Man in the street

Ah, Vincent Alvarez… The pro skater that must cover the most kilometers a day on his board, while also being the one costing the least in wheels to his sponsors. A real hero, raising from the streets, notably those of Los Angeles and its spots lost between a highway and a dusty back alley. And, yes, his buddies are cut from the same cloth. Here, get your dose of motivation for the week, we tell you!

Swiss Exposure / PREMIERE

For the past five years, Julien Januszkiewicz has been living between his beloved Bordeaux and Switzerland, which has allowed him to add many new friends from the other side of the lake to his Bordeaux Exposure.full-lengths. Already working on the next one, he takes time here to put together a nice little remix of his footage from Switzerland, which doubles up as a Who's Who of a scene we often cover, here. One of those that is way more active than we hear about. So, Thanks, Julien, for this PREMIERE!

Chris + Colin = ?

Perfection? Well, close enough, here, that's for sure… We are not gonna sing you another round of "Spirit Quest is THE best video of 2016, and beyond". (You can still cope, here or here… if you have missed out). But those two are just more than complementary. From the explosive and creative skating of Chris Jones, to the genius (a term we never use, here) of Colin Read, proved here by the soundtrack used among other things, this part is just perfect. If skateboarding is still cool, it is because of collaborations like this…

Le king of Paris

Ever dream of a compilation of all recent things K-Rod on Instagram? Well, boom, here it is. Click, click!

Noah Bunink / Le remix…

Noah, the name is more than familiar, from those Pop Clips: always the unexpected line, and feet both quick and agile! Being lucky enough to have spent quality curb side time with this fine young man, we can also certify he is a good egg… So, why not put together his best footage, and hand it to a common friend, Victor Demonte to have fun with it? The final result will be a motivation high for all, even in the most charmingly (?) heavy in interlocking slabs Holland is infamous for. And stay tuned for more!

A big thanks to Sami el Hassani, Marc Bolhuis, Jan Maarten Sneep and Ralf Goossens for contributing their footie!

Allen alert!

This is short but oh so sweet! Including the kind of frontside shove you want to learn!


You could have guessed that Fred Gall and co are not too into your perfect DIY built downtown with a city permit, but tend more to gather in the deep end of abandoned industrial areas, reclaimed through harsh trowel strokes… Which does not stop them from ripping!

Meanwhile, at Southbank…

Stephen Khou steals the show!


The youngest among you would not be aware of it, but for a few decades, Canadian skateboarding was struck by some sort of affliction that would make most of its talent invisible, if not even "not cool", with a few notable exceptions like Rick Howard, or even Mark Appleyard… But those times seems far away, as their new generation –on the contrary– has been the edge of cutting edge for a couple years, now, and this edit is the definitive proof of that. And we are not discussing neither pants length nor width, here. Nope, simply and purely the act of manipulating a skateboard in a more or less hostile urban environment.

Cool as a summer breeze…

It's getting hot, and it's about to get too hot, so let's keep cool, with this little dose of Malte Spitz who, just as he got us used to, makes the most-est BerlinRough™ spot look fun and easy… In complete control.


This young man got pop, but does not just blast fat ollies, far from that! And it's a pleasure to watch… One think notably of that one nollie fifty backside 180 out. But, we'll you judge that!


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