Always a laugh, always different faces… Skating captured between Paris, Rennes, New York City and Barcelona that will make you ring your homies!

Lucas est là!

Once again, Palace takes everybody by surprise, by not dropping the infamous full-length, but a relatively short edit, with mainly two strong points: off course Lucas Puig settles in nicely, by skipping the induction seminar to just moving in the office with the sea view and all… That, and a quasi full part of Danny Brady that will put the younglings in check about why they should have full respect for the man! From Jahmal Smith to Rory Milanes –and let's not forget Lucien Clarke– everybody is in fine form, here, and no when they go to NYC it is not just to open new stores… Let's also note an Olly Todd featuring, shall we?

Jeunes de maintenant

If you ever wonder what might be happening these days in Paris, young Augustin Giovannoni should be your best bet… Proof here, in moving images, with a nice little postcard resulting from his recent adventures. And, if you want to know more, from now on, you will be able to follow the #liveSBreport!

Pass-port to heaven!

It now is official: your favorite Australians from Pass-Port are giving up the VX dream, and celebrate with a massive hard-drive clean up… This might not be much more than that, but considering the crew, rest assured that you are in for some sick skating, all in 4/3 format, for the very last time! Plus, they do keep their tongue in cheek approach…

The ill shit…

This is not the first time we will praise the Deep Dish heads, and most likely not the last, and once again these guys demonstrate that their city of Chicago is full of treasures –at various levels of rust– but above all else that they know what to do with it , from the ledge combos of Steffen Watts that would make a Paul Shier proud to the always punchy lines of Brett Weinstein. One of the best edits to have dropped on the internets for quite some time now. For real.

Alex Raeymaekers / le remix

All right, it is Alex's turn to get the Victor Demonte, remix treatment of his Pop Trading Company footage, just like he did for Noah Bunink. Mister Raeymaekers has got the quick feet thing mastered, and puts it to great use, so you should dig it! Street skating as we would love to do, with a smile on his face at all times… Well, almost. Another LIVE exclusive!

Meeting… Alex Raeymaekers!

Just as we did with Noah Bunink, recently, we will propose you, tomorrow, a remix of all the young Belgian footage for Pop Trading Company. Until then, we sent Aymeric Nocus his way, to get to know him a little bit more…


William Monerris always seems to never settle anywhere, and this time he chose Paris to film this edit, with Hadrien Buhannic. As he has us accustomed, the skating is clean with a tendency to balance his front truck that pleases the eye!

Blue Hawaii

Hawaii: one might associate it with the fantasy of sipping on more or less strong cocktails your feet deep in white sand for a brief period of time, more than with actually living there and skating under the scorching sun… But, this is what the locs do, and trust us they do it well and right! If this local production does not put a smile on your face and fire in your heart, we guarantee a full refund!

Plaza life

Where Ross Norman reminds us the benefits of circling endlessly the same spot everyday can have for you ledge game… That, and how amazing granite can sound!

De Keyzer alert!

There is literraly nothing not good about this Bobby: complex lines, smart manuals, perfect execution… Just perfect!


Could it be that those red bricks are the reason visitors get so "irie" when in Amsterdam? Frank skateboards is not dead? So many questions…


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