Beware, your Sunday is about to start the best possible way! We announced it yesterday with Danny Sommerfeld's Galerie, –he's the TPDG Supplies main man– here stands, as a LIVE exclusive, the newest video production from the German gang. And boy, you're in for good stuff… The street skating we all dig, tech or raw when needed, with both power and finesse. Add a custom track by Figub Brazlevic, and you are in for a couple of motivational viewings before getting out the house! Enjoy the click. Oh, and Danny shuts down a famous spot, in the most glorious manner in here!


Even if his WKND stint is not supposed to be more than that, a stint, Eric Koston still digs skating with the team, his buddies, and that gives us the occasion to see the whole crew to go at it, on those Los Angeles spots that keeps on looking dreamy… If you do forget they are hours of drive from each others.

TPDG 2016 / Danny Sommerfeld / GALERIE

Danny Sommerfeld puts us in the mood for their new TPDG Supplies production, to be premiered tomorrow on LIVE!

Charles' tip: Jarne & Jacopo!

"Jarne and that Jacopo dude, only really, really great stuff!" Well, duh!

Real men skate too!

Ah, Andrew Allen… The antidote to the androgynous cult! Physically, first of, as it would be difficult to be more "grown ass", well, apart from the flaming hair jobs, maybe… But, mainly, in his skating, as you will not find an ounce of frail in the way he handles those streets! Big boned, big style!

De Keyser alert!

OK, OK, short, and sweet! But what a great occasion to (re-)visit a classic

Evan Smith alert!

He took a few colleagues for a business trip to the Country of the Rising Sun, and they put in the work! Damn, how much class can one Evan have!?

Pop de printemps!

You can definitely see how pumped they are, here, the Pop Trading Company homies! Yes, the good weather is around the corner, they are ready!

Sign of the times

Damn, everybody is out there for poor skaters, in those mean NYC streets, isn't it!?

Sondre & Amandus

Those two have it all figured out! Your Sunday evening "feel good movie", for sure…

Meanwhile, in Paris…

Comes with an important message: "(PLZ LISTEN WITH A GOOD SOUND SYSTEM,BASS RECOMMENDED" There, we said it!

Günes alert!

Ah, Günes, the perfect son-in-law… Tech, quick, eclectic, and always smiling! What else you want!?


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