Churb life!

With many a rarely seen Bordeaux spot, some perfect Romain Batard action: great skating, good laughs, good good stuff!

Monsieur Oskar!

Well, it's going to be difficult to refer to him with a cute little nickname, right?

The card

Decidedly, they got it all figured out at Pass-Port… From Josh Pall to Callum Paul, they do have all bases of pure class covered!

Simple et funky!

One could almost spot a little Pops allure on the young Mark Humienik, in the way he manages to make non-spots that are most likely unridable real fun and easy…

Postcard from Edinburgh

A little visit to our Scottish neighbors, that did not let the winter get to them, or so it seems!

Pop fans!

Our Pop Trading Company boys got fans, real fans, fan enough  to collect all their clips and make a nice collage out of it!

Meantime, in London…

With such a casting, in one of the most photogenic city when it comes to skating, one was expecting something amazing… But, dammit!

Son of Love

Mark Del Negro is one hell of a product of his environment… From impeccable technique, even on precarious terrain, to complex lines in style, one could draw a family tree of East Coast skateboarding, from Love Park slabs to those Jersey barriers. A perfect young man, especially on Hopps!

Street chemistry

You are in for a little trip to the streets of Stockholm, for some street skating mixing both tech and impossible grounds, via the younglings of local shop, Streetlab

Ode to Ron…

Just for that Ron Allen style one foot ollie, this would be good, but the rest is so full of nonchalance, this is just great.

Thaynan alert!

Now, this is the perfect follow-up to our previous post! This Brazilian native is the poster boy for these times were all influences can be mixed into the perfect recipe…

Murilo's tip: "em movimento sincopado."

Our expert in all things filmed in Portuguese sends your way a rather radical dose of sun drenched street skateboarding… The Brazilian skating we love to watch!


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