The most resourceful of you might have seen the photos already in the latest print issue of, quite appropriately, Déjà Vu, but everyone else too has to know that the entire roster behind Parisian skateshop Vega (whose recent Malmö adventures we've presented recently, here, and who's currently collecting your used skate gear to send to Lebanon on location) recently visited Malaga for a wee bit. In order to see the pretty colors brought back as souvenirs via the corresponding photos by Clément Chouleur, one will have to look - or ask - for the mag in their local shop, but the moving pictures are now available online, under the form of this ten-minute edit by Léonard Berne and Marion Desquenne.


After plenty of references already to Francesco CareriLe Corbusier and Guy Debord - amongst others - throughout the past few years and the corresponding output of video productions, Brazilian collective Flanantes is back "FLANATOPIAS" and this time, it is a concept forged by French philosopher Michel Foucault that gets explored, for the sake of a nearly half-hour-long piece that doesn't fail at pairing up H.D. documentation with experimental editing. Of course, as always, the skateboarding is remarkable and that's despite the rough spots and sketchy year; an impressive number of faces make an appearance, too, representing just as many unique styles - although, the best observers will quickly spot the likes of Luis MoschioniSergio Santoro or Hernando "Nańo" Ramirez (ASCO Skateboarding C.E.O.), as they've regularly been featured on LIVE before too. All produced by Brazilian magazine CemporcentoSKATE, with an exclusive photo gallery here, alongside words of introduction by Leonardo Brandão :

"Heterotopia is a concept created by French philosopher Michel Foucault; the term means the invention of new spaces within the pre-existing spaces themselves.

Skateboarding, for example, is heterotopic. With it, a handrail is no longer a handrail, nor is a bench just a bench.

In addition, we must not forget the great heterotopy mentioned by Foucault: the ship, which is the quintessential figure of the nineteenth century. The English ships in the seas, or the transatlantic ships, those large pieces of space that float in the immense space of the sea.

According to this logic, heterotopia can also be the skateboard itself: a tiny piece of space compared to the ship, a metaphor for what is happening today - unlike the ship, the space it traverses offers comfort, luxury and security, carrying its own charge of insecurity, survival instict, scarcity of resources and rarefied space.

Skateboard sends imagination back to the time of the first boatmen who had nothing but row boats. Except skaters aren't in the seas or oceans - they are in the cities, their heterotopias are urban, drifting - they are flanantopias." Leonardo Brandão for CemporcentoSKATE.

Oh and, word on the street is a brand new Flanantes edit - again another one! - might be just about to drop, soon...

Magical Mystery Tours

From the looks of it, the latest generation of skateboarders in Tours, France, gets busy to the point of making their own video title lie: "TRKL" (slang for "chill") being their newest production for local skateshop since 2011 (post-Skate Pistols) and motor of the regional scene: A La Bonne Planchette. The edit testifies of a certain energy, but also of how this lesser-known city, two hours from Paris, still holds spots, albeit difficult ones (notably because of the excessively zealous anti-skate municipal policies, in an era where many other cities around the country have figured out how the integration of skateboarding as an inherent part of the urban space goes hand-in-hand with modernity). So, it's only a matter of motivation before one goes out, and frenetically pressure flips inches away from their friend's lens - in this case here, Allan Biseray's. Also noteworthy: Bérenger Le Roux's rugby game from one ledge to the next, in between the classic Simon Island slappies.

On just as much of a Tours-related note, local visionary and expert craftsman Jo Dezecot could use your help to save his D.I.Y. project: Sarthopia, by signing his petition, here!


Fernando Gomes operates from Salvador in Bahia, Brazil, where amongst other personal enterprises he keeps busy documenting the local skateboarding talent, producing both moving and still images then invested in project SSAlitre, the eventual centralization, orchestration and crystalization of that very effort. So, that's the exact place "LADOB" falls into, as well as next to "LADO A" from the yesteryear in the entity's legacy (as its YouTube attests, here); this new audiovisual offering consists in fourteen minutes of H.D. skateboarding courtesy of many a LIVE regulars such as Cotinz or Felipe Oliveira (whom we will be giving you more news from real soon), but also in the usual mixed cascade of raw styles and colorful, improbable spots (including a few bump-to-bars Jimmy Lannon would unquestionably have fallen for), and the photo gallery above, by Fernando.

Evisen Super Rat

If Kento Yoshioka (already featured on LIVE quite a few times) found himself joining the Evisen ranks too recently to be able to take part in their 2017 full-length video, all is fixed now with this new edit that could very well have been a bonus segment on the timeline. And if the coherence is in the aesthetics, it's also in the gymnastics as Kento took it upon himself to demonstrate his own trademark choregraphy, the fruit of his own mental universe and the skate codes that come with it. In the end, the cultural symbiosis hits so right, most every profile of viewer is bound to find something memorable here - for instance the wallride variations down some vicious stairsets, if not the updates in the operating system of a whole bunch of ancient tricks, the general tempo or even the amazing filmmaking, again, like expected now from Katsumi Minami.

Hey man what's your style?

At the dawn of fall twenty twenty, the Magenta Skateboards epos keeps celebrating its tenth year of existence by honoring, in particular, its Parisian origins and this is exactly where this "BOULEVARD" stands, as a four-minute edit of VX-1000 footage collected by Quentin Delebecque (whose works we've recently presented to you here) and Romain Batard throughout the intertwined threads of both the streets of the French capital and last summer. On the menu: lotso' Soy clips (complete with his "STATIC III" footwear game), plenty more from Shogo Zama who apparently didn't struggle with adapting to the local terrain, and the heavy return of Masaki Ui's trademark violence and that's alongside cousins Alexis JametJulien OyeEmilien BonnetAntoine Jouguet and the whole extended family. All punctuated by a handful of Ruben Spelta featurings, some fancy two-wheel-driving courtesy of Olivier Ente, and Vivien and Glen's vacation footage!

"An Act Of Imagination"

I bet you didn't see that one coming: a kids book written by Scott Bourne… Inspired by his dad life, obviously, and the daily adventures it comes with, illustrated by his old accomplice, Todd Bratrud. Those two go back to their Consolidated days, and that new project only confirms their arts complement perfectlly each other, even when stepping away from their usual themes! So, first, have a look at the David Couliau-produced teaser, and if you know of a child with an endangered sense of imagination, don't hesitate! We dare you

MEMENTO / Spot 02 - Doomed villas / GALERIE

The duo of Florent Théron (of Chiffre Huit fame, on the board) with Fred Schwal (behind the lens) is back, and the bearer of quite the diversity this time around, for the second chapter of their "MEMENTO". Indeed, if the entirety of the first was an homage to the defunct Stade du Rey in Nice, France, today, it is no less than three "spots" that the guys are here to present, after visiting them throughout the improvised plannings of their recent urbex peregrinations. So, on the menu: three abandoned homes, all with remarkable backstories, all of which Florent himself volunteered to cover, below!

STREET FEET "Radio Sessions" Vol. 2 / PREMIERE

How about an immaculate montage of some hard-hitting local skateboarding, strong of some mighty fine production all the while stemming straight from quite the authentic group of homies, to help encourage you to tackle the dawn of this autumn? Well, that's the kind of heat Rob Mentov of Street Feet (whose past productions can be peeped here) is bringing today, with volume two of their "RADIO SESSIONS" in Toronto, Canada - a Hi-8 and 16mm series originally launched with chapter one, here. And the song's the same: urban vibes, most often of the nocturnal type that just screams post-work sesh and, thanks to the crew's strong creative vision and effort, they all successfully materialize under the form of this slick edit, in addition to the body of photographic and visual works featured on this page; as though to remind us all how Rob can really operate cameras of all kinds, but also that improvisation and quality aren't mutually exclusive!


Silence Skateboards, the brand ran by Simon Grassart out of Brussels, Belgium for the past few years is another entity LIVE has introduced to you before, and one that regularly likes inviting you into its daily reality (and the corresponding skate sessions) via episodic video capsules, dubbed "ZAP". And while you can still (re-)watch the former installment in the series here, today, it's a brand new one - number eight, to be specific - that we're sharing with you. This one is special not just due to the sheer caliber of the skateboarding, but all the more that it's entirely been in the works since the very beginning of the current pandemic - a fact Simon himself highlights:

"What a wack year! The idea of a national lockdown just in time for the very first sunny days of the year here in Belgium was already quite nightmare-ish in itself, especially given that the transition was pretty steep here: just picture weeks and weeks of constant overcast weather and rain that suddenly came to an end, only to left way to seemingly permanent blue skies (themselves quite the oddity for Belgium in March, come to think of it...). But then that perspective became a reality: one with a taste of dystopia, and our surroundings essentially turned into a new world with new codes, and many silenced interrogations... For now, please just make sure to enjoy every outdoor session - because, who knows? Such liberties just might become out of reach, soon enough..." - Simon Grassart

The Manwho Souled The World

We've mentioned works from the Japanese crew Manwho before, although without ever really getting to give them a proper introduction; today, we're happily righting this wrong with their new montage - dedicated to Jupiter ("木星") - and quite violently so, too, as it's got to be one of our favorite edits that came out this year. We're talking six minutes of peak VX-1000 maneuvering around some very remarkable urban skating - all killer no filler - resulting in precious, pristine footage then set to an upbeat and surprisingly joyful soundtrack, making for quite the hypnotic motivational watch; one you'll probably find yourself going back to. And, while all of that sounds just like their classic recipe (given that they're already strong of several full-length DVD's, in between more creative productions, and also of quite the YouTube channel), even the most initiated fans are bound to be shocked by how much everyone is upping the ante here - all in front of Kazuya Yokoe's lens. This even includes Magenta Skateboards rider Shogo Zama, for even more clips after his very recent appearance in Kenta Okamoto's latest video: "PALE". Just beautiful!


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