Lui Araki alert!

Just a couple of weeks after Jameel Douglas', it is now time for another section from the new Magenta full-length video "JUST CRUISE 2" to drop online, this time directly hosted on their YouTube channel and featuring Lui Araki (notably of Strush Wheels and L.I.F.E. fame). Two minutes of free-flowing frantic footwork in and around a city of Bordeaux which really has come a long way in terms of reception since Léo Valls' local implication; and then all the way to Paris, too, as to make an extended take of a French trip (courtesy of Covid regulations) all the more worthwhile.

An article on Lui's part is up on the Magenta website here, and Clément Harpillard's "JUST CRUISE 2" photo zine can still be found here.

The camera work still is by Stéphane "Feugz" Feugasse and Andréa Dupré, and the soundtrack is by Matías Enaut.


"DEVELOPMENT" is a new nine-minute video straight out of Sapporo, Japan; it is absolutely stellar on all fronts and, since the filmmaker: Katsuhiro Abe graciously provided us with some precious commentary, let's leave it up to him to directly speak:

"I am an uncle with over thirty years of skateboarding experience and over twenty years of skateboarding video experience.

Sapporo, Hokkaido is an island country in Japan, and half of the year is covered with snow, making it impossible to skate outside.

The city of Sapporo today has lost its old townscape due to redevelopment.
This video is a work created from the perspective of the changing cityscape and the young people of the future.
Reiji Hasegawa, the main character, is still nineteen years old, while Shin KomakiYuji Komatsu and Riki Kumagai are in their early twenties.
Riki started film photography from this project and now spends nights in the darkroom.
The music is also original and produced with my close friend artist Takeshi Nagasaki." - Katsuhiro Abe

One can check out a dedicated photo gallery by Riki here, and the AFCSAPPORO YouTube channel, here!

"Mon Gars" Loophole x Marseille / Zach Chamberlin 5W's!

A new video piece by the legendary Zach Chamberlin just dropped via the San Francisco wheel co., Loophole wheels and we're talking a solid eight minutes of impeccably presented sincere skateboarding on and through the old streets of Marseille, France, featuring the perfect mix of some of the team, locals and visitors and friends from all over, joining forces and vibes on some of the country's oldest crusty spots.

So, "MON GARS IN MARSEILLE" is plenty to possibly wax lyrical about - but let's let the skating do the talking, and also the person who - once again - brillantly captured it all thanks to his trademark Sony VX-1000 and Super-8 wizardry: Zach was down to answer some of our questions indeed, regarding the process, the city and his current activity with Loophole and in general. You can find the resulting conversation in 5W's form, below!

Just Jam

While the new full-length Magenta video "JUST CRUISE 2" continues its worldwide circuit of local premieres, following in the footsteps of the former installment from 2016, and as a way to set the mood prior to imminent release (in addition to this booklet of photos accumulated by Clément Harpillard along the sessions), Jameel Douglas' section just went up as one paticularly promising appetizer, courtesy of Free Skate Mag service, for everyone to enjoy already.

And in true chef meal fashion, no tastebud type shall be overlooked between Jameel's trademark casual flow, technicity that doesn't forget to contextualize itself in creative, original ways, and flawless production in regards to both the camera (here worked by Andréa Dupré and Thomas Courteille, who went to give Feugz a hand) and the editing.

A gem of a video part that breathes organic and so the oxygen of which very much risks contaminating you, with possible salutary effects on your health.

One can read an article on the video by Vivien Feil, right here, and another one is to be found in the latest issue of SuGaR Skate Mag which just came out.

Torio, Torio...

Well of course, if one of the best parts from the best 2018 independent skate video only so many people really saw (and it should go without saying at this point how we mean the full DVD the Japanese crew behind Toriotoko dropped that very year) is now directly streamable online, and uploaded straight by the author, then we can only back it.

If you're new here - Toriotoko is the efficient, nocturnal crew conducted by the fantastic Mitsuko Toshiba who's mostly renowned for working during the day, filming at night, and rarely sleeping; and so, every ingredient is there at hand for quite the spicy cosmic salsa, one just about to sting your flank with its VX, clearly improvised maneuver, prowess and spot match-ups, and one final cut of raw black and white dip.

Last but not least, they also actually know how to Internet and so, without excess but maybe when it comes to unlisting their older montages from their YouTube channel; uncertainty has been established a habit and so, might as well subscribe!

HAL alert!

Some audiovisual news from the Japanese company Strush Wheels always makes for our favorite output to relay on LIVE, and this one just doesn't, couldn't miss as it consists in a postcard from Shinsuke Haruta also known as HAL, updating us from his hometown of Geisei, a village situated in the Kōshi Prefecture that is "mountains and greenhouses" - a drastically different environment from his previous habitat, Osaka.

Miguel's tip: "Vultos"

Vultos or "figures" refers to those furtive, fugitive illusions born from just as many marriages between our imagination and our persistence of vision; naturally, that sounds a lot like the definition of a skateboard maneuver and also is the title for the independent video production LIVE is relaying today, thanks to our Brazilian homie Miguel Matos.

"VULTOS" is a piece by Rafael Regis under the Cucaracha Tapes banner (one can secure themselves under on YouTube here), originating from Balneário Camboriú near Florianópolis in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil. On the menu: over twenty minutes worth of Sony VX-2000 footage stacked since late 2021, comprising different trips to Paraná, Santa Catarina and São Paulo and featuring various crews such as CPTMAFIAALWZFADED or GNOSE; also additional angles by Raphael Soares and Kalany Varela and presenting the talents of João PadilhaLuiz VillarDavi PereiraEzequiel WeinhardtIan HoffmeisterMarco GutierrezGabriel Felipe and many more locals.

An exclusive photo gallery can also be found on the Black Media Skate website, here!


Say what - Jdekprod isn't one of your YouTube channel subscriptions yet? Well then, please have some salt on that wound since they just dropped no less (well, maybe a tiny bit less) than ten minutes of Hugo Maillard footage, in order to celebrate his newly acquired flatbar Ballon d'Or. Really, one great audiovisual gift which is bound to motivate you to either rush outside and brave late December weather, carving around the holidays, or binge (re-)watch all of the channel's older uploads for as long as the signal allows.

Magenta in L.A.

Magenta Skateboards and their classic "capsule" format picked the turn of fall as the most strategic moment to come back to inject some extra sunshine into your life via this new eight-minute edit of Los Angeles footage featuring Leo Valls, Jimmy Lannon, Jesse Narvaez, Ben Gore and friends; now if night footage happens to be your thing then no sweat to be spent as they've got you covered there too. Their website has this accompanying article featuring photos by Ben Gore and Wolfgang Brandt (who also appears in the video); everything was filmed by Marshall Nicholson with some contributions courtesy of Chris Thiessen (previously interviewed by LIVE here); and for more Jesse Narvaez and Ben Gore, make sure not to miss the new Loophole edit in collaboration with FTC, by Zach Chamberlinhere!


"N'AQUA" is the title of Felipe Oliveira's newest clip (you definitely have seen his name pop up before on LIVE - if not, feel free to revisit our interview with him about "WORLDXIT PART 3"); as of recently the author of an eponymous trap E.P. (which one can listen to here, via Black Media Skate), Felipe figured he would associate his music output with five minutes of skate footage of his own, and captured by the fantastic Fernando Denti (remember "DOPPELGANGER"?) and Guiherme Guimarães.

Murilo alert!

Murilo Romão, you might have bumped into him before, around an edition of MIMPI or two, or maybe one of Vladimir - let alone multiple times on LIVE, notably via his video productions with Flanantes, the Brazilian collective with a global message. Today, for Black Media Skate, he's back and delivering over six minutes of moves of his very own, starring in an edit mostly conducted by his homie Ben 10 - all H.D. and technical with switch and manuals aplenty, usually at spots that so far had forever been yearning to exist.

Casey Foley alert!

The newest addition to Magenta's steadily developing roster of professional athletes-with-a-plan is from Australia and, actually, no other than Casey Foley, very closely monitored on the www for a while now by everyone in-the-know. His model already hit most specialized shops worldwide, but it's exclusively in Adelaide that this pristine edit was shot in order to explain why. We're talking two minutes and thirty seconds of Sony VX-1000 as manipulated by Jimmy Barry then orchestrated by Léo Valls - whose work in and with Bordeaux, on a side note, just keeps on gaining more visibility.


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