It is Friday, and you should have that Judas Priest song stuck in your head for the whole week-end, which could help you skate a little bit faster! Don't shy away of also taking notes from Danish Ravenal in his lack of concern for the roughness of the grounds he chooses to skate…

Lightbox: Grey

This could be a  "Pinto Alert!", but this is mainly the reaffirmation that Phil Evans is one of the rare filmmakers documenting skateboarding right now that is constantly innovating, in form or content… Super 8, animated drawings, a trip to a foreign land? Well, this looks like nothing you would expect! You can also check out the Grey Skate Mag related feature, here.

A Public Service announcement

Barker Barrett is the living proof that you definitely do not need the body of a smooth-faced young ephebe to understand and practice skateboarding for it is worth… And it is a beautiful thing. Yes, it is!

Color Fools / Green Fool / Gabriel Zufferey

The second to last part of Color Fools crosses the border, which makes sense for such a project based a few kilometers away from Switzerland: "Gab is a skater I would always notice whenever I was in Geneva! But I never met him until we started speaking about filming his part. His style is powerful, he doesn't fake it… He works at a skateshop, but also at the local skatepark. This Argentinean Swiss is part of the OG2000 crew, and it is an Argentinean friend, Mario Musicart, that composed his track, with a reference to the color, like for every other part…"
Follow the whole project, supported by Posca, here!

Le Rowan

Just for that switch line in that natural snake run in the outskirts of Paris…

Charles' tip: Making of Polar's Manhattan Days

"Great stuff!" And a nice illustration of the fact that showcasing the "fun" side of skateboarding sometimes takes a bit of sweat and tears…


Now that is one Hell of a look book! Clearly in the "beautiful tech" genre, you can't mess with Hélas…

Very chill…

"Hurry up, I wanna see some goddamed tricks, nigga!"


From the mirrored backside nosegrind revert line to the gravely spots tackled easily, Chris Mathis got something for everybody, and doesn't even get bothered by a wheel falling of mid trick…


This a rather heavy postcard coming from Minneapolis, including notably the famous Familia part with the insane Radiohead cover that we already showed you, and way more than that, including what is the best DVD packaging seen in years!

Ah, vacationing!

Justin Strubing, Bobby Worrest and Plastic Bertand!? Now, how could you start the week-end a better way?


Hard to fake it on those types of inclines… There you stand in front of absolute board control.


Wait to pass announcement...