, Na-kel Smith" Need we say more!?

Raw, raw, Rowe!

Jon seems to have a minor problems with authority, don't you think? And a knack for skating at night… But, that gap to boardslide pop up, on that famous spot in Los Angeles, is just killer!


Mini ramp, mega fun!

Where one can see that the streets are fun, but backyards can be great, also… And where one can sense a Daclin influence on some of those Lucas tricks!

Feel the Damage!

Our homies from Feel Skateboarding just released this fine edit –celebrating their collab' with Damage Corp.– reminding us all that there is way more happening in Spain than tourism on wheels, and give us the occasion to warn you about some up-coming projects we have lined up with them. Stay tuned!

Jeunes Parisiens

This is the new generation growing in Paris, and if we let them open for the premiere of the new Parisii episode, a couple days ago, there is a reason! As a bonus, you will get to see some footage of new New-Yorker Vincent Touzery!


Wait to pass announcement...