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A more-or-less guided tour of the Montpellier, France region and its spots in H.D. - ya down? Because that's exactly what the young Odran Fernandez is offering here, albeit not without help from the local skateshop: Five-O, that has been encouraging initiatives of this type since 1997, already. Behind the filming, some LIVE regulars such as Bastien Regeste and Bastien Marlin can be spotted but it's really Axel Niqueux who threw it all together, all the while making sure the soundtrack would live up to our recollections of some of the best Euro skate videos to have come out in 2005. Teasing aside, here's a sweet little postcard for motivation's, activism's and 360 shove-its' sake!


No, not our N.Y.C. friends, but new ones that just so happen to operate on the same continent, just a bit further up North: that's Toronto and, if Jake Borchenko's new edit bears that title, it is because it was entirely filmed in the neighborhood of the homophonic public park: Christie Pits. Not a bad idea, visibly as this three-minute piece is packed to the brim with spots and classy stylings, all for a perfectly mastered handling of the traditional VX-1000 and Super 8 combo. We'll be keeping an eye on Jake's future works (thanks to Rob Mentov of "Street Feet" fame for the link up), and you probably should, too!

New Thirsty

Well, not so new anymore as the video itself is already nearing twelve years of age, but "New Thirsty" remains fresh to this day, being essentially a Popills full-length. Popills was the crew skating for Justin White's camera lens that also happened to be one of the first visible to ever release quality online edits pre-Youtube (let alone Instagram video) times back when just hosting one's own files on the web was a complete battle of its own.

But Popills' activity ended up influencing an entire generation, notably of aspiring skate filmmakers worldwide who happened to be onto this new www thing early enough on to catch a glimpse of it at its peak, and "New Thirsty" is the DVD monument those guys left behind. Out of the crew, some never stopped skating and still do to this day, Justin is now a teacher and the myth lives on via this full-length, the fragrance which is reminiscent of some of the best "STATIC" videos.

PREMIERE / Videostill / Dom Diaz / INTERVIEW

Now, the name of Dom Diaz might be unknown to a lot of you as the man himself is still young and also operating from Guadalajara in Mexico - another country the skate scene of which comes with its lots of criminally underrepresented local talents, on the worldwide radar. A longtime big VX-1000 and film enthusiast, Dom has released a few web edits before under the alias Zimm Skateboarding and now, "VIDEOSTILL" is the title of his new full-length video, four years in the making. The whole film is the subject of today's premiere and, to celebrate, we caught up with the author for some public chit chat.

Sants' finest

SNT4EVER is the crew of skaters who persist skating Sants, the legendary Barcelona plaza once home to those universally-renowned, angular granite benches, now long gone but only in favor of new marbles ledges - we're talking Barcelona, after all. Them guys frequently drop online videos, and this new one is a web part for local ledge wizard J.M. Martin, filmed throughout Spain and even all the way to China over the span of three years by VX-1000 chomper Marcos Lozano Cantillo. LIVE would recommend following whatever it is that they get themselves into and eventually produce, as they are quite the effervescent type, even as far as entrepreneurship is concerned (see bonus clip, below for proof of professionalism).



Occasionally, Uncle Sam will take a closer look at the old continent and that's when this type of production might ensue; although in this particular case, it only makes logical sense that Lyon's trademark plaza spot H.D.V. was picked as the place to showcase the reliability of Venture trucks - notably on technical, complicated ledge-based prowess. So here, for two minutes, we nearly get transported back in the days of J.B. Gillet and Fred Mortagne's historic duo except today, it's Flo MirtainAlex Maison and Jesse Moine who are putting on a show, for Vincent Jugnet's VX-1000. All this to illustrate and promote a new Venture x H.D.V. collab, hitting the best French skateshops soon.

Capital P

This clip right here cements the "P" in Peter Johansson - or Jamal P, as social media seemingly demonstrates he'd rather be named; but also the "P" in Poetic Collective, the homie company from Scandinavia that keeps giving and rising - and we're talking a region that's already quite there up North. LIVE has introduced you to the man before, via his recent appearances in Markus Bengtsson's videos; today, it is as a Junkyard representative that he comes back, earning himself a full web part filmed around Copenhagen, Malmö and Paris through a camera wielded by the same operator, with some Super 8 touches of his own. Capital P's interpretation of the streets is less of the punishing type than such a nickname would imply, though, as it relies more on an almost impertinent eye for both originality and simplicity. That, the quiet intensity and the numerous smiles: something to be reckoned with!

Gonz & friends

Thrasher is launching a new web video series dubbed "Abnormal Communication", focused on street skateboarding pioneer Mark Gonzales who, for this first episode, is all over the place skating with his friends (well his Adidas team mates, at least...), all the while reassuring you about the Olympics being a false problem as well as your own sanity, if you ever fancied painting on your clothes. The man just won't age, and Heitor Da Silva continues his attention to the top.

Leo in L.A.

Just a few days after the online release of his third edit for Free Travel, VX-1000 die-hard - who no longer needs an introduction as we've already featured him this many times - Chris Thiessen is announcing a new series of web clips of his, produced by TransWorld and dubbed "Left Tapes". The concept is the documentation of street skating around L.A., and this first episode brings in a sound and fury of quite the smooth type, actually, with a timeline shared between a cruising-as-usual Leo Valls, a powerful-as-usual Alex Schmidt and music that actually, well, works.

Nightmare Rowe

LIVE has been sharing the doings of a very prolific Bust Crew in terms of video production in fine taste, and quite notably of Jon Rowe, whose video parts keep dropping throughout the years and dotting our news feed in the process, for years now. Well at the dusk of two thousand nineteen, things look like they aren't stopping anytime soon as the newest fruit of their efforts just dropped: "NIGHTMAREVAN" is one more addition to their catalog of crispy VX-1000 pieces. The sections can be streamed on YouTube, the DVD can be found here and this article only attests that yes, Jon Rowe is still Jon Rowe, the same who supposedly turned down a pro model on Politic just to keep doing his thing real - maybe an especially commandable approach, these days.


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