Os Selvagens da rua

Let's put this Easter Sunday to good use and ponder the old adage that states that, if skateboarding is all about having fun with your friends, if it ever gets serious, the Brazilians always win at it… Maybe because they have a better understanding of pleasure? Proof here in images, on the street side of things, far far away from future Olympian stadiums…

Dumb Ape Tour

Dumb Skateboards is an independent board brand from Italy that's on the rise! Just not any faster than twenty miles per hour, according to the bosses themselves, as it is a Piaggio Ape that they rode all the way across the West coast of the notoriously boot-shaped country. With bags of cement in the trunk and no planned itinerary, one objective is left standing: pouring concrete, everywhere! A crazy project made possible thanks to some help from Vans. Anyway, your share of good vibes and motivation for the week-end!


A little more "street style" follow-up to last week edit of the antiheroes by contract gang, that stays, rest assured, all terrain gnarly, notably via an on fire Daan. And it is even approved by the Police on Bicycles of Murika!

New Pop

Well, yeah, what's new for the Pop camp!? Well, a new face, first of all, named Pascal Moelaert. A part from that, well, the usual: never seen before spots, unexpected lines, all the ingredients to a never boring routine, we say!

Vivi Turbo!

It already has been five years since Static IV dropped, and one can say that Vivien Feil's part from it has aged like fine wine… Tech when needed, clever when the spot calls for it, and always powerful: yes, this fine young man skates the way we dig, and has not really slowed down since… Can you dig it!?


Now that is a nice surprise from the Antihero camp to boost your week-end: a perfectly timed and cut edit focusing more on the transition side of things (which is not a bad thing at all!), and therefore on that one Peter Hewitt fellow (Not that there is anything wrong with it!). One could ask where is Larry, though…


Our favorite self-proclaimed Unemployed people actually run a griptape company from Marseille, France, and just put out a new edit: "TRIAL PERIOD", as though to showcase a willpower to make their own designation lie. They are indeed super productive, with still plenty in the works; as far as recent productions, one might remember "AVANCE L'ARRIERE". This new edit is about fifteen minutes long yet will leave you wanting for more, as the (trip) footage will cocoon you in a world of perfect spots of all kinds like the South of France altogether has to offer: Marseille, Lyon and the general region, although they did go to Paris for some tech prowess.

Among the featured skaters are Victor CampilloNassim LachhabMatisse Banc and many more; watch the video on this page, and take a gander at the photo gallery above that Brian Bunting was kind enough to contribute, just so we could present it to you.

Stefan Janoski / 5W's

Stefan Janoski, the now quite elusive; strong of some of the most untouchable skateboarding footage earlier this millenium, and a signature shoe that ended up taking off to comparable levels of popularity, the man himself never went missing - yet numerous are those wondering where he might be at, these days. Well, Paris was the place just two weeks ago, and we used the opportunity to catch up with Stefan, and subject him to the 5W's treatment as to maybe answer some questions of yours!

Garçons Perdus

"Garçons Perdus" is the name of Toulouse, France-Based filmmaker Quentin Sarda's new video clip, assisted by Reda Taoussi (whom we've introduced to you before, most notably first here and then here). Their motto hasn't changed one bit: street skating, under the banner of Reda's garment company that he runs with his twin brother Amine: Lostboys88. The editing of this new piece is divided into three chapters, the pacing of which is strongly marked by flashes of strong visual identity, acted sequences and pink city stunts by Victor Cascarigny, Lucas Puig, Andy White, Seb Simon and a whole bunch of other local heads.

Mo(o)re Easy

Pete Spooner, the filmmaker behind - amongst many others - the recent independent full-length video "SKATING IS EASY" (a section of which we already presented to you a little while back, here), is treating us today with another part from said film: Zach Moore's, keeping everybody hyped for an upcoming article about Pete's projects, life and works - on LIVE, soon!


Maybe you remember "Doomed Tapes", the Bordeaux full-length by transplant Pierre Patissou we presented to you alongside a few words from its author here, not that long ago.

"Doom Files" (or "Doomed Files"; we've been told both and are now completely lost) is its direct spiritual successor, still rooted in the same region, featuring many of the same heads. But it looks a lot different now as since "Doom Tapes", Pierre's VX-1000 died and it's now a HD set-up that keeps his heart beating...



It's all about networkin'! The right kind of, that is: in this case, Calvin Millar is the one who got us in touch with Raul Buitrago, a N.Y.C.- and Austin-based filmmaker who had just completed his work on "GNARLEANS", a full-length documentary movie on New Orleans skateboarding through the prism of three locals, themselves recommended to Raul by Humidity Skateshop: Jamie "Jazz" Hardy, Jarred Dearmas and Troy Lacabe. Although a N.Y.C. premiere is still coming up (see below for the flyer), the New Orleans is over so the full film is now available to watch on the Interwebs - like on this very page, for one arguably random instance. For the occasion, LIVE caught up with Raul who was nice enough to answer a few questions from us, for you.


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