One pre-session recommendation of the season - even though it really came out last year - would be "CLAMBAKE", entirely shot in the N.Y.C. area by Kurt Havens and featuring, amongst others, Mark Humenik, Justin Helmkamp, Josh Wilson, Pat Murray, Tim O'Neill, Joseph Delgado, Rob Gonyon, Jacob Gottleib, Jon Wagner, Grady Smith, Ian Wishart, Sam Cardelfe and Billy McFeely.

It is fresh, rough, brimming with cobblestones and crazy curbs (being utilized with style): impeccable fuel for fall skating force. And there is a lot more to discover on Kurt's YouTube channel, too!

Introducing II

Herbert Brown just turned pro for Politic and even though no explanation probably was needed, the brand justifies that choice via "INTRODUCING II", a new montage that is just about eight minutes long and features a Herb part, in addition to fresh footage from all the usual suspects; even Danny Renaud got new clips!

For even more Herbert, the Threads Idea Vacuum homies also just dropped their seventh full-length video: "MAGNETIC TAPE & SOUL", for which he also stacked, as one already can attest right now on the Theories of Atlantis YouTube channel, here!


Let fans of Shinpei UenoTightbooth and inspired skateboarding overall rejoice, today, as the whole of "LENZ III" just disembarked, straight from the land of the rising sun and now online for free.

Tightbooth Production a.k.a TBPR for those-who-know have come quite the way since their first offering: "DIALOGUE BETWEEN INSIDERS" in 2007, then promptly followed by the first "LENZ" in 2009 which was inspired by the legendary video encyclopedia that is "OVERGROUND BROADCASTING" by Takahiro Morita via FESN.

The word was to document and represent emergent heads from the Japanese skateboarding scene at the time, at home and around the world, but notably all the way to San Francisco.

In 2014, "LENZ II" followed suit with an even longer video and crazy parts for Seimi Miyahara and Koichiro Uehara, out of many more. In addition to introducing Japanese skateboarding to a whole new generation of skateboarders worldwide, indirectly, it also documents the progressive development of Evisen.

That means it took all these years for "LENZ III" to exist, after that; but now, behind us, they are and today, it is possible to dive into what's been announced as the ultimate chapter of a long trilogy without even needing to leave the false security that is one's YouTube. The culmination of globalization for sure, some have been overheard arguing.

In addition to the few sections that already dropped online over the past few weeks (and one always can ingest more TBPR here), that's about one hour of unseen footage on the clock, notably including a Glen Fox part.

The DVD is sold out, but the Blu-Ray as well as the soundtrack (in vinyl form) still can be ordered, here for instance.

Ruben alert!

The latest part of the new Magenta "JUST CRUISE 2" video to drop online to date, straight from their YouTube channel is no other than Ruben Spelta's who now no longer should need an introduction, and delivers grace, spontaneity, subtlety and taste at once - even on a backside lipslide down four blocks like no other one you may have seen.

It is all filmed by Stéphane Feugas and Andréa Dupré.

The DVD can be ordered here, and some more sections watched here!

Torio x Shogo

If LIVE can tend to beat you over the head a little with everything Toriotoko and most nostably their eponymous full-length video from 2018, that is never malevolent, nor for nothing and this newly published excerpt from the DVD (rewatch the previous one here) should demonstrate why the hype, being no less than Shogo Zama's part. The energy, the style, the taste, the sound of the bearings, the filming, the editing do not need words; the quality and the love for skateboarding just communicate themselves, if you can feel it, then you know.

For more Shogo Zama, Magenta also just published the "JUST CRUISE 2" part that he shares with Casey Foley from Australia on their YouTube channelhere!

Dom Henry alert!

A new edit of Dom Henry footage just dropped via Quartersnacks (alongside an article here); the clips in themselves aren't exactly new in that they all date back from sessions spanning 2017-2019, coinciding with the last couple of years leading up to the definitive decline of Fairfield - the mythical, absolutely rugged plaza in Croydon, London which had seen and, in a way, been immortalized by several generations of skateboarders and filmers throughout the last decades. Here, the spot is the central theme of the edit, on the same level as Dom's skating except the latter contrasts as more pristine than ever, and here to stay!

"Just Cruise 2" / Léo Valls / INTERVIEW

Not too long after Jameel Douglas', Lui Araki's and then Soy Panday with Vivien Feil's, now is the turn of Léo Valls' part from the new full-length Magenta video, "JUST CRUISE 2" (available on DVD ici) to drop online. For the first time, he can be seen sharing screen time with the brand's new recruit Florian Maillet, the notorious pleasure enthusiast and imminently, around this street corner, Léo comes powersliding into your mind in between two trips, three clips with Feugz, four public talks, twelve urban development projects, twenty switch flips and one thousand baby bottles.


No less than four years ago, LIVE wasn't holding back on praising Matt Militano's most recent video part: an excerpt from Zach Sayles' latest full-length skate DVD, at the time: "VANISH".

Well since then, neither one nor the other has been retouching the recipe and, just recently, they've served it again after all this time spent cooking. This new opus and spiritual sequel is called "VEIL" and can be ordered in digital video disc form here just like in the amazing good ol' days.

The full-length piece also features Sean Spellissy, Nico Trevizo, Kris Arnold, Carson Reuther, Joel Miller, Steve Berg, Devon Connell, Neil Herrick and Anatoly Bitny, amongst others and it all mostly went down in Philadelphia, in front of Zach's razor-sharp VX-1000.

One can read a joined interview with Matt and Neil Herrick on the Vague Skate Mag website here, another one with Zach regarding "VEIL", by Jono Coote, here, and watch more parts, here!

Lui Araki alert!

Just a couple of weeks after Jameel Douglas', it is now time for another section from the new Magenta full-length video "JUST CRUISE 2" to drop online, this time directly hosted on their YouTube channel and featuring Lui Araki (notably of Strush Wheels and L.I.F.E. fame). Two minutes of free-flowing frantic footwork in and around a city of Bordeaux which really has come a long way in terms of reception since Léo Valls' local implication; and then all the way to Paris, too, as to make an extended take of a French trip (courtesy of Covid regulations) all the more worthwhile.

An article on Lui's part is up on the Magenta website here, and Clément Harpillard's "JUST CRUISE 2" photo zine can still be found here.

The camera work still is by Stéphane "Feugz" Feugas and Andréa Dupré, and the soundtrack is by Matías Enaut.


"DEVELOPMENT" is a new nine-minute video straight out of Sapporo, Japan; it is absolutely stellar on all fronts and, since the filmmaker: Katsuhiro Abe graciously provided us with some precious commentary, let's leave it up to him to directly speak:

"I am an uncle with over thirty years of skateboarding experience and over twenty years of skateboarding video experience.

Sapporo, Hokkaido is an island country in Japan, and half of the year is covered with snow, making it impossible to skate outside.

The city of Sapporo today has lost its old townscape due to redevelopment.
This video is a work created from the perspective of the changing cityscape and the young people of the future.
Reiji Hasegawa, the main character, is still nineteen years old, while Shin KomakiYuji Komatsu and Riki Kumagai are in their early twenties.
Riki started film photography from this project and now spends nights in the darkroom.
The music is also original and produced with my close friend artist Takeshi Nagasaki." - Katsuhiro Abe

One can check out a dedicated photo gallery by Riki here, and the AFCSAPPORO YouTube channel, here!

"Mon Gars" Loophole x Marseille / Zach Chamberlin 5W's!

A new video piece by the legendary Zach Chamberlin just dropped via the San Francisco wheel co., Loophole wheels and we're talking a solid eight minutes of impeccably presented sincere skateboarding on and through the old streets of Marseille, France, featuring the perfect mix of some of the team, locals and visitors and friends from all over, joining forces and vibes on some of the country's oldest crusty spots.

So, "MON GARS IN MARSEILLE" is plenty to possibly wax lyrical about - but let's let the skating do the talking, and also the person who - once again - brillantly captured it all thanks to his trademark Sony VX-1000 and Super-8 wizardry: Zach was down to answer some of our questions indeed, regarding the process, the city and his current activity with Loophole and in general. You can find the resulting conversation in 5W's form, below!

Just Jam

While the new full-length Magenta video "JUST CRUISE 2" continues its worldwide circuit of local premieres, following in the footsteps of the former installment from 2016, and as a way to set the mood prior to imminent release (in addition to this booklet of photos accumulated by Clément Harpillard along the sessions), Jameel Douglas' section just went up as one paticularly promising appetizer, courtesy of Free Skate Mag service, for everyone to enjoy already.

And in true chef meal fashion, no tastebud type shall be overlooked between Jameel's trademark casual flow, technicity that doesn't forget to contextualize itself in creative, original ways, and flawless production in regards to both the camera (here worked by Andréa Dupré and Thomas Courteille, who went to give Feugz a hand) and the editing.

A gem of a video part that breathes organic and so the oxygen of which very much risks contaminating you, with possible salutary effects on your health.

One can read an article on the video by Vivien Feil, right here, and another one is to be found in the latest issue of SuGaR Skate Mag which just came out.


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