Ledge time!

All, right, slappys and wallies are way fun to do, but learning tricks is also good times! And what's even better, is putting them together!? Seb Batty is demonstrating it, here, with an oh so Brittish heritage in his use of the available marble in order to put together technical lines that actually look good. All this for for Grey Skate Mag, that also gives us more on the young Mancunian



Where our friend Murilo manages to get the permit to skate for three days only Praça Victor Civita, a privately owned space completely forbidden to any four wheelers, despite inviting shapes and forms… The whole thing also seem like a trap, but with the cream of Brazilian street skaters, they manage to make the best of their (short) time there!

Meeting… Lucas Beaufort!

Make a documentary about the future of skateboard magazines, in 2017… We had to ask the author: "But, why!?"


Hey, let's go for some Hawaiian vibes, shall we? In order to celebrate Indian Summer! Plus you get a masterclass on how to get the line in pools by Lance Mountain!

Fox alert!

In order to compliment an interview for Theories of Atlantis, Australian filmer Josh Roberts dropped a short but sweet edit of the ever jittery Glen we all love!


Memory screen

Our homie Blake Myers recently spent a week at David Stenström's, in order to learn about the rather enigmatic character… Not sure he found all the answers he was looking for, but one thing is for sure: the kid really is a natural on his board!

Wade alert!

Technique, technique, technique from the only world champion we ever cared about… And style for miles!

Kev's tip: Tom O'Reilly!

"I can't figure out what goes through his brain, but he just blows my mind. I was thinking people should just see this!" Kevin Rodrigues is surveying the youth, and wants you to know about Tom O'Reilly!

Ishod alert!

Where the man manages to terrorize Phillyside with complete smoothness, before filming a nollie flip 50-50 on a round handrail for a homie video!

Sebba's tip!

When someone who has been skating for around thirty years tells you to check out some young bucks edit, you sure do! Realize this is the LFE crew he's taking about, and you get ready from some serious shredding from both sides of the Franco-Swiss border. With an ever full of pop Jordan Queijo!

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

With "Loose Trucks Max" as a nickname many moons before making a last name for himself, we've been following Mister Palmer, and as years went by, one fact has just been confirmed: the longing desire to be Max Palmer when one grows up, or at least skate like him!


Grey country…

If one would believe Pop Clips, Holland seems like a little sad, at least when it comes to the color palette… But, when it comes to real fun looking spots to skate with the crew, that seems like heaven. Where does the true truth lie!?


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