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Color Fools, full video!

You can now watch the full length in its entirety, and not part by part, and this does not give you the itch to search for spots under the sun, for the length of the summer, we just don't get it!

Color Fools / Black Fool / Adrian Poncet

With the task of closing down Color Fools, one could guess Adrian Poncet would have quite the load of spots, but he also got a little more than that, as confirms Julien Paccard, the brain behind this project where skaters can only film on one designated color: "Adrian could only be the Black Fool: not only is he very gifted as a skateboarder, but also because of the fact that living up in the mountains in Chamonix, he chooses to never turn on the heat in his apartment… He just does not compromise, over nothing. He loves skateboarding, and could care less about anything else!"
Find the complete project, supported by Posca, here!

Color Fools / Green Fool / Gabriel Zufferey

The second to last part of Color Fools crosses the border, which makes sense for such a project based a few kilometers away from Switzerland: "Gab is a skater I would always notice whenever I was in Geneva! But I never met him until we started speaking about filming his part. His style is powerful, he doesn't fake it… He works at a skateshop, but also at the local skatepark. This Argentinean Swiss is part of the OG2000 crew, and it is an Argentinean friend, Mario Musicart, that composed his track, with a reference to the color, like for every other part…"
Follow the whole project, supported by Posca, here!

Color Fools / Blue Fool / Julien Paccard

The sixth part of Color Fools is a bit more special, as it is the one that started it all! Julien Paccard had first decided to tackle himself the challenge of filming a full part on naturally blue spots only, as he was telling us a little while ago, before dragging in a whole gang of reckless fools in the mix… So, yes, this Blue Fool is the film maker behind the whole thing, and the least you can say is that filming his seven associates did not slow him down for his own personal mission! The part also features a custom track from Matias Elichabehere… Go on, Blue Boy!
Follow the whole project, supported by Posca, here!

Color Fools / Pink Fool / Paul Anguenot

Do you even know about one pink spot!? This fifth part from the Color Fools project sounded like a nightmare to make happen, but it seems like Julien Paccard had found the ideal candidate for it: "When I proposed the pink part to Paul, I only had met him a couple hours prior. You only need to watch him skate for a few minutes to realize there is something wrong with him! He is studying architecture and, frankly, I'm worried his future constructions might be as odd as his tricks! His head is somewhere else, but his feet are sure on his board…"

Color Fools / Red Fool / Julien Morin

With this Red Fool, Color Fools takes up some color, in a literal as well as figurative sense, as we introduce quite the colorful character here, as explains Julien Paccard: "Morin is 27 and works in an Annecy hospital, where you can rent televisions from him. Red fits him pretty well: any session with him, you will come back with five different footage, all filmed within two hours… It is also quite possible that three quarters of this part have been filmed hangover. That's for him, not me… He sure likes to party, but despite that, stays focused and efficient!"
You can check the whole project, supported by Posca, here!

Color Fools / Orange Fool / Sylvain Bergasse

Our Color Fools series is starting to beef up a little, with a third episode, and therefore a new color: orange! How many spots of that hue do you have around your neck of the world? Maybe none… That did not stop Sylvain Bergasse to tackle it, as explains the Color Fools mastermind, Julien Paccard: "Sylvain is 25, studies psychomotricy in Geneva and survives off French welfare, but that stopped him from buying plane tickets to go find orange spots! He does ressemble his color, actually: always in a good mood!"

Color Fools / Yellow Fool / Stéphane Zanette

Color Fools keeps on unfolding, with a second part that could seem tricky, at first: yellow! That would be unless the Yellow Fool is Stéphane Zanette, as he's the kind of guy with always a new spot up his sleeve! Julien Paccard, the film maker had this to say about his Fool: "Stéphane is 40, lives in Barcelona where he is teaching math, and skates more than anyone I know. We met about seven years ago, in Annecy, where I was doing University. We skated a lot together, with a similar look at it. Now, he is a good friend whom I travel with on the regular, and with equal contentment each time. He is behind the SkhateYou site, which will tell you a lot about the guy…"

Color Fools / White Fool / Marc Leblanc

Who would have been better to kick start the project than Marc Leblanc, with the White Fool part? An old friend of Julien, the mind behind Color Fools, he still managed to film a full part on white spots only, despite an heavy schedule… In terms of motivation, he is quite up there. About Marc, Julien told us that: "He is the guy that does the most nose manuals I know… He's tech and hates no-comply's but still has a couple in his part. He's not a Fool for nothing! He films better than anyone with a VX, way better than I do, actually… He's been living in Annecy for about ten years, and is the one of us that traveled the less, since he's got a wife, a kid, and also travels the world to film George Clooney for his company. Seriously!" Marc is quite the boss, let's say it!

Color Fools, 5 W's!

While waiting for the premiere tomorrow in Annecy, and for the first part to drop online on Monday, Julien Paccard tells us more about his quite unique project…

Color Fools / coming soon!

A year and a half to search for spots, and try to skate them… That could be your classic formula to "do a video". Apart from one little detail: that color thing!

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