De Paris / Premiere

One year of skating in Paris to flip through: that's the idea behind De Paris, in between almanac and "yearbook"… Tonight is the first time the book will be visible, but if you couldn't book a flight in time, we got you covered: Live is exclusively premiering the part edited by Guillaume Périmony for the launch. Unseen footage only, from locals and friends, and a good idea of the general vibe going on these days in the Parisian streets…


Meanwhile in London…

Meeting… Stephen Malet!

After premiering Stephen's remix from the recent Heroin video, here is a little introduction to a so British Parisian…

Lisbon Story

This is definitely the proof that we don't see enough of Harry Lintell, and that's a shame… Oh, this also doubles as a great teaser to a future Kevin Rodrigues part, doesn't it?

Le Champion

Eniz' absolute composure when he rips a post off the ground to end a line, and the fact that he seemed more concerned about fixing it right way than anything else, might be as admirable as his talent on a board…

Charles' tip: Howard's Groove

"Did we miss out on that one, or this just came out? Many great things here, including Barry Mansfield, the very first Charles' Tip in the history of Live Skateboard Media." Always on point, Charles, and yep, we did not see that new Josh Roberts production coming, shame on us! Great job from his part, as expected!

Raw Page

We knew Barney Page able to adapt to any situation, but the few raw lines he has in those extras from his recent Etnies part really make you want to see more of that!

Stephen Malet "Video Nasty", le remix!

To celebrate another excuse to eat candy for vaguely religious and forgotten reasons, Heroin skateboards is giving us this remix of their Parisian rider, the one and only Stephen Malet! You know him from the Parisii series, where he is a fixture, but this will show you a wider array of his talents on a board. Another Live exclusive, while waiting for Stephen interview tomorrow!

Rising suns

One major pro about going to Okinawa is you're pretty sure to hit spots that aren't blown up, yet… Then again, with this kind of crew, you should be fine. A special note for Maxime Geronzi who is establishing an all terrain status that is quite a pleasure to watch!

Lurk tv

Ah, the streets, their more or less inebriated inhabitants, their inherent complex wardrobe choices and hair color drama…

New G's

Paris to Bruxelles is an hour hour of fast train, and results in five minutes of spicy footage from the new Parisian generation!


Collabos can be cool, but Atlas skateshop is involved, you know it's taking another level! And, no, Mark Suciu isn't the only one getting some shine, here…