SLO Country

"Nothing Less" is an eight-minute audiovisual gem out of Slovenia via the mind of Kristijan Stramic (with some technical help from, notably, LIVE regular Matej Počervina), that aims - and does well - at encapsulating the essence of the local skate scene, which just so appears to look super healthy. The filmmakers' approach is quite out of the ordinary, with a progressive sequencing of cinematic shots - first of urban settings, then of the Proper Skateparks locals for a mini ramp section featuring wild creative beast Deso, and cooking lessons from Tibor Rep; then, we get to catch up with national legend and underground artist Ali Jusović for some news and freestyle in between two mega ramp missions, before it all (only literally) starts going downhill thanks to some countryside bombing, notably featuring Tomaž Šantl, of Original Copy fame. The adventure finally wraps up on a D.I.Y. note, as though to remind the world that Slovenian photographer Peter Fettich just released "Rispect The Boul", a photo book assembled as a recap of years shared by fellow local humans around the local pouring of concrete and cementing of pool coping, only available in a limited edition as every copy is unique with a skated cover (sweet concept), most notably in Europe from Palomino, here!

How to impossible

How about an 'audiovisual postcard' from New York City, sent in by Malmö filmer David Lindberg (whose Vimeo account bears witness to his activity)? Filmed over just a week last September, partly thanks to the services of our photographer and defender homie Pep Kim, the resulting montage features two minutes of Maxi Schaible and John Baragwanath footage intertwined with urban film shots as well as various atmosphere-enhancing editing techniques, for a certain cinematic feel.

Bear Myles ?

The Yardsale team is growing with the arrival of Bear Myles. Obviously, our friends from London gave us a short video to celebrate the young man’s entry. This is a somewhat raw clip, based on big lines all full of improvisation (or we could think) and pirouettes for the most part relatively unexpected. This is a unique style that will match very well with Stanley Pradel’s who also joined the team recently.


Diary of a Gifted Young Man

A little remix of Louie Lopez's best tricks? Obviously, we need it! Young, powerful, efficient smiling this little gifted has everything to mark the spirits, and we knew it long before this nice little best of from Quartersnacks. Another thing we can be sure of right now is that the best of it is yet to come.

Pale grey eyes

The Grey Area Polish homies are back, still with O.G. Kuba Kaczmarczyk (interviewed here, in company of recent Danny Fuenzalida footage) at the wheel, driving in an audiovisual style that seemingly gets more refined with every new output. In addition to the local cities of Warsaw and Kraków, and of a chunk of Ukraine, the filmmaker's territory now also expands to Croatia where he notably connected with Tom Remillard at various editions of the Vladimir Film Festival; so of course, Tom has a full part (or two) in this new production, alongside the notorious Kraków Kids (interviewed here) Kuba Brniak, Michal Zarzycki and Franek Kramarczyk, but also Eniz Fazliov, Michal Juras, Didrik Galasso or Chilian talent Juan Jose Moraga. The spots are crazy, the tricks are quality, the rain is universal: a solid bite into some healthy, savory grey fruit, as usual. Full article including stories and a photo gallery over at Free Skate Mag, here.

Against Le Corbu

At this point, introducing you yet again to Murilo Romão of Flanantes productions would almost qualify as insulting; an offense that still would not strike as deep as Le Corbusier's approach to architecture and urban planning, notably based on the division and structuring of public space according to the singular, primarily intended utilisation of each element of its design - basically summing up, and stripping down the city to nothing but its most basic, uttermost practical functions with no space reserved for the wandering of the soul and other vagrancies - both of the spiritual and physical type, whether or not on wheels. Highlighting the dangers of such a vision, most notably the breach it creates between individuals and a certain innate right of theirs to freely enjoy their direct environment, Murilo hits back with "Against Le Corbu", a sixteen-minute audiovisual trip to Brasilia, a location intended as "the city of the future" as soon as its construction in the sixties following in the footprints of Le Corbusier's bleak utopia, only in order to take over its spots with one fine crew of gentlemen (including LIVE regular Cotinz) as accomplices.

As far as the spots themselves, well... Let's say that just rolling up to most of them already makes one ponder all the possible parallels between skating and taming some kind of wild beast.

Also featured: a sweet photo gallery courtesy of Renato Zokreta.

PREMIERE / Zeropolis "LOCAL"

Zeropolis skateshop has been persisting in Lille, Northern France, for over twenty years now.

Lille is one of those places where the local, both meteorological and architectural conditions essentially require a certain degree of passion in anyone there trying to take up skateboarding, in such a landscape of wet bricks (formerly the regional norm before the edification of skateparks such as Halle de Glisse: one of Europe's first modern "street parks", the avant-garde construction of which was tackled as early as 2005, just as every European skater and their neighbor were getting sick of prefab ramps).

The motivation we're talking seems unwilling to discriminate against specific generations, judging from the impression resulting from this new (Zeropolis) video production: "Local" is a twenty-one-minute audiovisual collage in mostly high definition, carefully crafted by Thomas Larive.

More Medium!

Throughout the years and their subsequent takes on what makes "A Happy Medium", the Buster and Hunter O'Shea brothers really never stopped regularly and repeatedly showcasing how tight of a grip the purpose of representing the Arizona skate scene has on their existence! Already a decade ago, the first installment in the series already wasn't their first full-length effort and since then, they have birthed three more and that's if you don't count (but why wouldn't you?) their side productions such as Sometimes Skateboards (and its video) on the side... Arid sun-bathed, 3CCD-armed workhorses! Anyway, this fifth "A Happy Medium" is looking like a comeback to the roots, a turn the guys already started to initiate last year with the fourth edition: Marty Anderson, balloons... The aesthetics of the first piece of the series is not just present, but repeated in full force and whilst some might find it funny that their love for skateboarding seemingly crystallized sometime around 2008 (... things could have been a lot worse), their skateboarding itself really didn't, as legends such as Johnrob Moore or John Motta only seem to get younger as they age. We can't wait!

Silence is golden

Silence Skateboards is ran since 2016 and out of Brussels by Simon Grassart, who likes to hire sometimes popular, always subversive graphic artists to help with the brand's direction in design and as far as skateboarding itself is concerned, sponsors a bunch of locals - including, as of recently, twenty-three years young from Rochefort Grégoire Vansse who really wishes the UltraCush Lite 3D jokes would stop. Those are indeed a waste of one's attention that would be better spent focusing on his skating, which is technical and apparently, quite consistent given the guy's productivity and proneness to long lines through a selection of the best-looking spots Brussels has to offer, d'office!

The rest of the team also makes their due appearance in the video, following in the footsteps of the previous episodes of "Z.A.P.", Silence's series of web clips.

One can also (re-)watch "Noorder Light", Simon's full-length video from a decade ago featuring Thibault Lenaerts, Jarne Verbruggen, Szymon Stachon, Timothy Deconynck, Kevin Tshala, Adrien Bulard, Youness Amrani and Olivier 'Tavu' Ente. Simon is also responsible for a lot of the video production and recap clips constantly dropping on the Krak website. In the meantime, let's salute Greg's recent move to Montpellier, another effervescent scene!

Select a player

It had been a while since our last news from the Texas front from local VX-1000 tape slayer Eric Nguyen who operates, notably, for Houston-based Select skateshop which just celebrated its tenth year anniversary with a new full-length video by Eric, available here. The piece features the talents of many a local skateboarder, including the ones of Ben Havran (also known on social media as @chunkyspliff - you shouldn't be surprised either) who, on his own end of things, also just turned pro for Dead On Arrival, Steve Fletch's labor of love and nostalgia of a company. The footage will have you instantly grasp why: Ben's skating is particularly well-rounded, mixing together ingredients such as improbable pop, handrail mastery, brave tech and the occasional ambitious ambidexterity into a blend of always-clean style. Add the flavors of Eric's filming and editing to the formula, and you're bound to get quite the explosive cocktail!

Do the dance

Justis Walton generally operates from Chicago, but is constantly on the move; on Instagram, his moniker is Milksnake, a game he's actually pretty good at and, recently, he's been getting close to the Fancy Lad guys - you know, Matt Tomasello's crew (just to mention another fellow Instagram high scorer). Our man also doubles up as an Uprise regular, the skateshop with a legacy every local praises - as this interview with fellow Loop representative Graham Thoms can attest. Now, to the point: Justis is quite the original skater, whose style borrows some from current presentation trends but also, and most importantly, from the best of street skating from the eighties, taking the principles of classic maneuvers to new heights. The resulting show is a waterfall of crazy combinations, paired up with innocent-seeming nonchalance that's nearly reminscent of a Powell era Ray Barbee's. Justis likes his thing proper and thus, he gets around quite a bit, filming parts for the local videos the people he meets here and there make; now, today's was filmed in Texas by Colton Trecker. Make sure not to click away because of the triple kickflip and actually, be certain to stick until the very, very end...

Back in the Beez

The most 'skate web'-aware of y'all just have to remember the "Beez" trilogy; a collection of delirious, independent productions out of Milwaukee the makings of which notably involved Josh Ellis (co-founder of one of the first ever skateboarding websites: still running strong since 1998, and then later of Gorf Life), as well as Russ Clark on editing duties. The idea was that any meager bucks earned from the DVD sales would be donated to charity. Now, some twelve years after the last installment in the series (worth a peek if by chance you ever missed it), Josh came up with quite the holiday present no one saw coming, nor knew they wanted: "Wazpz" is a solo effort (although in amazing company) of an unexpected follow-up. By now, if you still don't know what's coming for you - be prepared for it to sting funny.


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