Pop, pop, pop, fourth round!

For the Mont des Arts line, in Brussels, only, this would already be worth our attention. "Quick Feet" you say?

Meeting… Eli Reed!

New team, new part? Check. Exclusive interview for Live? Check.


In 3D!

Pop, pop: Tom Karangelov demonstrates in a few intense seconds why he got picked by Brian Anderson to be the first amateur for his brand, 3D…


This could be a study on all things to NOT do in a skateboard edit, but it totally works in the end… Watch out if you are prone to epilepsy, though, or just too serious! From the look of this, Toronto seems like a great place to do that skate thing, doesn't it?

Guess who's back?

Since his part in Making Friends With The Color Blue – Blueprint swan song – we had been waiting for the follow-up… He had vanished a bit when the British brand died, and since every glimpse of him had been too short. He was the perfect candidate for the relaunch of Traffic, and he proves it here with three minutes of shitty spots from his area, conquered elegantly, always with the unexpected trick. Kevin Coakley is one classy act…


This young Canadian got a few surprises up his sleeves, including some manuals at unexpected moments!

Ze trick!

All right, so, your little mission for the week-end is to learn to to do backside ollies like you would do on a transition, but off a curb, or a ledge… Good luck!


So, it looks like Adrien Bulard has filmed his turning pro part in one afternoon in Créteil, and is also from "Paris, France", now… Jokes aside, Sergio Muñoz got quick feet on nose wheelies!

It's all skatable…

Proof, here: logs, trees, scrapes of metal, various street trash… It's all good!

In place

A little Who's Who of San Jose skateboarding, this edit is a nugget in terms of "homie vid'"… And, yes, Suciu does have a mini part in there, don't worry!

The sounds of summer

This part excerpt from Routine Bondage, dedicated to the infamous Swiss Warriors, reminds us all the good times that come during the summer as a crew (because this is what the Warriors are, primarily!): that one big trick because, well, why not; the silly tattoo because everybody did it, the partying on a highway parking lot, somewhere on the way to a far away spot…

Now, that's a demo!

The DVS stop in Lyon gives Daewon Song the occasion to teach the younglings a few things about mini-ramp skating –a really fun activity that can be a bit difficult to make exciting to watch– and let Adrien Coillard write a new page on his hammers list!