The Northern Co. / Summer NYC / galerie

An exciting visual appetizer to the Premiere of the newest edit from The Northern Co., by the one and only Colin Read!

The gift

No impossible trick, no dangerous transfer here, nope… Just a quick sesh at the mini bowl with the homies, but the undeniable demonstration that CK1 speaks to his board like some whispers to horses…

Crockett alert!

It seems, from the look of this, that tattoos still don't take all of Gilbert's time, and that skateboarding still reigns supreme in his heart… Then again, it's not like we had any doubt!

All for one!

Night falls also on the Empire of the Rising Sun… And this is when they come out!

Anthony Boudard / Premiere

Apart from a recent interview in Sugar magazine and sporadic photos in French media, Anthony is not on the highly visible list, despite being more than able to produce the kind of skateboarding you like to watch… It is therefore with pleasure we are offering you –as an exclusive– this part showcasing the talents as well as the character of this young man, realized by long time friend, David Couliau. Their city of Nantes hasn't been in a spotlight for a while, also, so this just gets better!

Park life

"Streetparks" edits are not really our cup of tea, but Jahmal Smith might be the only dude capable of making that activity exciting enough to get recognized by Palace, a crew usually more prone to street flings… Plus, considering the guests, everybody is on the same wave length!


Perfect mix of a sesh with buddies and big tricks caught on pixels via a phone, once again! A special nod to Na-kel, though… He's got the power!

What's the word? Johannesburg!

South Africa is rarely mentioned when it comes to skateboarding, even when exotic destinations are discussed… Those three did not hesitate to go check out what was going, and if they had ditches over there. One should note Rémy's line on the spot made famous by Dill in Skate More, and the ATV qualities of the young Felipe!
Also, in case you were wondering what inspired the title of this post, you should head over here.

Ode to Joy

Logical follow-up to Cherry, this short by William Strobeck is in the direct lineage of his own personal edits, always punchy, and always mixing the expected heroes like Dill with complete surprises like the Bryan Herman cameo here… And, yes, the kids are growing facial hair, now, and yes, the debates on who deserves what, and who is actually "good" are just going to grow, but, end of the day, Nakel just earn the most exciting line evolving a handrail in years, and that's quite something.


Until now, La Paz was more known for its biggest DIY skatepark in the world, but Karsten Kleppan and Flo Mirtain took upon exploring the streets of the city –as well as more arid areas– under the digital eye of Boris Proust. This makes for a great new episode of the Nokia Pureviews series, mixing the joy of exploration with straight ripping, as expected from such young men…

Morning waves

According to our very limited knowledge of the whole subject, you can count the "real surfers" very early in the morning, at a time when very few have a car parked in front of the ocean, and are in the water, trying to catch a couple waves, before heading to work… Those two lines of Greyson Fletcher should give you the urge to roll over deserted transitions, at dawn, to kick start your day! One might doubt Greyson went to clock in at the factory after that, though…

Cory's Life

Now imagine having, for a day, Cory's board control… Just one day!