Raw Soy!

Watch that first try kickflip 5-0 of Soy Panday again, as well as some of the magical lines that made his Static III part what it was, in all their raw glory… Plus the absolute collectedness of Nate Broussard that is still impressive almost a decade later…

Blue Tile Lounge "Raccoon Alley"

You might have spotted that one in the tidal wave of content that has surfaced in the latest days, but missing out on that one would be a crime, as this Toronto skateshop produces another quality edit, well, a high caliber edit, actually! Seems like Quartersnacks was right about Canada taking over

CK him

Well, this week is on the heavy side, isn't it!? And now, we have Cory Kennedy reminding us in a few tricks, in between the circus act and the luxury guests, the raw talent he has, and also the search for the ultimate stoke he seems to practice wherever his wheels might lead him… Enjoy the show!

Eniz Alert!

What to say, what to say? ESOTY? Once again?

Rich Dish

You have enjoyed Brett Weinstein and Matt Nordness parts from Deep Dish 2, here, and you now have the possibility to watch it in full, and it'd be a shame to pass it out: Chicago has been one of those cities that might not always been too visible on the proverbial skate map, but always had a vivid scene and raised many talented skaters. Here is your chance to get an idea on what is happening over there in 2015! Follow all things Deep Dish, here

NYC to Miami

Historically, New-Yorkers go to Miami to enjoy quiet and restful days, for a short break, but mainly to retire…Tyshawn doesn't seem to have the same idea of lazy days in the sun! And a good chunk of the Adidas Skateboarding team follows his lead in a reckless attack of all spots, no matter what the temperature of humidity levels. Yes, they broke a sweat!

The Mondays

Imagine yourself riding for Brian Anderson… Pressure anyone? Tom Karangelov has never been lacking skills, so one must think he wasn't stressing it, but one can fell he went a bit further, here, to not look for "hard tricks" but the great idea on impossible grounds to boot… Way to make B.A. proud!


The Club Gear squad is back, and throw it down! Those Canadians have been on to something, lately, uh!?

Hooked up!

Since the backside 360 is in the air (whether or not the front foot touches the grip), why not pay homage to on the masters? On top of being one of the pioneers of modern street skating, Jeremy Klein has been holding the fort, since, with his brand Hook-Ups, and the way he chooses to run it, perfectly illustrated, here with this collab with Etnies.

Indian Summer

Autumn blues is still far away, so enjoy the sunny days, with maybe a bit of inspiration from this edit of Augustin Giovannoni and friends summer, from Paris, London and Montpellier! Ah, summer sessions…

Marseille Zoo!

Straight Outta Mars! The previous Marseille Zoo episodes were pretty tight, and this one looks like it will be a step up! One of the most "underground" cities in France is rising up, and it is a nice sight!

A young god…

A young Lucas… Need to say more?



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