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Brian is one of those few skaters that do embody that creativity we love to associate to our favorite pastime…
Creative, he first was on his board, as a pioneer to a technical yet fluid street skating during the 90s, before hanging his pro skateboarder hat and departing to explore new horizons and study arts. To then come back to his first love, and never leave again… Still the owner of a smooth and timeless style, Brian could just play “legend” and live off his past, but he just never stopped experimenting, from creating brands like Telegraph skateboards to writing video projects like 1st & Hope –a guided tour of Downtown LA with the skaters that personified it through the generations–, always looking for a way to transcribe and share his cherished activity. The most recent example would be Blue Line, a true masterpiece glorifying the pure beauty of skateboarding.
So, when the idea of asking Brian for an Audio solidified, the painting theme, his other great passion, quickly became obvious. Below, you’ll find the self-portrait and list of tunes he listen to, when changing his mind from the streets while working a canvas…

Illustration: Brian Lotti
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