Welcome home, Chima!

In fact, it's been a while since Chima Chibueze is at Pop Trading Company, but at least with this little part, it's official! And under his relaxed and nonchalant appearance, the young man hides a mastery of skateboarding. Simple and nice skateboarding, effective and without burrs, but this time in an atmosphere a little warmer than usual. It's probably the only thing that was missing from this team, if they really missed something.

Spicy Internship

The Unemployed clique from the South of France are back and, yet again, make their own namesake lie via one more instance of video proof of their incessant activity. What we are talking about today is a trip to Morrocco with Matisse BancNassim LachhabEtienne GrosFlorent TourdreRomain "Romz" PopotBrian Bunting and Pierre Pauselli; those last two volunteered for documentation duty, and everybody skated with the locals. Nine minutes of clean H.D. footage that just roll by like that.


The two crustiest Eastern crews are back! Reuniting with the concept of last year's "Dunja" (which you can peep alongside an interview here), our Budapest brethren: the devin that is the Rios crew recently went back to Serbia for more urban life and shared street moments with the local Belgrade Zoo. Rumors of an official, upcoming twinning of the two regions have since been spread.

Still Belgrade-related - if around or nearby, please do yourself a favor and take a gander at this sick local event, imminently occuring: the Summit of the Non-Aligned will take place on the 12th-15th of September, and happens to be a skate festival skate with a damn fine selection and a nice touch to the presentation you really shouldn't miss on Instagram. More info on the way...

In the same vein and chain of events, the program for this year's (ninth!) edition of the now classic Vladimir Film Festival just dropped and it's heavier than ever (like with every new iteration). Check it out and book your tickets - not even necessarily in that order.

High quality

In fact, we are not watching the best video in the world. Indeed, it is a bit raw and you should not have seasickness. But since it is Nik Stain, we should all be able to forgive. This man really has the art and the way to make any trick of the most basic still more pleasant to look at. How? I don’t know, probably because he takes ten times the speed needed before committing on something, perhaps because of his ease in switch or the accuracy of his flip tricks. In short, for once, it's the quality of the skateboard that catches up with the quality of the video, you have to enjoy it, nonetheless.


The Brazilian sneak-out

One of the reasons why we keep bringing up Costume (Manaus, Brazil O.G. Adonis' brand) is how consistently the guys drop quality edits, each new one topping the former in the series and bearing witness to the continuous development of the brand - not just another audiovisual output, this one introduces us to a whole new dimension of the project under the form of its sister company Beth. Thankfully the guys deliver when it comes to keeping track of each stage of their effervescence, as though to make sure our watches remain in sync and up to date. Edmundo Henrique and Thiago Gugu are the main horologists here, on surfaces that look like the direct nemesis of Swiss accuracy, yet they make it all appear like clockwork.

Milano, bébé!

A new pair between Nike and Supreme often means a new nice little clip. Here is the case. And I would say even more than nice. And it's a little more than a little clip ... Who had the crazy idea to bring together Vincent Touzery, Kevin Bradley, Auguste Bouznad and especially Caleb Barnett on the Stazione Centrale in Milan to let off steam on the plaza? This person (Johnny Wilson) deserves a big reward. You do not have to be a genius to know that it's going to make a lot of sparks, but you still have to think about it.

Young Britain

After a really well noticed appearance in the last episode of the Atlantic Drift saga, it was necessary to see the Joyful face of the young British Matlok Bennett-Jones. This is his part in the amazing full-length video "Afterbang" filmed by James Cruickshank between 2013 and 2017 that is unveiled to everyone. We find the usual contagious energy of the young in question coupled with this fluid and even "slippery" style that makes him a very interesting member of the Pass-Port team.

Palace runs deep-ish

Eleven minutes of new in-your-face-Palace to start the week (or school year, for some) off with has to taste like unexpected sashimi prepared to Jeff Mills as background music, and peppered with clips of a still stellar Danny Brady (with a tasty nod to Nick Jensen to boot), the unstoppable force Rory Milanes always appears to be and, of course, improvised skateboarding performance by the remarkable and now remarked Heitor Da Silva; that red pants like with the inward heelflip has to be one for the books (or their modern iteration - Instagram reposts). And if such a strong Japanese starter doesn't quite fill you up, then the next course reeks more of the familiar stench of fish and chips meets piss-soaked bricks, notably comprising some pretty captivating footage of Charlie Birch. Almost enough to make us forgive and forget their increasingly tired stabs at Heroin and Mark Foster, lately.

Fellas attack!

How heavy can you be!?

2019 Summer mix


New Vision

"New Vision" is a new VX-1000 piece conceived by the mind of Joel Watamaniuk whose creative impulses were neither discouraged by the disappearance of Love Skateboards, nor hindered by his work on Medium Skate Mag. For a full interview, please see here! Anyway, those fresh two minutes serve as a testimony to Tamas Katona, Drew Martin, Eric Wiltshire and Jordan King's styles and stunts, documented over the course of two months in Kitchener, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan.


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