It's all about networkin'! The right kind of, that is: in this case, Calvin Millar is the one who got us in touch with Raul Buitrago, a N.Y.C.- and Austin-based filmmaker who had just completed his work on "GNARLEANS", a full-length documentary movie on New Orleans skateboarding through the prism of three locals, themselves recommended to Raul by Humidity Skateshop: Jamie "Jazz" Hardy, Jarred Dearmas and Troy Lacabe. Although a N.Y.C. premiere is still coming up (see below for the flyer), the New Orleans is over so the full film is now available to watch on the Interwebs - like on this very page, for one arguably random instance. For the occasion, LIVE caught up with Raul who was nice enough to answer a few questions from us, for you.

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Throughout the years and their subsequent takes on what makes "A Happy Medium", the Buster and Hunter O'Shea brothers really never stopped regularly and repeatedly showcasing how tight of a grip the purpose of representing the Arizona skate scene has on their existence! Already a decade ago, the first installment in the series already wasn't their first full-length effort and since then, they have birthed three more and that's if you don't count (but why wouldn't you?) their side productions such as Sometimes Skateboards (and its video) on the side... Arid sun-bathed, 3CCD-armed workhorses! Anyway, this fifth "A Happy Medium" is looking like a comeback to the roots, a turn the guys already started to initiate last year with the fourth edition: Marty Anderson, balloons... The aesthetics of the first piece of the series is not just present, but repeated in full force and whilst some might find it funny that their love for skateboarding seemingly crystallized sometime around 2008 (... things could have been a lot worse), their skateboarding itself really didn't, as legends such as Johnrob Moore or John Motta only seem to get younger as they age. We can't wait!

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